Dear Kate, I Have A Crush on The PM


Dear Kate

I have a crush on the prime minister and it is bad for my health. I don’t know what it is about him but every time I spot that man my heart beats triple times. I look forward to reading news about him, I think of him a lot, I even cut his photos out and keep them in my little diary. I have stopped speaking to people who hates him. Kate, I think I am in love with Gaston Browne. He has no idea and I doubt he will ever look at me twice because he has his wife and family. However, my question to you is if you feel I should tell him. Or I should just continue to let this feeling play itself out? I am worried that I might just jump and grab him if I ever come face to face with him. Help me. I feel like this isn’t normal at all.

PM’s Crush.

Dear PM’s Crush

There’s nothing wrong in having a crush on someone, irrespective of who they are. It means you are a normal person. The trick about the “crush” though, is how you proceed with it. Several facts must also be taken into consideration like what you rightfully mentioned; “he has a family”. Usually crushes that involved people who are not available sometimes end before we know it, but others have known to get serious and even sometimes deadly. In your case I hope it’s the former. Also take into account that you are crushing on the head of the government and “jumping and grabbing” him in public might result in his bodyguards tussling you up. It will be in your best interest if you forget about Gaston Browne. For your sake.





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  1. HAHHAHAHAH…..NOOOOO!!!! She blind man? What so handsome about GB? Gyal you need fi go check fo no eye

  2. Are you attracted to what you think you can get cos dem sey he bang ooman like wrestlers……to lust after a married man political or civil a complete waste of time…Invested time 4 notoriety dnt last….ask Sjeralyn James n many women like her pitical footballs….
    Maybe your attracted to men of power
    Men that are assertive …either way ur a loss cause…AS IF

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