DCA To Remove Fence, Boulders, Threatens Legal Action Against Local Businessman


The Development Control Agency (DCA) says it is planning legal action against a local businessman over violations to the Physical Planning Act, 2003.

The anticipated action is in relation to works being carried out by owner of the Lobster Pot restaurant at Runway Bay, Gilbert Gomes.

It is alleged that Gomes has extended a fence from his property all the way to the water’s edge and placed dozens of boulders as a barrier, blocking full access to the beach there.

Deputy Town and Country Planner, Clement Antonio, said the DCA will start removing the fence and the boulders from today.

He said heavy duty equipment including a backhoe and an excavator will be deployed at the site to do the removal.

In addition, Antonio said the DCA has sought the assistance of the police to provide security for those involved in the operation.

When the operation is completed, the DCA will take legal action against Gomes to recoup the monies it spent not only in the present operation, but similar activities in the past.

It has been alleged that Gomes is claiming that his property extends out into the water because the area has been badly affected by beach erosion.

DCA Minister Maria Browne said “each and every time the DCA issues notices to remove whatever new barrier he can come up with, this gentleman pays no attention – leaving the same DCA to remove time and time again. It is the owner of a property on the beachfront (The Lobster Pot). Again, it will be removed. Stricter consequences will be faced. The beaches belong to, and will remain property of the People of Antigua & Barbuda.”

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  1. It’s nice to see the biggest ghost worker in antigua, the chief town and county planner finally showing up for work.
    This known ALP cult member, have been flouting the law for years and believe he was untouchable because of his political connections.

    Let’s see what happens when he put back up the fence and to his cult leaders.

    • Notes From A Native Son Of The Rock! “The evil words flew fast and loud among us, guard accusing guard; it would even have come to blows at last, nor was there any to hinder. Every man was the culprit and no one was convicted, but all disclaimed knowledge of the deed. And we were ready to take red-hot iron in our hands, to walk through fire, to make oath by the gods that we had not done the deed, that we were not privy to the planning or the doing. //At last, when all our searching was fruitless, a man spoke and made us all bend our faces on the earth in fear, for we did not see how we could gainsay him, or escape mischance if we obeyed. His counsel was that the dee must be reported to you and not hidden. This seemed best and the lot doomed unlucky me to win the prize. So here I stand, as unwelcome as unwilling. I know well; FOR NO MAN DELIGHTS IN THE BEARER OF BAD NEWS.” – Sophocles, Antigone the Play, 440 BC!

      Why pillory and shoot the messenger, The Chief town and county planner! “Men at some time are masters of their fates: The fault dear Brutus, is not in our stars, But in ourselves, that we are underlings.” – Shakespeare, Julius Caesar. (Act1, Scene 2)! This subject of the built environment has not received the attention it should from popular media! All attention has been focused on the development in the North-East Marine Management Area in the mass circulation press! There is some public interest in the nature of our built environment on Antigua and Barbuda (including Redonda), and, the media is an important tool in exposing and directing this interest into effective opinion and helping to mold the culture! During this period when “Rona” is forcing changes, this should be a good period for All Antiguans to read: https://environment.gov.ag/assets/uploads/attachments/816fb-sustainable_island_resource_management_zoning_plan_antigua_-_barbuda.pdf
      GoAB with no Engineers, Geophysicists, Marine Biologists or Oceanographers in its ranks or trusted circles is woefully missing its true north direction leading towards a Blue and Green Economy!

      The Development Control Authority (DCA) has the responsibility for the development, execution and monitoring of land use policies for a broad range of actions that provide for an overall planning framework! This mere voice in the wilderness would suggest that, given coastal erosion and destruction by encroaching built facilities and infrastructure, GoAB should consider charging the DCA with: making shorelines more secure against erosion and flooding; increasing accessibility of shorelines, eliminating drop-offs and walls, and creating opportunities for strolling, foraging and similar beach enjoyment; beautifying shorelines, by adding native vegetation, and habitat for fish and wildlife, and, offering financial benefits, to those with properties along the shorelines for accessibility, beautification and security, such as technical assistance, reduced permit fees, and tax incentives in conjunction with the appropriate accountable and responsible ministry! “When black people view themselves as centered and central in their own history then they see themselves as agents, actors, and participants rather than as marginals on the periphery of political or economic experience.” – Dr. Molefi Asante, Afrocentricity, The Theory of Social Change! (1/3)

      • Notes From A Native Son Of The Rock! “Whenever a person delineates a cultural boundary around a particular cultural space in human time, this is called marking. We must be prepared to act upon our interpretation of what is in the best interest of black people, that is, black people as an historically oppressed population. This is the fundamental necessity for advancing the political process.” – Asante!

        To fully comprehend the dislocations, disorientations, decenteredness and lack of agency being exhibited by the DCA and in essence GoAB, it is necessary to go way back in psychological time and space! Enslaved Africans were brought here in 1634! The earliest maps of Antigua in the 18th Century referred to the island as “Antego!” The maps showed the Bay as Runaway Bay! Some Historians have posited that Beach was a 20th Century Construct, which followed the arrival of the US Armed Forces at the Base and the Millionaires at Mill Reef! Nowhere on these 18th and 19th Century Maps of Antego will you find the word Beach! They are all Bays! Why Runaway Bay! The lands east of Runaway Bay contained Mackinnon’s Swamp and forest with a few surrounding plantations! “The value of etymology, that is, the origin of terms and words is in the proper identification and location of concepts.” – Dr. Molefi Asante, Afrocentricity, The Theory of Social Change!

