Dean Jonas condemns “misogynistic” attack on Samantha Marshall


by pointe xpress

The Minister of Gender Affairs, Dean Jonas, has strongly condemned the personal attack on his Cabinet colleague, Samantha Marshall by a United Progressive Party (UPP) candidate which he has described as “an attack on all women”.

On Thursday morning during the Cabinet Press Briefing, Jonas said it was reprehensible that a candidate of a major political party could use the media to launch a chilling personal attack on Marshall.

Jonas was referring to comments made by his political opponent in the St. George’s constituency over the weekend Algernon ‘Serpent’ Watts. The radio personality turned politician used his platform on Observer Radio, of which he is part owner, to launch a personal broadside against Agriculture Minister Marshall.

“As the Minister with responsibility for Gender Affairs, I must join those right-thinking persons who condemn the use of the media – social or traditional – for unproductive, personal attacks against others. “I specifically refer to the recent attack on Member of Parliament, the Honourable Samantha Marshall, by a radio personality who calls himself ‘Serpent’. “I call on all listening and viewing audiences to shun and discourage such behaviour and to distance yourselves from such personalities.

“The disgusting, misogynistic attack on Minister Samantha Marshall by UPP candidate Algernon ‘Serpent’ Watts should not be accepted in our political discourse or disagreements. We should always engage each other on policy and show the wider public that we are better than such crass behaviour. “Women who enter the political arena are frequently subjected to sexist and misogynistic remarks. We must call it out whenever it happens and reject those utterances,” said Jonas, who was deputising for Information Minister, Melford Nicholas, at yesterday’s Cabinet Press Briefing.

The St. George MP said he recently was involved in a debate with Watts in which the UPP hopeful was outclassed. Jonas added that if Watts were to engage Marshall in a similar debate on issues of policy and national importance, he would fare just as dismally against the St. Mary’s South representative

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  1. Here we go, forget about the issues, let’s just argue about skin colours and what equipment is on our waist. Much easier and more entertaining than doing actual politics. By the way ANR, what did Serpent actually say?

  2. Why dont he address the amount of female nurses been mistreated and handled badly at the hospital also
    We are crying out for help and food for our children

  3. When Gaston Browne attacks UPP candidates and their families, no body says anything.
    Why the double standard!

  4. I heard excerpts from Watts rampage which I totally disagree with. None of us can determine what face/features we are given by God who made us in His image and likeness and while not condoning Watts conduct nor utterings, those of us (including Dean Jonas) who so readily cry crucify the serpent listen religiously to Pointe FM on Saturdays and hear, laugh, applauded and condone the leader of our twin island state disgracing the honourable office that he holds. He spews all kinds of filth from his mouth about all and sundry and they have absolutely nothing to say. No condemnation, no criticism, nothing. It is business as usual. We in Antigua (not Barbuda) are a bunch of hypocrites who know all the fundamentals of singing for our supper but we really have to excuse the weakling named Dean. He has to follow the leash or else. I really wonder what the electorate in St. George was thinking about to have given him 2 terms when they cannot pinpoint a single thing he has done especially in Barnes Hill, New Winthorpes and Pigotts

  5. Dean, is that you?

    The same Dean that said underage girls can consent? on International Womens Day???

    Dean, did you condemn Gaston brown shaming and defaming all women, by suggesting single mothers would waste stimulus money on hair and nails, and starve their children?

    Dean, do you support your leader calling women “village bicycles” and Gaston’s body shaming of Pearl Quin sister, who is not even running on a ticket?


    Damn hypocrites.

    Gwarn go get the jobs going!

    We need UPP in Government to get some of these ALP failed projects brought back to life, to provide jobs and an economic shot in the arm… using the Investment Authority or however else:

    1. Sunny Hill Project (Resort in Falmouth/Bethesda area)
    2. Beaches Resort by Sandals Resorts
    3. Half Moon Bay Hotel
    4. Morris Bay / Callaloo Cay Project
    5. Hotel Resort on Pelican Island and Residences on Maiden Island
    6. Labahia Hotel Resort & Condominiums (Marble Hill Business Hotel) by WIOC
    7. Long Bay Hotel Resort by WIOC
    8. Valley Church Hotel Resort by WIOC/PDVSA
    9. Amazon Call Center at Five Islands
    10. Marriott Autograph Hotel at Yeptons
    11. Beach Club at Fort James by Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines
    12. Renovation and Expansion of Halcyon Hotel
    13. Port Oasis Project at Side Hill
    14. NAMCO acquisition of Jolly Beach Hotel
    15. Best Western Hotel at Jolly Harbour
    16. Marriott Courtyard Airport Hotel
    17. Cedar Valley Golf Course Hotel
    18. Mike Tyson Hotel
    19. Bau Panel/UNOPS Project
    20. The Yida Project
    21. Willoughby Bay Project
    22. Western Imperial Special Economic Zone (WISEZ)
    23. Brova Idea Pearl Hotel – Partly Underwater Hotel
    24. USD $300 Million Hotel from Investors in Holland
    25. Paradise Found (Barbuda)
    26. Armand Hotel (Barbuda)

    • the Great Dean supports picking green and half ripe mangoes. iykyk
      politics is like having rats guarding cheese.

