DEAR KATE: I like them young


Dear Kate,
I have a thing for young girls. I want to add quickly that I will never knowingly engage in anything sexual with someone below 16. Once they are 16 and over they can come my way.
I am 33 this year but people my own age don’t attract me at all. My cut off date is 25 years for anyone who I am to be romantic with, anyone older I keep as friends.
My preferred age range means that the people who I want to date are often still in high-school.
I feel like I will be looked down upon for my preference given the age gap.
Is something wrong with me or am I okay keeping it above the legal age? Can those young girls put me in trouble?

Nice N’ Young

Dear Nice N Young,

I don’t think there is something wrong with you but wanting girls in highschool don’t speak of your maturity.
It means you probably aren’t necessarily looking for a serious relationship. Perhaps you want to be in one you can control. 
We all have temperaments and preferences but should we always let it take over our judgment? 
A high-school girl cannot add much to a serious relationship. In high-school, most young girls are about fun and frolic even though they are really supposed to be interested in their education.
You don’t have a problem but you will soon have major problems if you continue to pursue immature high schoolers or 16-year-olds.
Let young people enjoy their youth and look upon women who are within your age range. 


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  1. Look down for what just keep from my kids 16 to 23 then they on their own……..u are a rapist if u sleep with sixteen year olds at 33 ……

  2. This confession is most troubling, the advice from the professional IS EVEN MORE TROUBLING AND ABSURD.

    Our girls are not safe around this preditor and the advice is that taking advantage of school girls is ok IS SICKENING.

    I HOPE THIS MAN PICK UP KATE’S 16yo girl if she has one from school everyday since she thinks there is nothing wrong with SICK PREDITOR.

    • Agreed. Also I doubt that this Kate person is any type of professional.
      This guy outed himself as a pedophile. He says he sticks to 16 because he doesn’t want to get in trouble but he has a clear preference for even younger and would likely take the chance if it is presented to him.
      It’s irresponsible for Kate to say there is nothing wrong with that. Yes the maturity argument is relevant but PRIORITY ONE is that an attraction to people that young, is a problem and he should seek help and for god sake, don’t act on any of his impulses.

  3. Hmmmm sick sick leave people young girl children alone. Child molester. let the children get their good education please me a beg u.

  4. This guy want to give the bus drivers competition for the school girls. Doesnt he know the bus drivers already taking advantage of our young girls. Look, even a 18 and 19 year old should be with someone on their level not a big hard tone man. At 33, you have experienced things that give you a point of view in life they cant relate to. Even though they might look mature or even appear to act mature, the truth is that they are not ripe yet. Young girls must be allowed to grow and florish without being tarnished or exposed to sexual relationships with older men. I’ve known many grown women who went thru that as teenagers and it leaves scars for years. Some of the older men even hit them. Your already taking their innocence and you go beat them up too???

  5. The Antiguan version of R. Kelly. He likes them young. Carful cause one of these days one of these young girls might give you 25 years to life

  6. I think your suffering from ephebophilia you should differently check yourself out before you wreck someones child. Lack of age appropriate skills, no disregard for figures of authority are some of the symptoms…. Plz I have daughters …. I don’t want to end up at 1735….if I have to I ur life and ur crave worth this high.

  7. Kate telling the man bout maturity, me sure he asking “Is what that?” This guy has a problem, it’s not like his age range changing as he ages. Soon he will be 44 and still preying on people pickney. He soon meet the Daddy right for his situation.

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