Dean Jonas alleges Serpent spread COVID in St. George and lied about vaccination status


St. George Member of Parliament Dean Jonas says United Progressive Party candidate Algernon Serpent Watts lied to him about his vaccination status. Jonas is also accusing his political opponent of being a super-spreader after doing house to house visits and later testing positive for COVID-19.

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    • JUST SAYING and by the way Serpent can indeed sue Dean Jonas if he has the evidence that Dean was spreading such statements about him.

      • I am from St.George and Dean Jonas is correct. Serpent knew He had COVID 19 and still socializing???. This is ASHAME.

        Tabor stop talking about Law SUIT. Tabor never ses the wrong in UPP Candidates.

        TABOR , Serpent cannot sue Dean Jonas because it is the truth .Tabor ,UPP and the other BLUE KOOLAID drinkers are using COVID 19 as a POLITICAL TOOL.. SHAME on Them,

  1. Dean Jonas is the most VILE & EVIL☠ human being on this island. To go this low to say this, he has proven himself to be even more STINK & DUTTY than the Gutter in front of his Family Home on Factory Road🤬😡

      • JUST SAYING you cannot be serious about Pearl Williams speaking crap on Daren’s show this morning. Her presentation was the essence of truth and clarity as she debunked the lies of Gaston about the UPP being against vaccination. She has even admitted taking people to get vaccinated. I am waiting to see what other false narrative you and the ALP will be putting forward.


      Heard you on Observer this morning. Pearl could NOT answer the Questions. Pearl sounded very DUMB.Never get my vote.

  2. Dean Jonas — who was given the boot by TWO administrations for being corrupt and for being fast and loose with the country’s resources — must be TOO GLAD for parliamentary immunity.
    Why doesn’t he show some balls and make those accusations outside???
    He needs to go wash his lying mouth with some holy water.

  3. I asked persons if they are vaccinated and often the reply is “yes.” I later find out that the response to the question of vaccination is/can be non specific; since I find out later the person was not vaccinated for cover-19. People are vaccinated specifically and so one would need to ask the relevant question in order to be clear. I have learnt from my experience, to now ask the specific question to be clear.

  4. Everything is so political in Antigua. Why should Dean Jonas say something like that . Nobody knows in most cases where and how they catch covid . This is irresponsible behavior. Just Saying ,you should deal with the issue at hand and not going after people personally . I am fully vaccinated,but against forcing anyone to do so. Educate people and let them make up their minds . Enought data is available for people too see about vaccinated and unvaccinated results . I have single handedly convinced people to get vaccinated .

  5. Serpent’s medical business is his not for anyone else and someone like Dean at that. If Serpent told him ‘yes’ he right.

  6. Dean Jonas claimed that he was tested positive for COVID-19 long before Serpent tested positive for it. So it was he Dean that spread it in St Georges constituency. Even Dean Jonas right-hand campaign man is hospitalized with COVID. Dean Jonas, you need to stop with this evil behavior. We all campaign with Serpent and we don’t have COVID also a lot of us are not vaccinated.

  7. Our Parliament could be the set for the Real Housewives of Antigua and Barbuda. A cesspool of Gossip, Poor Boastness and Vainglory!

  8. Dean Jonas,are you the one who had a case in the Courts for assaulting a woman? Are you the one who crawled on your gut to Gaston Browne begging back for your job? Could you please tell us why Gaston Browne fired your backsides? Did it involved you purchasing a property to housed the CUBANS MEDICAL STAFF unknown to the CABINET? Gaston Browne did say some things about you that were not very nice to your character. I do hope the people of St.George’s Constituency kicked your behinds to the curb,in 2023.


      Heard you on Observer this morning. Pearl could NOT answer the Questions. Pearl sounded very DUMB.Never get my vote.

      • P. HARRISON what you have said is of no consequence because even if Pearl was like Einstein or Jesus Christ you still would not give her your vote. The reason for that being because you would not be voting for the best candidate based on policies, integrity and other factors but simply for whoever the ALP candidate is.

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