Darrell Giddens charged with Attempted Murder following an attack on Jerkeem Jackson



Police have charged 21 year old Darrell Giddens with Attempted Murder following an attack on 16 year old Jerkeem Jackson.


Giddens has since been remanded to Her Majesty’s Prison and committal proceedings are set for next month.


The grisly attack took place almost two weeks ago in Ottos and resulted in the 16 year old Jackson being placed in the Intensive Care Unit.


His condition has since been improving.


Police are continuing their investigations after surveillance video showed Jackson being trailed by three males in the moments before he was attacked.

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    • We are living in a society where youngsters are not considered macho if they are not bad and smokers of marijuana. Bad boys must learn the hard way….. Give him a 15 yr sentence….. who cant hear will feel….! His accomplice deserves incarceration also….

  1. Good, now find the other 2 low life’s and do the same, get these criminals off the streets asap

  2. I did read where two were held earlier into this matter and released. Why were they released? Just hoping this does not go the way of Nigel Christian’s kidnapping and murder. When his Mother did say 4 men dressed in face masks took him away from her home. However,up to today only 3 men have been arrested and be charged. What has happen to that fourth person? Did he vanish into the thin air?

    • The other 2 are 17 years old and in the eyes of the law they are juveniles I suggest you go and read the Child Justice Act to see how juveniles are dealt with before you come and mix oranges and apples.

      • They should be send to prison for life f**** juvenile they are monsters,they should be dealt with accordingly they action wasn’t juvenile behavior.They almost took someone life f***the facts they kids they brutality destroyed that teen life up.thst boy should a been my family those teen would be on ice right now waiting to go 6 foot 6

      • @SMDH…times have changed, and change is inevitable.
        So are you saying, that anyone under 18 years who commits serious crimes such as attempted murder should be charged differently, say a lesser charged such as assault?

        Then several 16 and 17 year olds should do to the other two perps what the inflicted upon the young man.

        …habits, become Norms!
        …norms, become A Way of Life!
        …a way of life, defines a People!
        …said people, defines a Culture!
        …this culture will predicate!
        …and, dictate the directions, said people take
        …since, life is cyclic, as TIME is left in its own wake.

        • I’m not saying that all I’m saying they can’t be dealt with the same way as the 21 years old. Instead of attacking me for my opinion why don’t y’all look up the law to see how anyone under the age of 18 is dealt with I really can’t with you people SMDH

          • @SMDH…”they can’t be dealt with in the same way?”
            A couple of questions…

            A… what crime(s), in your opinion should the other two perps be charged with?
            B…Because, they are ‘minors’ age wise, should their parents/guardians be charged for their actions then?

  3. Ok this is progress,now I feel like the police is doing there job but wat about the other two devil’s why haven’t they been brought Infront the judge? Three boys three monster did it they must be send to prison for life

  4. If they’re juveniles then pick them up and put them in a cell with mickey mouse and big bird but don’t leave them on the street

  5. He didn’t do this by himself, from earlier reports the others kicked him and helped to rob him, why are they not in jail also?

  6. Catch and release is for sports fisherman, not the police. If the laws of the land allow little monsters to become adult monsters by failing to punish them for adult crimes, we need to change them. Antigua is not any safer because of this failure to act that is enshrined in law. If you’re old enough to attempt murder you’re old enough to be punished for it to the fullest extent of the law.

  7. I wonder if he was attacked because of jealousy, you know, more good looking, smarter? I pray for his full and total recovery. Where is the deviant’s picture?

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