Date Set For Leroy King’s Trial In The United States


A date has been set for the trial of former head of the Financial Services Regulatory Commission (FSRC), Leroy King in the United States.


According to reports, King will come before Judge David Hittner for trial in the Southern District of Texas on April 6.


The former FSRC head is being tried for his alleged role in connection with the Stanford International Bank (SIB) $7 billion investment fraud scheme.


He is facing 21 counts including charges of conspiracy to commit mail, wire and securities fraud, between 2002 and 2008, in violation of the US law.


Hittner is the same judge that sentenced Former billionaire Allen Stanford to 110 years in 2012 for his role in orchestrating the scheme.


According to reports King could serve up to 175 years in prison if he is found guilty.

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    Legally or otherwise, after ‘…ill-advisedly expending substantial sums’ in;

    (i) ‘…Extradition proceedings; and

    (ii) ….Lengthy and futile litigious proceedings;’ the former Financial Services Regulatory Commission (FSRC) Director ran out of;

    (a) …Options;

    (b) …Resource; and

    (c) …Luck.’

    Left virtually ‘…resourceless and despondent,’ these are what he now faces;

    (i) …One Count of Conspiracy to commit Mail Fraud;

    (ii) …One Count of Conspiracy to Obstruct the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC);

    (iii) …One Count of Obstruction (SEC) investigation;

    (iv) …One Count of Conspiracy to commit Money Laundering;

    (v) …Seven Counts of Wire Fraud; and

    (vi) …Ten Counts of Mail Fraud.’

    Not sure what the defence might be, but it sure going to be a difficult one.

    Moreover, it is also not sure what, if any, ‘…Plea Deals,’ might be offered, since the ‘…main architect of the US$7 Billion Ponzi Scheme’ has already been slapped with ‘…110 years sentence’ in the ‘…Slammer.’

    That which may also ‘…militate against leniency for the 74 year-old national,’ may very well be the ‘…aggravating 10 year on the Department of Justice list’ as a ‘…Fugitive From Justice.’

    With the ‘…expensive and lengthy Court battles,’ reasonable inferences might be drawn’ that his attorneys were more interested in what he had to pay for, rather than advising him that the ‘…Day will be over;’ and ‘…Night was drawing near.’

    Do know that Prime Minister Gaston Browne has given another alleged ‘…Fugitive From Justice, Mehul Choksi’ notice that his ‘…Day will also be over; and that ‘….Night was slowly drawing near’ [ANR: January 25, 2020].

    These little islands with ‘…Citizenship By Investment Programme (CIP),’ shall know that ‘…before they open up the chicken coup,’ they shall secure the chickens before ‘…any fox is allowed to enter.’

    For they may neither have ‘…Chickens, nor Eggs.’

  2. Well king you in big trouble boy you have to answer to the same man that send Stanford to jail ,boy start to pray

  3. …the same Judge who sat on the R.A. Stanford trial, gave Stanford 100 plus years will now also be your trial judge which means, that he knows this case from ALL angles.
    Leroy, this is no time, to play coy! Sing, Blow the Whistle, Blow the Conch Shell.

    You could possibly have a bombshell book deal, to offset your legal costs.


      Time for ‘…Blowing Whistle,’ has long past ‘…Ras Smood.’

      There is no one to ‘…Blow any Whistle’ against now.

      Federal Authorities wanted him to do so, some ‘…ten years ago.’

      His co-accused ‘…R. Allen Stanford,’ as have been many others, have long been placed in ‘…U.S. penitentiaries.’

      Maybe after the trial and in a ‘…Plea In Mitigation,’ he could ask for a ‘…Trombone or a Flute.’

      Not a ‘…Harmonica or Mouth Organ’ though.

      • Pompey, even if it’s a Book of Shame; naming and categorizing, ALL of the players from around the World, I think it could go a long way, on shedding light, on a “somewhat” dark period in Our financial history.
        I don’t know, how much good that’ll will do, regarding how Law Enforcement and the Government, deals with these High Crimes aka White Collar.
        I see our PM is advocating for Whistleblower Protection Legislation! It would be interesting, to see how this can work, and increase the conviction rate, for these crimes.
        I for one, find that even without Whistleblower Protection, the Judiciary is very “lenient” with fines, upon conviction for White Collar crimes, then what good will the Whistleblower Act be. A part of the solution, should be mandatory sentencing, for certain White Collar crimes, such as tax evasion(corporate and personal), embezzlement, the same way, there are mandatory sentencing for gun crimes.

  4. Leroy, the “King” should pray and fast, not just pray…maybe do some serious repenting, too. That boy in trouble BIG TIME! Justice will prevail.

  5. Leroy mus learn to enjoy the rest of his life in the good old US of A. What a tragedy. He finish now. You not dead-ed yet, so pray like you never prayed before. There’s another judge you’ll be meeting in the not too distant future.

    • Yes and that is the Supreme JUDGE who sees and knows everything. His fate in the earthly courts is transient. His fate in the Heavenly court is ETERNAL.

      “And I saw the dead, small and great, stand before God; and the books were opened: and another book was opened, which is the book of life: and the dead were judged out of those things which were written in the books, according to their works.” [Revelation 20:12]

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