        Antego was ringed with Forts on every headland on the circumference! These Military Fortifications were located within two miles of each other to protect the Bays and coves that surrounded the Island. For example if you start at the fortifications at Fort James – Hamilton Fort, the next was located at what is now Dry Hill, the magnificent estate of an MP and the next would be north of Runaway Bay on the headland shown in the above picture on which is now sited the huge hacienda of one of the largest Privateers on the Rock and further north above Dickenson Bay was another on Cooks Pt now referred to a Weatherill’s Estate!

        Today the Bays and Headlands are not ringed by Forts or with the plantations in the centre, but are now an “Encirclement Ring” of Hotels and Villas, for North Atlantic visitors who relish and delight in services from People of African Descent, and Mansions for the Privateers confirming the people’s marginalization on the periphery of, not only a political program but more so an economic existence! The People of African Descent are still housed in settlements on the interior being buffeted by the Centripetal Forces from an Industry Sector just as in the days of yore! What has changed! Let’s be clear, this pertains throughout the OECS, CARICOM and the English Speaking Caribbean! “One of the simplest ways of accessing textual clarity is through etymology. Myths tie all relationships together, whether personal or conceptual. It is the Afrocentrist’s task to determine to what extent the myths of society are represented as being central to or marginal to society. This means that any textual analysis must involve the concrete realities of lived experiences, thus making historical experiences a key element in analytica Afrocentricity!” – Asante! (2/3)

        This mere voice in the wilderness offers this map to buttress the arguments and to provide those who may wish to know from whence they were given their surnames and the names of some settlements!

        • Notes from a Native Son Of The Rock! “There is not occupation of territory on the one hand and independence of persons on the other. It is the country as a whole, its history, its daily pulsation that are contested, disfigured, in the hope of a final destruction.” – Frantz Fanon, A Dying Colonialism!

          The Pandemic has offered the People of African Descent an opportunity to staunch this flow! Unless there is a major change in the political, economic, socio-cultural, technological, legal and environmental landscape, nothing will have change since the 17th Century. It will have been an evolutionary continuation! The People of African descent must always be clear about the names that are given to development areas

          De Bust at Da Bridge conceded Runaway Beach for the development and enjoyment of the People of African Descent! The Progeny ordained otherwise and ceded title to North Atlantics! The land has now been alienated to Middle Easterners! It will take a revolution to return the land to their rightful owners which was purchased with the blood sweat, tears and “hard guava crop” earnings of the Ancestors! The youth must be reminded that, just as the emancipated Africans of Antigua and Barbuda were not placed into the Apprenticeship program of the Planters, the People of African Descent on Antigua were the only ones who purchased their land outright from the Planters before they became an Independent Nation! Those are facts every boy and girl should be taught even before going to school! Such should be forever etched on their brains!

          GoAB and the People must engage with the Developers to ensure that not only the Architectural and Engineering Aesthetic of the Facilities and Infrastructure but also monuments, artwork, sculptures and spaces reflect and be dedicated to the “Runaways!” That only seeks to address the sensibilities of the Syrians in our midst who will be developing another huge Marina to include McKinnon’s Pond! This pond was severely compromised, as have all of the inland wetlands and mangrove swamps, by eliminating their openings to the sea and in the case of Mckinnon’s by the poorly conceived engineering decision to turn it into a sewer treatment pond for the Italian Marina Beach Condo development!

          Under the Colonial Administration in 1957 – a mere 3 pages, a “Beach Protection Act” was passed! It was amended in 1993 with another 4 pages! It is woefully inadequate in intent and practice which basically is the protection of sand removal from the beaches with heavy emphasis of punitive measures! August 28, 2014 THE BARBUDA (COASTAL ZONING AND MANAGEMENT) REGULATIONS, 2014 was Gazetted! This is primarily directed to Fishing and Marine Sanctuaries, following on the Research and collaborative work with the Waitt Foundation and Institute!

          The People of African descent resident on Antigua are encouraged during this period of protection from “Covid and Rona” with the Hurricane season fast approaching and the ever present threat of an earthquake, volcano or tsunami rolling in from Darkwood at the dead of night are encouraged to read: Wise Practices for Coping with Beach Erosion: Barbuda, Antigua!
          https://unesdoc.unesco.org/ark:/48223/pf0000129191 and if you are not terrified of reading a detailed Research document: Antigua and Barbuda SIDS 2014 Prepatory Progress Report (July 2013) Prepared by Dr. Janil Gore https://wedocs.unep.org/bitstream/handle/20.500.11822/8437/Antigua_and_Barbuda.pdf?sequence=3&isAllowed=y

  2. Don’t talk to fast, let’s wait and see what happens when Gaston found out what the DCA plans to do with the fence

  3. I hope the DCA will ask the Hadeeds to remove the wall they have in the background as well.. Not because Witty come from Newfield and doesn’t wear Jacket and tie like the Sirians. It should be done with fairness.

  4. Very well said Creole. There are lots of people of certain background who are NOT subjected to the full arm of the law! But of course they have strength for the local man…


  6. How long now has that beach been blocked.I have heard a National of Antigua and Barbuda.He called into the Radio Station for some years now.About Runaway Beach being blocked from access by that same business man.I think he gives horseback riding to tourists on the Beach.I hope DCA get all that crap off the beach.Send him the bill.If he refuses to pay.Secure a lien against his property as the Law allows.What is that stone jetty in the background in the above picture.Antigua News Room,give us an entire picture of that area.

  7. Looks in the distance…..see that pier/jetty? That’s next to go. They should start to dismantle before DCA gets to it.

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