Dealers say put the brakes on used car imports


A representative of the new car dealers has asked the government to change its policy to reduce the number of used cars coming into Antigua.

The representative sought to have Cabinet impose restrictions on the importation of used cars entering the country, especially those more than 5 or 6 years old.

The argument was made that the reduction in new car sales will hurt the benefits to the economy.

The life of a new car is approximately 20 years, the representative explained; however, the lifespan of the imported used vehicles is in the region of 5 years. Hence, the used cars will become rubbish sooner, clogging the dump, the streets and many yards.

It was argued that the impact on the employment of more than 150 workers of the new car dealers will also be severely affected; as sales of the dealers’ trade-ins and new cars decline, the representative argued, fewer workers will be required.

The payments which the established businesses make to the statutory bodies—to wit: Medical Benefits, Social Security, Board of Education—to the Customs and Excise Department, and to the Inland Revenue Department, are significant.

“The businesses’ contributions to the Government coffers assist in meeting government obligations; those contributions will be adversely affected if the administration continues to waive portions of the taxes which the used-car importers are now required to pay, and allow very old cars exceeding 6 years to enter into the state,” the Chief of Staff Lionel Max Hurst reported.

The dealers recited data regarding the number of imported used-cars reaching Antigua, versus the number of imported new-cars; 84% of all cars imported are used and 16% new.

The Ministers asked the representative provided evidence that acquisition of a used import causes fewer new cars to be purchased.

The representative provided a table showing new car sales from 2006 to 2017. The data show that from a high of 2,356 in 2006, to a low of 573 in 2011, the sale of new cars is moving upward. In 2017, the number of new cars sold climbed to 1,124. For the five months of 2018, 411 new cars were sold.

For the month of May 2018 only, more than 500 imported used-cars have reached Antigua, the representative reported. The Cabinet asked that the dealers make a direct correlation between used car imports and the sale of new cars, in order for the Government to change its current policy. The Cabinet invited the representative to return when that paper is completed.

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  1. They think people have money to give to these dealership, a working class man can’t even get a loan because his salary is not enough for the bank to give him a loan a d make profits, so he buy a used car which he can afford and you vex because nobody wants to buy a car that cost 5000-15000usd in which you all selling for 35000-13000ecd plus taxes and bank fees. Get a life government knows not to interfere with such. Next thing port, customs, environment make money from the importation of used car and truck so what you think the government is going to do crippled the port just to please you because you don’t think you’re selling enough vehicles

  2. Well just start to sell used cars also nobody wants to be paying forever for a car ….when u collect the money for your car ee will stick with the bill and cant get parts for them when we want ……bought and had a Chevrolet car and it started to rotten in 1 year the dealer deliberately took close to the 5 years to change the doors and bannet then the same happened to those parts,when we went back to him he said the warranty was up in which he had just changed those parts……when in gods earth i could purchase a bulb from them again …..and bare in mind the little car cost over 40,000 good riddens

  3. I’m not knocking anyone’s pocket, but I do believe that if a person is going to import a vehicle, it should be of a certain age, and it should be under a particular mileage.

    For me, I’m thinking it should be under 5 years, and under 80,000 miles.

    I guess time will tell where this goes.

    I don’t approve of very old cars, from the 90’s and cars which are over 10 years being imported into the country.

    At the same time the car dealers need to do better!

    They had driven up the cost of vehicles so much, that it made it difficult for a number of person to own a car. This present situation that you find yourself in, was partly caused by yourselves.

    You sold inferior cars for top dollar. You got away with it before persons became more sensitised to the fact that they could have gotten more bang for the buck if they went looking at other markets.

    Hopefully a good compromise will come about

  4. Tell him harney still sells new car and also hadeed and i guess most of the dealers ne brought a bunch of rotten cars to antigua who would take a chance with his new cars again

  5. These car dealers are wicked to us the consumers. his statement about a NEW car lasting 20 years is an absolute lie! I bought a brand new truck from Harney about 7 years ago. It is well maintained professionally and it is filled with rotten spots and all kind of issues. Other persons have bought much older vehicles from Japan and it is 1000% STRONGER and fully loaded… I will NEVER buy a new vehicle in Antigua again.. the quality of our new cars are simply inferior.

