DEAR KATE: HR Manager And Secretary In Steamy Love Affair


Dear Kate,

The human resource manager where I work is having an affair with her secretary. They are both females.

I left a flash drive at work that I had saved my evening classes file upon and I had no choice but to return to the office for them.

It was around after 7pm and when I went into the office, I was so shocked by what I encountered. Kate they didn’t see me.

It is too explicit what I saw but use your imagination.

This has devasted me for weeks to the point where I want to quit my job; one I have had for eleven years.

Now everything became clear to me why this young lady started as a messenger and was promoted to the personal secretary of the HR manger even if she isn’t qualified.

I am sad and it has affected my work.

Should I quit my job?

Shocked Staff

Dear Shocked Staff,

You have no control what people do with their lives and the same goes for you so leaving a job you have spent the past eleven years at may not be very wise.

Going to confront either of them could also cost you your job too.

I understand it is affecting you and may have left a very bad taste in your mouth but what can you do really?

Its sad you had to see this but I admonish you to focus on your work

Some things we just have to leave alone.


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  1. U need fu mind ya own business. So what if the are in a relationship what the hell that have to do with you and how you work.

    • Messenger to personal secretary…hmmm.
      It kills staff morale. And ppl have eyes so now Ms. HR, you are the talk of the town. LOL, some people never learn.

  2. The good thing is they did not know you saw them,so it should be easy for you to act as though you know nothing.. Although it may be emotionally troubling to you -the best advice is to push it to the back of your mind and concentrate on your job..Pretty soon ,you may not have to deal with them as rumors may soon start spreading like wild fire and someone or both may leave out of shame.

  3. Shame? What country you live in?
    Live and let live. Look out for yourself and keep quiet. Welcome to the real world.

  4. @Sweetiepie- What world do i live in?? Guess not the same as you my dear,i know if i am caught having sexual relations in my office i would ask the Earth to open and take me in,especially if the person i am with or myself is in another relationship.I suppose the one you live in,is the one devoid of any decency and values,so you look out for yourself and welcome to the world where a few decent people still reside.. Or is it you,the person wrote about??,then too dam bad,since you cannot tell me what to say or feel..

  5. Go ahead leave your job foolish woman is it you she was having sex with you just need to mind your business but it is affecting how you work you should be ashame of your self that people business a trouble you chupz

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