Dear Kate: My boyfriend is a freaky bi-dude who has gone too far


Dear Kate,
My boyfriend of 4 years introduced me to something I thought I would be comfortable with but I’m not anymore.
To spice up our love life we had a woman join us once. We promised it would be one time only.
I have to say it was fun but I found out later that the girl who happens to be my friend; kept going back for more behind my back.
I don’t know why I am so silly. Anyway now he wanted us to do it with another girl.  I agreed and on Saturday night gone it was with a big woman. The lady must have been 48 years.
I had to make love to the woman and it was disgusting.  Between her thighs were dark and shes fat and sticky.  But I love my man and i would do everything and anything to please him.
Now yesterday he told me for us to have another threesome. When I ask him with who he said a friend of his. I agreed again because my man is my God.
We were ready and when the friend came it was a man. I almost freaked out.
Kate honestly I felt uncomfortable having another man in front of my boyfriend but the saddest part was to see that man get down with my boyfriend too.
I never knew my boyfriend liked men but he took it like it was familiar. He didn’t wink or screamed he just took it.
I don’t want to lose him because he takes care of me. Good care. I lack nothing but that life is getting a bit scary.
If I end it I will be left with nothing and i cannot imagine that. But I still cannot see another man enter my boyfriend like that ever again.
What should I do.

Dear Devoted,

It seems to me that you love this boyfriend of yours more than yourself, that’s the saddest part of this whole story.
If a man truly loves you he won’t even think of exposing you to this madness furthermore to look at another man having sex with you. 
People talk about having this fetish and stuff like that. I see it as pure stupidity.
Your life belongs to you. If you don’t like  that kind of life let your boyfriend know and stop doing what you don’t like.
You shouldn’t have to come to this forum to ask a question you already know the answer to.
If you are brave enough to have random threesomes then you should be able to tell the man you’re not into this stuff anymore.
Try and gain some independence while you’re at it. I’m pretty sure there’s something you can do to make money that doesn’t include being in the bedroom. 
I hope this helps. 

Happy New Year

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  1. Girl ur man takes dick in his ass right in front of u and u accept it damm girl ur head on right BY THE WAY WAS ANY CONDOMS USED

  2. Her man is her God!!! Lol. Thought women were independent in their thinking these day. Oh well I guess there are still those that remain trapped by lust and things of the flesh.

  3. He did not wink or scream! what sort of wink did he not do? If he liked it that much he must have done at little wink up at least!

      • So, her man is bisexual then? Hmmm, saying with your man because he’s God, he enjoys sexual pleasures with other men and he’s making you do things you’re uncomfortable doing…. Great relationship. This woman’s self esteem so low, she’s prepared to scarfice the little ounce of dignity remaining. Honey, life is too short. Time to stand on your own feet…use your brain, get a job and move on from that mess.

  4. Wtf did I just read. Gurl get a life. Ya “so called man” is a battyman. He could not make more clear to you.

  5. Awdfyt gyal u a kill me u and them 2 nasty fuckers should have received a bullet each for the fuck u had u me just read nl.bitches like u a nigga like me really hate the most go get a job u slut!

  6. Girl u and your man taking seed and seeing ya’ll period and he’s your GOD? Whom ever raised u failed u. Will u really end up with nothing if u break it off or you’re one of dem wanty wanty chicks? U better wise the hell up cause this nigga will give u HIV for sleeping with all dem quote on quote ‘digusting’ people and guess what! You’ll be nothing. U better save the money hes givinv u find work and stop this nonesense.

  7. Disgusted. That’s what happens when some women don’t want to do hard work to help themselves. U are a damn fool if you think this man love you. A Man that loves a woman would never ever subject her to such. Where is your morals and dignity? Your are responsible for yourself. You all young woman believe once a man is given money and buying nice things that is love. He is only paying you for your services there is a difference. What love got to do with it??? You know what you should do. Do it before you get AIDS.

  8. Child of God …..stand up, be the person who God wants you to be..strong independent on him and courageous.., there is a man out there for you, sweet heart “he ain’t it”….you know what you have to do …sit and think sensible

  9. I hurts reading this story, one because the writer has label this boyfriend, mind you not her husband as her God. What are you thinking hunnyyyy. Secondly, stop the notion that you have to stay because he is taking dam good care of you, cause he is going to leave you. Trust Me, he is going to. Get a Job, you have lost all self esteem because of this man, shits boyfriend, because he is clearly not a man . I hope you have read Kate’s advise and those of others. Please my dear leave this childish relationship.

  10. Maybe it’s a sign he wants out sending all them hints. Sex the friend alone, fatty and now Dick Harrison. Clear as day.🐠🐟

  11. i read this story n then the reviews…i was about 2 comment but i went back n reread….. first thing i will say none of yall have any rights 2 be judgement or critical of these ppl including u kate also ur advise sucks, actusllybus horrible….i reread n they been together for 4 yrs n he takes care of her…so that should mean something or some credit 2 him…he may nit a a bad guy…how many of u can say ur partner takjng care if u??? he prib beatingbur ass or cheating on u….if he bi or takes dick thats his biz…yall also doing our own shit..i only disagree when she seems 2 have no Independence n call him her God…regardless no one should be doing anything they not comfortable w…now she prob not doing no where once she gets over her shock…but ppl r sexually freaks of nature n well within their rights n again stop w yall judgement, criticism n hypocracy..yes he takes care of her n everything comes at a price….she can stay or go but yall should STFU w yall pretentious nasty commect as if y’all r saints…ppl have choices.. take all advice n shove it;


    To disclose it before the public is unfortunate. If this person is seriously seeking help the public is the wrong place to look for it .

    This person needs to look WITHIN for her answer only she can determine her limits. Surely she already know the answer to her question. Perhaps she is in denial. This is most sad because if she is uncomfortable with her situation and Kate tells her it’s ok will she be comfortable then?

    This must have been a traumatic experience. Did she stop it? Walked out? What action did she take when her man was taking?

    The LOVE-ROOM is a place for playfulness how ever one decides to play must be kept in truth especially when you have have information before you got started. (Rastaman)

  13. My stomach turned over on this one. Young lady, your headed down a dark road. You should stop while your ahead.

  14. Girlfriend… Listen to me…. You must love yourself before you can love another. That’s all I have to say!!!!!!!

  15. I am of the unshakeable opinion that this story Was fabricated. After I had analysed and disected the whole senario it is quite evident that this is what we can term a COCK AND BULL STORY! !!

  16. “I agreed again because my man is my God.”

    There’s your whole problem right there. If you worship man, you’ll always find yourself being controlled and degraded against your own will. Grow up. Become your own person. and leave the thrash on the curb.

  17. I think she needs to see a counselor to determine her stage of mind, her emotional stability and her confused state and to what she should do. No judgement. Follow your spirit and it will never lead you wrong but please get the professionals help that is needed.

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