Daughter of Cabinet Minister tipped to be new Immigration Chief


A relative of a senior member of the Gaston Browne Cabinet has been tipped to become the country’s next Chief Immigration Officer.

A reliable source close to the situation told Antigua News Room (ANR) that Sir Robin Yearwood’s daughter has been appointed Deputy Chief Immigration Officer.

Her appointment, mere weeks before the departure of Chief Immigration Officer Anette Mark, is being viewed as a strategic move by the government to ready her to take over in the coming weeks.

Little is known about Ms Yearwood’s qualifications but her appointment is likely to lead to criticism given her close connection with a member of the Cabinet.

Already, ANR understands that there is disquiet among staff members at the Immigration Department, many of whom have been working there for years and who feel they continue to be overlooked whenever top jobs become available.

Neither Minister Yearwood nor his daughter could not be reached for comment at the time of this publication.

Mark in her resignation letter had recommended that measures be put in place to allow for a smooth transition to a new leader.

Mark, who is Vincentian, served two years in the position amid criticism over her nationality.

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  1. The people working there for years that think they are been over looked for The position. I have one question. Are you qualified for the position?? Working somewhere long does mot make you a suitable applicant..Not saying she is.

  2. This is a whole lot a sculdugery (if thats how the word is spelt) cause little miss is probably not qualified properly beyond her law degree. I do hope she proves me wrong and do an excellent job. But as the saying goes in Antigua “is who you know, not what you know”

  3. LET me tell ALL OF YOU THIS….MY SISTER has more letters behind her NAME than the alphabet…when ALL said n done ALL of you will see SHE IS MORE EDUCATED THAN ALL OF THE YEARWOODS LIVING IN ANTIGUA including her father
    1 she is MORE than a Lawyer
    2 her father had NOTHING to do with her nomination her qualifications got her the job…
    3 she applies to all jobs without her father’s knowledge n her EDUCATION GETS HER IN THE DOOR…. PLAIN & SIMPLE …SO sit at desks n gather dust never equates PROMOTION…

  4. Not once has she asked ROBIN YEARWOOD for a referral to any job not ONCE …believe you me she’s reared to stand on her own merit
    She carnt help having a recognizable last name…she doesnt go around ANTIGUA telling people “you know who my father is ” like others she works 4 hers.

  5. You can be as qualified as you want; if your co-workers mean for you to fail, you will not get very far. Let us hope that she is not only qualified but that she is also a good leader.

    All the same, a whole department cannot be held up by the efforts of only one person; the team must come together. As for those who feel “overlooked”, maybe it is time to retool and move on. I detest people who sit on the sidelines and whine. Move on and move forward.

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