Dean Jonas says winning will be like taking candy from a baby


Antigua Barbuda Labour Party candidate for St. George Dean Jonas has said that winning the March 21 general election will be as easy as taking candy from a baby.

Jonas was speaking at an ABLP meeting in Point utilising the highly publicised mobile stage dubbed “Big Red” for the first time.

Jonas who won his seat overwhelmingly in the 2014 general election, told ABLP supporters that not only will he retain his seat, but the ABLP will smoothly sail back into office.

He said George Whenner, the United Progressive Party contender, lost the race even before he started.

“He likes guns and he has already shot himself in the head politically,” Jonas said.

The St George incumbent told supporters that the UPP went from Dr. Jaqcui Quinn who was a good debater to Whenner who has no chance of defeating him.

Jonas also said the ABLP will win the next poll in a move similar “to taking candy from a little child.”

Speaking in Point, Prime Minister Gaston Browne acknowledged that the UPP is an “easy target” but urged candidates not to become complacent.

He said complacency is the biggest challenge that his party will face leading up to the next general election.








    • Wow u dont miss a day…Hey Barbara how are u today??? Hope ur doing great :)…..Oh just a reminder ABLP is gonna win 😀

      • Thank you for noticing that I don’t miss a day. Pride and Arrogance. What does the Bible say about that?

        • LOL!!! This is the last time I coming to the comments section till after elections….LMAO Babrbara u are the best please dont forget to take ur antidepressant meds after the 21st when ABLP wins 😉

  1. take a drive behind transport board these have been suffering for years look at the roads. …and thus guy is talking crap he and Michael Browne is the two worst alp candidate out of the 3 years alp in power Browne spend less than a year in antigua so tell me u got the job to serve the people but u decided to go school so who was representing the people of all Saints west just a waste.

  2. Don’t become too complacent….that will be your downfall. Portia and Theresa May are testaments. May, may not have lost but didn’t win by much. Humility wins the race guys.

  3. A just so them take Antigua people for a BUNCH A FOOLS! Will they run on their record or will they be SLINGING MUD? Not a hard question am sure it’ll be the latter. Mr. Whenner served as a member of the defence force was trained under their government. Did he serve because he love guns or because he wanted to protect his COUNTRY. Is this crap that infuriates the pee out ma nuts these wolves hiding in plain sight acting as if they’ve saved us when actually they’ve been taking the cream from the top daily, weekly, annually. These self appointed saviors stay hidden for years, playing hide and seek with their constituents and community and at election SPITTING CHIAT. They tell us that the man who risk life and limbs for his country is not good enough to serve in parliament but they who’s done very little before entering parliament is MORE WORTHY. How? WHY? All this bunch knows is how to divert from their failures and scandalize others. they ask for forgiveness of their SINS, ILLS, MISTAKES, OMISSIONS yet will CRAFT the most dastardly and vile rumors about their opponents. SMEER is the order of the day with that bunch. Why don’t they have true INQUIRY into THE CIP, Odebrecht Money Scandal, FONDLING MINISTER, DELUXE BUYOUT, Guana Islands land and Contract? What have SB, DJ, LB, AM, RY, CB,GB really done for ANTIGUA and Barbuda? In a time of great wealth our country has not advanced. The promises have not materialized yet you DJ here spitting CHIAT. To whom did CASROY pay back the millions?

  4. What a thing??? Baring complacency and unforseen circumstances…. ABLP will win the next election by a landslide…. UPPITES keep playing the same x old staled tunes…. Nothing new… My friend Ms two weeks to tell the people what you will do differently than the ABLP.. .Stay positive and laser focus on your plans…. Jah guidance

  5. ANR much be soooo happy for election for all bloggers and read cause them.know after the 21 of March unless is a scandalous article like Dear Kate nobody to bother with this site

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