Dear Kate: He likes morning sex I don’t


Dear Kate,

My friend introduced me to this guy and while we have nothing much in
common, I find him attractive. So he has been servicing me regularly.
He already has a girlfriend but that’s not why I’m writing.

The thing is he only wants to have morning sex. The first time we had
intercourse was in the night the first day we met.

He slept over that same night and by the morning he was all over me again.

Since that time he only shows interest in me in the mornings. He seems
to prefer morning sex because when he sleeps over he is tired as hell
and is useless but come morning time he is all over me even before I
wake up.

Now I really don’t like morning sex. I am grumpy in the morning and I
think its a bit gross. I’d not kiss if I haven’t brushed and I won’t
do oral unless he has showered.

Am I too uptight? How do you explain the morning sex thing?

Night Nurse

Night Nurse,

I don’t think you’re being uptight. Careless perhaps. 

Besides you may need to understand that this man has another woman who I’m sure he has to also “service”.

You see, when women share men, they  can either take it as it comes or leave the triangle.

You may want to express your concerns to him.

But if morning sex is the best he can offer while stealing love on the side then take it or bow out.

You choose.


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  1. Well since he has one on the side let me be the one for you on the side and I can give it to you in the night if your service station has the capacity for more oil!

  2. You are a sorry excuse for a woman. People like you make me sick. What else you expect from someone who is not yours? What a joker!

  3. Kate missed the MAIN CONCERN of the writer and gave advice that was not sort after.

    HYGIENE in relation to morning sex was the concern. Obviously the writer is not interested in morality.


    • Kate didn’t miss a thing. Kate, you are on point.
      If this woman wants things her way, then she needs to find a new man. At her age, all of the questions on hygiene are rhetorical. She studying the small ‘nasty’ and ignoring the big ‘nasty’. But she can talk to him and see if he JUST don’t stop coming!!! #NASTY LAZY & COMFORTABLE

      • @ Really it is her choice if she only wants sex from the relationship. You must respect her choice.

  4. This relationship is mostlyvabout the sex, is thats all for you..think it over myvdear, you deserve moooorrrrreeee

  5. Sweetheart when you truly love someone you don’t tend to be concerned about hygiene during morning sex. Maybe you should find someone who you genuinely love and may be your experience might just very well be different.

  6. @ Really it is her choice if she only wants sex from the relationship. You must respect her choice.

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