Daughter Denies that Hilson “Brother B” Baptiste was coerced to attend last Sunday’s rally



Dear Editor:

My family and I were disgusted to read the statement that sought to demean my father Hilson “Brother B” Baptiste as he continues to recover from a stroke.

Sickness is no respecter of persons and should not be politicized.

My family continues to give thanks to God for my father’s remarkable recovery thus farand we are also grateful for those who have visited him or sent prayers and well wishes.

Since my father was discharged from the Sir Lester Bird Medical Center on August 28th 2023, he has been under the supervision of a competent team of health practitioners and is undergoing physical and speech therapy.

He has since enjoyed significant levels of improvement in his motor functions and is now more independent in managing his daily activities.

Despite his health setbacks, my father’s brain remains sharp, and he has not lost his sense of humor or his sense of humility.

He is anxious to get back to what he enjoys most, which is serving the people. To suggest that he was coerced to attend last Sunday’s rally, or that he did so without the consent of his family is just ludicrous.

He has been following the campaign via social media and is extremely engaged and excited.

Each day, we see improvements in his ability to resume a normal life and the support that he receives from the community gives him tremendous motivation and hope.

My father feels great, all things considered, and believes that he is still here for a reason.

He treats his recovery as an adventure and encourages anyone who has ever been knocked down to get back up. Hilson “Brother B” Baptiste considers it a gift that he is still here, and he is grateful for the opportunity to contribute in any small way to the advancement of the people.

He intends to remain a strong advocate and warrior for St. Mary’s South, a community where he was born and raised and has represented for 20 years.

Sincerely- Ayana Baptiste


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  1. Cocodrile phantom. Is obviously,as many volumes tey to be THE NEW KIDS IN TOWN…that’s is why VOLTURES is among to us.


  3. One would think, it would be BB writing this letter if things were what the writer suggests. Fact is his judgment’s was lacking long before the stroke. This was evident in not only the statements he made (eg get rid of the Bird people.. if this judgement had happened in JA (Blenman election decision) ..” but also his actions allowing a major hotel to bring in palms untested which resulting in local palms being infested with Lethal Yellowing Disease , moving soil from an infested area to another (Giant African snail), incident where he knocked down a cyclist, His attack on a police officer where in 2017 a court found him guilt. These incidents were probably why in 2014 the constituency rejected him and UPP went instead with Marshal in 2018. There really was nothing there for the stroke to damage

    • Why dont you stick with the issue at hand. Malinging people’s names are all you are good at, even when it’s not necessary. Why is it so hard tor you to speak on issues that are affecting this by election? Like where is Dwayne George. He seems to be hiding while the prime minister is out there doing his job. Why is that? Is it because his traitorous ass can’t face his conscience that will allow him to face the people of SMS? Brother B will always be the man of the people. So please! Stay out his lane.

    • Damn Man! Is there nothing sacred about the varasity of human sickness, and suffering!? As with each and, every beat of the heart, and signal of the brain: The vicious ALP sentinels find it convenient to engage in the tribal gutter political of character assassination: with dredges from the past. There is no forward vision espoused that would lead one to hazard, and be emboldened enough, such as to think there might be some sort of redemption worthy of the forward trajectory that would lift the masses from the mirrored myer of recaltriccan malaise that is offered and, envisage national enlightenment, from the fetid political mantra, so unbecoming of the national manifestation proffered for the aspersion of being the “Power House Of The Caribbean” Thus, I remain “A-Political” and stand in a sense of staid amusement at the bickering clowns venting, and spewing nothing but vile spit in the air-that will surely fall right back in their faces. Ah! Let the Circus begin. The bottom feeders are hungry too. Vote for “Me” to set you free. It’s the bottom that keeps the top-on top. And, please give me some meat from the bone. Ah! Was it stew or, soup you were feeding?

    • U slow or what ? So because he’s better means he has to pen the article. Allyuh dunce and blind in this country yah no wah. That’s why the PM a sell out all aryu to the white people because y’all don’t know head from ass!!

    • @ tenman

      i wish all the ABLP parliamentarians perpetuity in life, including yourself with your x number of board fees. Sickness is for all, not just Lester Bird nor Robin Yearwood…..it is a journey that we all will have to pass through, EXCEPT U

    • @Tenman: Wow just wow! Did you have to dig deep to find the vilest part yourself — or is it right there on the surface? Are you so steeped into political SHIT that you couldn’t make this article past without punching down on an elderly stroke victim?
      What is it that’s rousing this abominable behaviour in Antiguans these days? Just disgusting!!

  4. Happy to see Brother B bouncing back. He is down but not out. Wishing him continued strength as he recovers. At least there was no wardrobe malfunction. People just fast!

  5. @tenmen yours and my time coming pray you will be ready when your time comes?
    BB continue your progress of recovery one day at a time, continue to support your people and shugy


      your time could be tonight! better stop trying to TWIST people words to suit your agenda

  6. There is so much vitriol and ignorance amongst my peoples it is no longer funny. Instead of putting their real names to the comments my people choose pseudonyms insulting the Honorable Prime Minister of our beloved nation and chooses to rehash incidents of the former MP Hilson Baptistte instead of wishing him a total speedy recovery. We will be celebrating 42 years of Independence from the colonialists on 1st November. Let’s do some reflection so that we can get that vitriol out of our system.

