DCA calls police on 9 employees in breach of vaccinate or test policy


The Development Control Authority with the help from the police escorted nine employees from the work place who were allegedly in breach of government’s vaccinate or test policy.

A memo from the Chief Town and Country Planner warned employees about the enforcement of the policy.

When workers showed up for duties this morning they were asked to show proof of their vaccination or their negative antigen test.

Those who refused were escorted from the building by police.

The employees were reportedly told that they will not be paid for days they are not at work since they will be absent.

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  1. GOD is in control when he ready for you elites hmmmm….all I have to say read revelation 7 last plagues molwyn you know better will be praying

  2. You think vaccinated people won’t spread the virus?

    You that ignorant? Where you think the Delta variant came from? Not here but from vaccinated tourists that visited our shores.

    You can thank world dictator traitor tyrant liar bully (HT) Gaston Browne and the rest of his cesspool gang for allowing this to happen.

    • Gaston and his gang didn’t make this happen…….

      We wanted testing, and then when the opportunities come to be tested, we refuse it. Now testing is at our expense, we want it, but don’t want to pay.

      We wanted vaccines, then when they came, we didn’t want that one. Other vaccines came to replace the one we didn’t want, and we don’t want those either.

      We want to hear from the Government, and when they speak, they’re lying. We ask to hear from the medical fraternity and when they speak, they’re the mouthpieces for the government.

      At this point, I say leave all those who don’t want to be tested or vaccinated alone. At the rate the people are dropping, it’s only a matter of time before Barnes and Straffies’s are overwhelmed. Maybe we can just dig holes in our backyards and drop our loved ones in.

      Maybe Gaston can come help you dig the hole…..

      • That is Antigua people for you. Nothing please them. Always complaining. No matter what. They want vaccine they get they complain. They want free testing they get they complaining. Don’t know why government do get rid of them. I know plenty vaccinated unemployed persons who can replace them.

    • What do you have against the prime minister? What about the US president, the canadian prime minister and the UK prime minister who are all leaning towards mandatory vaccination. The US is also planning to issue visa to only vaccinated people.

  3. Employees cannot have it both ways…

    If you do not want to be vaccinated that is perfectly your choice, BUT to not want to be tested? I am utterly confused. Just a few months ago, maybe as far back as a year, we all wanted more testing. Now we don’t want to be tested?

    Come on people……enough of the nonsense…

    1) You aren’t being micro chipped and tracked (they can already do that via your phone and social media accounts.

    2) No one wants to kill you with a vaccine (they’re already doing that with all the cell towers, sodas, chemicals they are using in the soil to grow the foods and the KFC that you all line up for.

    Your right to choose? No one has EVER taken that away from you. Choose what you want. We are all adult, we all have to be held accountable for our own decisions and actions.

  4. Why is this done at only DCA, there are so many other places that the staff are not vaccinated and dont bring a test. if it the government policy then run it across the whole government department. what goes for one should be for all. only in Antigua.

  5. Gaston, you need to do like Guyana and no vaccinated or untested persons in any building accessed by the general public whether it be a government or private building. That will do the trick. We cannot stay in this covid quagmire forever when we have enough vaccines to vaccinate the entire population. Selfish anti-vaxxers!

  6. Some of the measures may not be popular with some and they will voice their opinion with negativity, however Tough times calls for Tough measures. Look at the numbers since the MARCH/PROTEST if that wasn’t a super spreader then what is? There is a big difference between ‘one’s rights’ and ‘the right thing to do’. When one chooses THEIR rights to do/not do then they need to accept the consequences of such. can’t have it both ways. The government is right on this one. To those who undertake the blogging for their political child/children and encourage march/protest only serves as political prostitutes.

  7. Mr Manager of DCA, when are you going to do your job and the right thing because you as a manager know that it is the right thing to do?
    When are you going to stop taking orders from the higher ups and stop going after people they tell you to? Don’t you have any big man marbles that make you your own man? Why is it everytime you are doing something like this is because the great dane gave you orders?
    Why is it that it is always the little people who feel your power (oops! the big man’s power used through you)?
    Man, life is more than just behaving so you could get the big house and the large pension. You have to have pride, manhood, self-esteem. Your actions as you’re directed are getting way too obvious now. One day you will get told to do something that will hit close to home. Then what will you do? Put your granny to sleep on the porch?

  8. “Division is a devilish selfish spirit that makes one cares about I only” j.b
    People have become so divided the virus is what we should be fighting but we are fighting against who is vax from who is not

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