DEAR KATE: My Daughter’s New Religion Has Brought Spirits To My Home


My daughter is involved in some kind of Indian religion and its creepy.

She brings home small statues and our home feels haunted.
Also, she would be picked up by a different man every other night.  Old men.
When I speak to her she would try to take a cloth doll and prick it with a knife chanting weird stuff.

Kate, I need her to leave my house. But I am scared she would use her Indian maGic on me.
How can I get rid of her?

Desperate mother

Hello Desperate Mother,

If you really want somebody out of your home then just tell them to leave let alone your daughter.

No Indian maGic can work on you if you don’t believe.

Let your daughter know you are not comfortable with her in your house under these conditions and that’s all.

Besides its clear that she has no respect for you.


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  1. Trust in God! Pray to Him! No other gods shall prosper! Satan comes in different ways to steal, kill and destroy. When you exercise that faith in God, no weapons formed against you shall prosper. In the between time try talking to your daughter if possible.

  2. “No other gods shall prosper” so there are other gods after all.
    What is the purpose of the other gods?

    • House, land, car, money, vagina, lovers, Hiram Abiff fables, animals, work, Beyonce, Vybez Kartel, jay-z, etc… All these are examples of “gods”

  3. So Kate if she, according to you don’t believe in Indian magic it won’t work on her. Please stop counceling individuals on issues that a spiritural, because based on that statement you are NOT qualified to do so.

    • @Just saying- I agree with you.. i often hear that touted around” If you don’t believe it cant happen to you’ I think that’s absolute falsity.

  4. Don’t get rid of your daughter but help her out of this cult i would also suggest removing these ornaments from your home asap. Picking dolls and chanting now that is some demonic ish. Get some anointing oil and call on Jesus name when she’s doing that mess demons hate it call on the blood of Jesus to cover u and bind all this mess back to hell having this around u it will soon transfer

  5. Only one thing trumps religion. Money.
    Cut her off, kick her out. She will come to her senses soon enough.

  6. @Mars-If she is really a part of some cult,kicking her out the house will not bring her to her senses.. Cults usually have very powerful and controlling influence over its members..The Mother should be strongly advised to seek out some spiritual help as others suggest,and do so ASAP.. Only Jesus can fight the power’s of Demonic Cults.

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