DEAR KATE: I love Tek People Man


Dear Kate,

I was inspired to share my story with you after hearing of this
18-year-old Jamaican who became a social media sensation for openly
admitting that she love tek people man.

Her name is Mackerel.

While I am not looking for fame, I believe it’s time I get this off my
chest because I prefer people’s man over my own.

Kate, nothing brings me more joy than taking a woman’s man from her. I
do not feel any remorse for doing so. Many people have asked me if I
don’t feel guilty and the truth is I don’t.

Getting a man easily is no fun for me. I am attractive based on what
people say and so men always in my DM’s on IG.

However, I am only interested in the ones who are married and are
taken. This is the only time I am challenged. I want to be able to
work for the man which makes getting him sweeter.

Now when I say tek people man I am not talking about a relationship. I
want to tek them, have sex with them if I am interested and more
importantly I want them to get hooked oo me.

I caution them against falling in love since I have a man, or so I say.
Some of it has resulted in heartbreak and that is regrettable but it
is what it is?

I have been called many names since I am earing sort of a reputation.
Once I even took a man then took his girlfriend.

Kate, am I missing something about myself? What’s with my obsession
with people man and why am I so heartless about it?

Do you think it’s a bad thing that should be controlled or should I
just do what makes me happy?


Well salty,

The same way you like “tek’ people man I hope you are willing to “tek” what you get, whether it be burst up head, HIV/AIDS or even death.

Meantime let me put a spin on the matter. Any married or committed man who allows himself to be “taken” isn’t a man at all.

A man who is serious would reject any “forwards” from your type. Total complete rejection.

So, I have to conclude anyone who is married, committed or in a serious relationship wouldn’t allow himself to be tied up in your web.

And if he does then it means he is saltier than you and needs to be deleted.


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  1. Madame Salt, why do you think anyone cares about your fetish? You and Mackerel can become penpals and inspire each other but in the meantime you and the skanks that men use but truly abhore should neither be seen nor heard. Men, you need to wise up; Women, you need to wise up & rise up!!!

  2. You can’t take away anyone’s man silly woman. He didn’t go to you against his will. He made a choice to cheat on his spouse or partner.

    But really tho… long do you think you can use your body before no one is interested in it anymore? Just always remember that what goes around comes around.

  3. Nobody owns anybody people are not property. All you are doing is taking (sex) people’s man.
    You are taking some dick that’s all.

  4. No one can take a Man from another Woman and vice versa.. It wasn’t the person’s in the first place whether Married or not..If a Man/Woman is in Love with their partner,not saying cheating isn’t possible,especially on the Man’s behalf,but it will just be that a roll in the hay and then move on.. When someone allows themselves to fall for another while in a relationship,it means their whole heart was not in their relationship,when you love someone there isn’t room for another,you cannot love both at the same time.

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