    • What really turns one someone putting their name? Is that you will go at length assuming the use their right name to then ensure they are victimised or glorified if their thoughts are consistent with yours? Please help me with this one as I am lost as to what you intend to achieve if someone use their “right name”.

      By the way who are you for us to know it is you?

  7. Sickness is no respecter of persons and should not be politicized…neither should persons bread and butter be affected by politics. Memba you poopah say he go get rid ah bird people!!!!

  8. wait! so DOCTOR Lovell diagnosed “brother” Cartwright Marshall as UNFIT to run because of diabetes. But a STROKE VICTIM got drag out his sick bed to attend a SOUNDCLASH??? make it make sense. What kind of ENVIROMENT is that for a S-T-R-O-K-E V-I-C-T-I-M to be in???? A new wicked, evil, sickening, disgusting low was reached by the UPP.

    “Former Agriculture Minister Hilson Baptiste, a notable figure from the United Progressive Party (UPP), is now grappling with a SEVERE STROKE, according to PARTY OFFICIALS.”


    So the same “PARTY OFFICIALS” that said he suffered a “SEVERE STROKE” turn around and use the STROKE PATIENT as THEIR political puppet at a SOUND CLASH?????

    Mr. Baptiste please take your rest. Spend time with your wife and family. UPP just a use you!

    • BRILLIANT IDEA to get BB moving around. Increasing mobility is therapy for everyone generally but particularly for stokes victims. It increases circulation, reduces risks of injury, improves posture, reduces muscle tension and soreness, increases range of motion and more. It would be great if everyday BB was accompanied by someone to go outside and walk in the SUNSHINE. The sun is a healer. And, if any family member reads this comment a cup of warm lemon water with a pinch of cayenne pepper first thing in the morning would be beneficial for BB.

      • @Sugarapple – YA FLAP!!!!

        a STROKE is an ATTACK ON THE BRAIN!!! a NOISY, CACKLING, LOUD-ASS, SOUNDCLASH is NOT the place for RECOVERY. Even the Rag-Tag-NehNen-Reduced-PassMark Spin Doctor Quinn said she doctor warn her from being in certain enviroments or else the cancer might return. A wah you a try???? FAILED ATTEMPT as trying to justify using/abusing a STROKE VICTIM for POLITICAL GAIN. Why not Cortwright Marshall??? UPP discriminate against DIABETICS ??

        • Strokes: Cause by a blood clots or bleeding that reduces circulation/oxygen to the brain.. Cancer and strokes are completely different things. Noise do not cause strokes. Your argument is ridiculous at best. Get a life you political prostitute.

  9. “Sickness is no respecter of persons and should not be politicized.”

    So why was a SICK man used as a PAPPYSHOW at a POLITICAL meeting?

    The “writer” contradicting herself. Look the man face and unkempt appearance says it all. Sickness is no joke and definitely not to be used as a political pawn. Daughter let your daddy heal in peace 🙏🏿 away from public POLITICAL campaigns

  10. “Me nar gah feel good a work inna nun ministry wid FARTY BIRD PPL round me”

    “We must end BIRDISM once a for all”

    “We got to watch the crowd, Mark our people. We have got to put our ppl first……me nah want nun BIRD PPL round me”

    “If dat judge was in Jamaica she couldn’t lef de courtroom”


  11. Praying for a fulsome recovery Mr Hilson Baptist, and thank you again for your input for obtaining urgent medicines and supplies whilst in office.

    An Antiguan that puts country and people first.

    Forever thankful sir 🙏🏽

  12. Shuggy just want the money so he party and travel all over place….poor brother B, shuggy dont care about you or your health!

  13. The depths to which ALP will sink is beyond comprehension. My God! The fact that the man was able to be there on his own volition is much to be thankful for.
    People here are just sick. Sick with a debilitating disease call Gastonitis,Labouritis or whatever.
    For the sake of the future of this country, we must resign anything or anyone associated with ALP to the dustbin of history.

    • The depths and CESSPOOL to which UPP will descend to in order to try and fail to brush away an ILLEGAL NOMINATION via a BACKDATED LETTER.

      What next a BREAST CANCER PATIENT??? A STROKE is not the common cold or sore throat. My goodness let Brother B take it easy and recover at home jack UPP!!!

  14. the people deserve HONEST member of Parliament. GOD-FEARING man who dont turn he back on God………respect God respect the people, love the people. ex-Apostle Kelvin he changed for the worse….used to serve God now dancing with Satan kingdom

    nazarene dont mess with Alcohol dont gamble dont jump up in carnival…..pray he change he ways. he dont suit politics. he living for the flesh, not good. very bad example for youth n other ppl

    “No one who puts his hand to the plow and looks back is fit for the kingdom of God.” Luke 9:62

    ABANDON church
    ABANDON seat in parliament
    ABANDON God work even tho study in trinidad for theology

  15. Continue on your road to fulsome recovery Brother B.
    May we, as a people, try to keep politics in its lane and stop being nasty to each other.
    If Mr. Baptiste has been cleared to attend whatsoever function the party he was an integral part of and his family are ok with it. Who is anyone to decide that for them.
    I just wish the best for Brother B.

    • @Joan Salmon


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