DCA Letter Confirms Controversial Barbuda Development Can Proceed

Barbuda Ocean Club



  1. READING THAT LETTER.I see that Maurice Merchant is the Board Chairman of DCA.How many freaking positions does this one man holds.How many pay checks is he getting monthly.How much money is he making annually.While there are many persons in Antigua and Barbuda.Very qualified to do most things.Who are without work and food daily.What is wrong with that picture.Does one has to kiss the TAP DAWG backsides.In order to survived in the country of their births,Antigua and Barbuda.No one in Antigua and Barbuda should be getting several pay checks from the quasi Government businesses.What a place.What a Country.What a Bobol.

  2. Is the head of the DCA normal? Did anyone notice that for a matter that concerns the Barbuda people, only 2 of the 9 persons who got his correspondence are Barbudans? Look at that list of names. Where else in this world can a man charged with overseeing the physical development of Barbuda be putting his signature to a document that signals its destruction by those inside and outside, and get away with it so boldly?
    Nice job, Mr Southwell. I am suggesting that the Top Darg clear some space for your candidacy in the next election on the Red ticket. You have earned it. One last question. Do you think the Barbuda people would just sit back and let you sign them away to a developer just like that?
    Barbudans, start your petitions of support for your hurried departure from this abominable parentage. You will not suffer going it alone. There are many, many who will see to that.
    Run, Barbuda, run.

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