DCA removes barrier to beach access at Hodges Bay Resort

Maria Browne: The gate erected to block public entry to the beach near the Hodges Bay Club has been taken down. The GOAB maintains that all beaches belong to the people and shall remain accessible to them via demarcated public accesses.
earlier Hodges Bay notice appears to have placed restrictions on beach access

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  1. Who would have imagined that in 2021 Antiguans and Barbudans would still be second class citizens in our own country? When do we take a stance against the injustices that have been perpetuated against us?

  2. How long was this Barrier in place in that it had to be taken down? Is there a government agency that monitor these projects? When authorization for these projects are granted there should be in BOLD letters Do’s and Don’ts when it relates to public’s interest. It appears Enforcement in government agencies is a thing of the past.

  3. The beach belong to ALL the people. Papa say so! Who de hell is trying to change this???? Rich asses need to be put in their place. The beach forever belong to ALL the people and their children and children’s children. $50,000.00 US fine should be slapped on these ignorant rich people.

  4. I agree with beach access comments
    However, what does the ABTA/Public Health Covid Certified Accommodation standards state regarding maintaining a ‘closed environment’?

    Hodges Bay were certified to 31-12-2020 but did not appear in the Antigua Nice list of properties published by Ministry of Tourism on 11 January – ????

    Visit http://www.hodgesbayclub.com/covid19a to see what the club says…including ”
    which is NOT the protocol in Antigua…also masks are to be worn ON PROOERTY IN PUBLIC SPACES

    Shut them down, fine them for multiple infractions & pursue the severance payments (unless they using the PM companies act adjustment regarding severance payments aka List)

  5. BEST JOKE. They posted:
    ” Daily guest capacity must be at a level where social distancing can be accommodated”
    gimme a damn break…
    Those ‘influencers’ & their johns, sorry DJ’s & musicians, distanced? Tarl.
    B.S. and going on since April 2020 with Cabinets blessing.
    They have photos of Min Tourism grinning as they demo ‘protocols’ on their website.
    What a pappy show.

  6. Why is Gomes at Runaway Beach allowed to still have his barrier after all these years?

    If you try to cross the boulders, he love to pull gun. One day he will pull gun on the wrong person.

    Where are Nigel Christian’s murderers?
    Where are Nigel Christian’s murderers?
    Where are Nigel Christian’s murderers?
    Where are Nigel Christian’s murderers?

  7. Let’s hear what the waste of time Manager will say now. Gave us the flimsy excuse when the Ashanti birthday bash happened……….now this. I wonder if they know the beach was there long before the hotel and will be there long after. Keep your guests on tight leashes please.

    • We are all watching a bottle of coke and thinking of it as champagne and refusing to call it what it is.
      Who encouraged the Ashanti bash in the middle of the pandemic? Who only cares about his wants? Who you think gave his approval for Akon to come? Who will do it again if Beyonce wants to come to stay at Hodges Bay next? Who doesn’t give a damn about what we think as long as he gets to play King Lion with celebrities? Why are people blaming the hotel manager and nobody saying anything about who he is associating with to break the laws he was elected to enforce?

  8. Best them did save the lickle fence money and go pay the managers that no get not even a dollar severance pay yet! This hotel should shaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaame! And our government should be ashamed too!

  9. Disgusting of the hotel and damn government too. Stop selling out the country to line your pockets and don’t give a care to the antiguans, Antigua beaches are PUBLIC beaches so leave them alone!

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