  6. I wonder where was Dean when the PM attacked a former UPP candidate sister about her size etc? I guess it is a matter of do as I say and not like I do

  7. Oh, here we go again with the ALBP diversionary tactics.

    Here’s what the party should be addressing:

    In recent times, rape has gone up – SILENCE FROM THE ABLP

    in recent times, crime and burglaries have gone up – SILENCE FROM THE ABLP.

    In recent times, many of our elderly cannot or do not receive their pensions – SILENCE FROM THE ABLP

    In recent times, many citizens of Antigua still do not have running water – AGAIN, SILENCE FROM THE ABLP

    In recent times, Antigua’s Citizen by Investment programme (CIP) has come under the watchful eye of the European Union (EU); and by the way, how was the $2 Billion used for the betterment of this beautiful country? Again, SILENCE BY THE ABLP


  8. Listed below are *SOME* of the ABLP accomplishments so far.

    1. Made shares available to the citizenry from WIOC
    2. Abolished Personal Income Tax
    3. Provided many upscale homes in Denfields, Dredgers & Paynters to the average person
    4. Constructing PLH in Barbuda
    5. Improve the housing of the residents in Booby Alley in Point
    7.Renovated several Gov’t building
    8. Extended & created a 1 stop shop at the port
    9. Relieved customers of arrears for APUA
    10. Improved ABS programming
    11. Removed the $5.00 charge from the school meal program
    12. Paid off the IMF in full
    13. Transformed & expanded St. John’s Harbour
    14. Transformed Heritage Quay to accommodate Oasis class VESSELS
    15. Opened a top 5% globally ranked university
    16. Granted young & old to own a decent vehicle
    17. Reduced jail sentencing for youngsters who smokes marijuana
    18. Improved the water system.
    19. Masterminded & became a trendsetter to manage Covid-19 virus
    20. Built the Sir Novelle Richard’s secondary school in record time
    21. Improved VR Stadium drainage to avoid another embarrassment of having sand as the foundation
    22 Saved the banks from being sold
    23. Increased the Scholarship program
    24. Initiated a Entrepreneurial Development Fund
    25. Instituted the H.A.P.I. (Home Assistance Program for the indigent)
    26. Constructed polyclinics in Glanvilles & Villa
    27. Constructed the Friars Hill & George Walter Highway, Valley Church Rd
    28. Instituted the 2nd Chance program
    29. Created a new runway in Barbuda to accommodate bigger aircraft
    30. Rescued the Barbudans from the Hurricane Irma
    31 Reached out & Granted amnesty to the non nationals
    32. Expansion and Upgrade of ABICE (in progress)
    33. Early Childhood Centre and Scholarships for teachers
    34. PLH in Barbuda – booming employment opportunities on the sister isle
    35. Housing Revolution islandwide
    36. Kidney Transplants and other medical services available at SLBMC
    37. Revived iNet into a profitable entity
    38. Antigua Airways (in progress)
    39. Compassionate offer to ex-LIAT workers
    40. GROW Antigua marijuana business
    41. Maintain low crime rate
    42. Resume carnival that stimulated more economic activity spin-offs
    43. Rober Dinero & James Packard to resume investment in Barbuda
    44. Upholds transparency, good governance and communication with the people
    45. Promte, empower and uplift youths
    46. NOBU Barbuda
    47. Investment in Reverse Osmosis plants
    48. YEEP learning program to bolster human resources capacity
    49. Incentives for farmers to contribute to food security
    50. Expansion and increased enrollment at UWI Five Islands 1,700 students this semester
    51. Booby Alley housing project (in progress)
    52. Economic growth as recorded by ECCB and ECLAC

    • Oh come now @ Hmmmmmmm, you are obviously affiliated in some form or other to the ABLP.

      No normal layperson can list those so-called accomplishments without insider knowledge of the party. If you had mentioned a handful or even a dozen or so, then anyone reading this would have thought you were a normal Joe public.

      However, listing 52 is stretching the imagination to make readers think you aren’t heavily involved with the ABLP in some way.


      Respect … 🤜🤛

  9. Dean Jonas, I do agree with your sentiments. However, you seem to drive down a one way street. I have listened as the Leader of your Political Party, Gaston Browne,ridiculed women in Antigua and Barbuda on his Radio Station. Where the heck was your voice then? Are you afraid he would fire your non performing arse again?

  10. I dont understand y people support Dean. He looks and talks like a pervert. For him to even have a ministry in social transformation is beyond my comprehension.

  11. How is this so different from when St. Vincent was dealing with the volcano and Gaston Browne told Ralph Gonsalves that he should only send the good looking women to Antigua, so that we can increase our population. This type of statement from a leader, at a time when people are dealing with a crisis? There was no condemnation then. Too much hypocrisy.

  12. Remember alot of workers were sent home from work without pay for months, where was the voice crying for the people who are suffering . These hypocrites have selective tears crying selectively

  13. Why is the minister addressing that issue. It’s Politics and if you can’t stand the heat get out of the fire. The representative for St.MS can handle hers and the constituency business. When one reads the blogs/comments by the opposition bloggers one may/can conclude its a form of DESPERATION hence all the name callings.

  14. All them dam hypocrites in antigua never have nothing to say when the dawg in on rumshop radio cussing people every week like a warfrat.

    When he describes someone as a village bicycle where was Dean Judas? When he call pearl sister fat and out of shape where were the hypocrites?
    At least Samantha know Hugh is her father without the need for any DNA test, because she got her ugliness from him.

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