DCA tells Serpent to do the right thing, denies blocking him


Dear Antigua Newsroom,


The Development Control Authority (DCA) received a skeleton correspondence dated February 22, 2022, from Mr. Algernon Watts, requesting the erection of a temporary structure.


The DCA was unable to consider the request without the requisite supporting documents. Mr. Watts was so advised, as to what was required by the Authority to attain permission.


The DCA cannot grant permission without ascertaining the rights an individual have to land, in which he/she submits a proposal.


Further, we advised Mr. Watts to restore the area to its original state until the requirements were satisfied.


Please find attached correspondence sent to Mr. Algernon Watts and that received by him.


Clement M.M. Antonio

Deputy Town & Country Planner



Watts says DCA deliberately blocking his venture in St. George

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  1. oh so the aspiring Minister of Agriculture did NOT submit the REQUIRED supporting dokizments. Boss just submit the DOKIZMENTS jack. Even with trying to erect a structure you have to lie and twist things too?

    Why not apply to put it on the *26 ACRES* of farmland?

  2. Why the hell do you have to send in drawings to put up a damn tent temporarily? Sounds like hurdles and hoops to me

  3. Who is the real boss at DCA? Is it true that Antonio has more power than Southwell. Asking for all who are interested to know.

    • Who is the real “LEADER” of the UPP? Is it true that it’s Gisele Isaac and not Lovell Limpy Joe King Lyadd.

      Is it true that Pringle is more than ready to represent us at caricom and the UN?

      Is it true that Richard Lewis et al are just patiently awaiting Lovell’s final shelacking so they can attempt to salvage the irretrievably broken upp?

      Is it true the 🐍 said that “nun likkle boy a lead me”

  4. Soooooo the 🐍 got caught lying AGAIN!!!! He known he wrong and ah try fool the people. Shame on you 🐍. BTW why get could build this structure on his “26 ACRES OF LAND” the he should FARM DA FOOL with🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • The snake just fulla fart. Why he no use the Wilmoth Daniel STRIPPER POLE BUS instead of the cheap tent thing

  5. Ok, DCA has guidelines to follow. Kewl…
    Now several questions…
    A…do these same guidelines apply to Carnival, Fetes, Church Services, Family gatherings?

    B…would the same apply to set up a tent on a beach for a picnic by say a school or any organisation such as the Lions, Rotary etc?

    C…Again, what of the vendors on the side of the roads on government property or even squatting on private property?

    Serpent I cannot condone what’s happening on your #Farm, but this has a stench to it….schematics with egress, ingress, Emergency Escape Plan, Fire code compliance’s, and boundary demarcation etc.

    • Take a walk from Joe Tony Corner up Market Street. Did those people get permission from DCA to set up all types of shacks along that Street. The City of St.Johns is as filthy as I have ever seen it.It stinks to Hell and Back. What I am saying is not second hand information. I am in Antigua every year,see you shortly ANU.

  6. Why the hell would anyone need a permit from DCA to set up temporary Tent? There is too much bullshit going on in Antigua and Barbuda. Those in positions in leaderships in the Country are always going over the top. When it comes to the ordinary person. If I were in Antigua,I would set up my temporary Tent. Then I would wait for DCA to come and tear it down. The rest would be written in the books of History. Serpent has to go with the flow because he is in the Political Arena,fighting the Devils within the DCA,Picksy and others.

    • You need to listen to the news to get an understanding of the proposed set up. It’s not just a “tent”

    • And if I was in charge of DCA I would not only knock down your structure but run over your rat ass in the process. Can’t be wrong and strong. Serpent know he wrong but want come and play victim.

  7. Seems like Algernon “FARMing FOOL” Watts is trying real hard to unseat Lovell Limpy Joe for the title of KING LYADD.


  8. ANR, do you not have a more friendly-looking picture or official campaign photo of Mr. Watts? Do you delight in using unsavory photos of your news subjects?

    The grey pimp shirt hoody and pimp gold-chain is not a good look.


    “…me know the Bible say ‘many are called, few are chosen’…cause I’m saying if the UPP win the election with the present slate that they have right now, they gah bruk wan rekkard inna Antigua. They gah have the smallest Cabinet in the histree of Antigua politics. Because you know you can look at a slate, picture the billboard, picture the billboard, watch the faces on the billboard and you can say ‘ok this one, I can put this one, or this one I can put here, this one I can put in this department’. Now close your eyes and see…BOY LOOK A PROBLEMS”

  10. He not even in office yet and already want to circumvent the rules.

    Imagine if he were to actually be elected to office.

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