DEAR KATE: My boyfriend is so childish


Dear Kate,

My 29-year-old boyfriend acts like a child. I am 27 and we have been dating for some time now but I have noticed that he is very childish. He is always on his tablet and whenever I come to visit he is either playing Xbox or the play station I bought him for his birthday. He also gets me to get him the latest destroyed  jeans, KFC, Subway, Kate you just name it. I do it. Just last night he used my credit card and ordered so many gadgets. He stays home, doesn’t work and I provide his needs. Kate I love him, but somehow I don’t know if he’s right for me.
I’m tired of playing mom to this boy. During sex once he climaxes he rolls over leaving me unsatisfied. What should I do?
Dear Concerned,
It seems you have found yourself a boy who needs a mama. The only difference is mothers dont sleep with their sons. At 27 you already have a job which signals maturity. However, your lover is immature. Run fast lest you continue to play dolly-house with a kid who is seemingly too childish  to realised life is about more than gadgets and fast food. A real man knows how to satisfy his wife.
Do yourself a favour. Hit the road and take your credid card with you.

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  1. The reason to date a person is to see if they are the right one for you. At this time you are having some serious doubts, and based on what you are saying, the doubts are justifiable. I can promise you that it is not going to get any better if you marry him, so the best thing to do is to amicable part ways.

  2. Why should he GROW UP…It’s great being childish I GET IT ALL …without doing much
    Why are you paying for his things …you low self esteem women do the mostest m have the gall to COMPLAIN

    Here’s what you do


  3. Another thought….

    You ah buy man and till nah get no sexual satisfaction 🤑🤑🤑😏😏😳😳😳😳😳😳😝😝….

    This is the reason men don’t have to do anything to get a woman cos we have cheapened ourselves so badly….boys that turn into ‘GROWN BOYS’…..and the young women who turn demselves into ‘GROWN BOYS ATM N FLOORCLOT…_i guess piece a man beta than no tarrrrrlllll…..

    Some of you need to STOP mekkin an Azz of urselves asking Kate these dumb ?s
    Highlighting you stupidity
    Getting self esteem

  4. Find a new dude because he is clearly not interested. A guy who truly wants you would put himself out trust me.! don’t even try to get pregnant cause it won’t get better. Money can’t buy love

  5. Firstly, he is your boyfriend…why else would he act differently. You need a husband. The way you sound and already spending AND already gave up the TUNA you are a mature young lady and in need of a husband. Take the comment from “Hmmmmmm” truthful and real.

    Secondly, back to the TUNA; only girlfriends give up the TUNA for exchange of happiness. Check it out. Hold back the TUNA and you see what happens. You might have to start singing like Beyonce` who has records being bought by you and your friends but at the same time you and your friends fail to listen to the words and notice that her husband, for even his negativity she has a “husband” besides her. So don’t you give up any more TUNA to the new or OLD start dating Jesus.

    Thirdly and finally, if you bought him those game consoles, did you purchase them with extra control pad and games? So that you and him can sit and play together too. You may not be interested in those things but even if you were to get a husband you still need to do things with him that he would like to do and that you may not like to do and this is vice versa too…compromise.

    Think on these things.

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