  6. tell the dealers that they price are ridiculous… they have house and land prices and they can do way better than that…. we don’t have all that money to invest plus the interest come on… drop your.price and make it more attractive and we locals will come and buy…

  7. “Representative of the new car dealers” PLEASE remember Citizens of ANTIGUA eyes opened after realizing the ae110 reconditioned corollas that we’re sold by HARNEY MOTORS years ago for $30000 + had only cost $2000 USD in Japan …I’d agree that SOME of the vehicles being imported would be rubbish soon but your recommendation is ignorant to say the least …. how about reducing your price on new cars ???? ….. you’ll mark-up a price on a trade-in to get your new car sold which clearly means you CAN and are ABLE to do better with your price …

  8. oh plz! You are trying to rob the poor man who can’t afford those EXORBITANT car prices from those blood thirsty dealerships!! As soon as you drive a new car off the lot, the value already depreciate. If people can afford a decent used car from Japan, then why not?

  9. So what must poor people do in this country? Cost of living is so high already and rich people are still trying to squeeze even more out of us. It’s now taking 10 years nearly to pay for a new car. Craziness! Government knows better than to trouble this one.

  10. Oh please your a newly opened car dealer & your already asking the government to stop importation smh …all you guys want to do is rob poor people , we cannot afford the prices of your cars . & we cannot even get a loan to buy most of the vehicles you have because the banks are saying our income are to low, We want land , house , vehicle and cant get it on our salaries …theres no way I am buying a vehicle for 80gran & I can get it imported for 20gran & remember we still have to pay port taxes etc …….stop trying to rip off the poor people with the garbage thats coming out of your mouth . instead of trying to force the government to stop importation why don’t you carry down your prices so the poor can actually buy from you

  11. You car dealers are too damn WICKED!!!! I’m a young mother with a child you think i can affored ya out of this world prices for a “new” car. Y’all at jokers. The price you want for the car is the same a buying a piece of land. It high time somebody regulate y’all tefing ass. Y’all and them tefing bank collborate to drag poor working class people money out of them hands. When I have to spend $50, 000 on a recondition car an you passing it off a new. Never mind since the money com from the bank they want the car to be comperhensivly insure plus. You think me working for a six figure salary. Get real.

  12. Aren’t these the same dealers that are bringing used cars in? A NEW car should last 20 years…….my NEW 2013 KIA mind you I said NEW……….HAD SO MANY DEFECTS from the start it’s crazy. Dun right rubbish.

    Don’t feel safe over taking cause it will just rev ( if that’s the word) while u driving it. Utter death trap. All the dealer has being doing from the start a fix it………so dear representative help me out. On the other hand I got a used car and that is legit…….runs way better that the NEW JUNK I bought for just about 100,000.

    Give me a break……..only in ANTIGUA

  13. These blood sucking dealers are wicked and robbing us for years. They need to bring down the sky high prices and ppl will buy

  14. Any vehicle old or new if its not well taken care of will become rubbish. So your argument has no substance.

  15. Used cars from Japan “Rock” tell the dealers of new cars to go pick bananas and leave poor ppl alone!!!

  16. IF and a big IF the dealers want used cars banned or certain limits placed on the importation of a used car, they must first sell their used cars for the same price of what is being sought online. That is the only way I would give consideration to their argument. PERIOD!

  17. Just saying I brought in a 2000 model 5 years ago and it is going strong not a rust spot – all i did was change brakes and a fuel pump – i’m sure it can can do another 10 years easy – roads in Japan are great not a rattle on my 2000 car – hence my 2 cents

  18. It’s better to buy a new car. It’s very difficult to source parts for some of them.Take a drive around the island and you’ll see the amount of them park up on blocking harbouring rats and criminals.

  19. It’s better to buy a new car. It’s very difficult to source parts for some of them.Take a drive around the island and you’ll see the amount of them park up on blocking harbouring rats and criminals. You cannot drive a car beyond 3 years in Japan. So why import their gabbage into Antigua to harm our environment..

  20. You cannot drive a car beyond 3 years in Japan. So why import their gabbage into Antigua to harm our environment..

    • Caused them damn dealers in Antigua want 50, 000-100, 000 for one “new” car. Ah drunk ya drunk in ya English Harbour and Cavalier ass. For them kind of money me can buy one piece of land and build one small house. Them wicked ass need fu tap buy recondition cars passing the off a new and charged one arm and one leg for them

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