Daren Matthew-Ward takes swipe at Knight comparing him with a ‘jackass’


It was quite evident this morning that Wednesday night’s onslaught by Dane Knight on his colleagues at Observer Media has gotten under the skin of morning host Daren Matthew-Ward.

Matthew-Ward struggled to stay calm while sharing the word of the day — Impartiality.

It was clear that Matthew-Ward was taking a swipe at Knight who lashed out at his colleagues, accusing them of “kissing the ass” of Prime Minister Gaston Browne and others in the Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party.

Matthew-Ward also used the opportunity to “big up” the members of the Observer News department who also got a tongue-lashing from Knight over their placement of an item in the news.

Matthew-Ward ended his diplomatic response by quoting the Father of the Nation: “The dogs will bark and the donkeys or the jackasses will bray, but the wagon must roll on.”

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  1. Darren, you came to class late -but atleast you came . Long time i knew that the Upp’s Knight-in-shining-armor was a jackass and not a horse..

    • Jack Daniel… seeing your pen name and your comments about Jack asses cracked me up.. 😅😂🤣. If you say the man in a Jackass, I believe you

      • Is this the Frankie Southwell.Who was an insider for the UPP.Then you had a turned coat moment.Now you are in the belly of that beast,ABLP.Then the ABLP gave you some work.After the Hurricane decimated Barbuda.What is that position again.Are you still getting paid? Could you tell me and only me.One damn thing you have done for Barbuda. To represent the salaries you have gotten thus far.I await your response.

  2. KNIGHT has destroyed UPP and KNIGHT will destroy OBSERVER RADIO MEDIA GROUP. Management should get rid of this Guy off the radio.Knight is NOT a good product to support Anyone. KNIGHT is TOXIC.

  3. All of Us have our BIASES . KNIGHT has taken BIAS to a different level.How the hell can this Guy attacking TRAINED Journalists. Knight is just a BIG , FOUL MOUTH. Observer I would not Advertise on your Radio Anymore.

  4. “The dogs will bark and the donkeys or the jackasses will bray, but the wagon must roll on.”


  5. I have been saying so from day one. Even move over on ZDK was a better henchman than Knight!!!! The man sound so illiterate in his reasoning its unreal…Has he ever ran a business. Nar talk bout parents me a tark he? He think Harney advertisement alone can carry the whole a Observer… and me can guarantee he didnt secure that add with Harney…

      • ACB is expanding its brand across the Caribbean. Why should it associate with the likes of Observer Radio under the leadership of a snake?

        Winston Derrick is gone . . .

        • Hmmmmm
          Boss you all over the post them like an idiot with your personal attacks.
          Pick the beam out your own eyes.

          • ACB Caribbean is the new name. Thinking big and outside the box. Things were better with Byron Derrick, just that he min fraid Algernon Watts.

    • Harney kept OBSERVER alive in the erly days. He was very upset with Gaston allowing all the duty free and second hand cars import. It hit him hard in his revenues

      • So what !! A Antigua Harney come fram.A dey he barnnn.If he came from China you would be kissing his arse.Just as you are always kissing Gaston’s.

  6. “When the wise stay quiet, the foolish multiply”. Mr. Knight you are doing a marvelous job, shining the light in the dark corners. U have cracked the Code!!
    You do not need a PHD in journalism to bring the facts to the people. Mr . Knight you are the one we have been waiting for. Knight at Night da Best.

    • MIZZA KNIGHT is a dam dunce who knows no boundaries when it comes to respecting his employers and his colleagues. The guy needs a brain surgery to take out all de muddy and cowshit he dun nyam up!!!

  7. Many of you want to see Antigua returns to become a One Party State.There was a time in Antigua back in 1950’s.When all would breathe and eat ALP.Then in 1968 we had an intervention by separation. Then came the PLM and the people did awake from their slumbers. No more,no way in hell. Would we go back to become a One Party State ever again.Not after what happened in 1968.When Antiguans and Barbuda stood up to the VC Bird leadership then.The whole populace were given choices then,to this day.

      • @Well well well.Going to Hell.
        I am not smoking 4 trees.Do you think I have monies to waste.Go up into smoke.I have invested my pennies.Now they have become dollars.They continue to grow and bear prosperous fruits.Perhaps you should do the same.Not depend on Gaston Browne and the likes for anything.Why are you defending him.He is rich.While most of you are very,very,poor.

        • Not defending “him” or anyone. I asked about smoking and you answered. Glad to know you don’t mess with it.

    • What’s wrong with you. We ARE a one-party state right now, and most people like it that way.

  8. Daren Ward:You are a flunky of Gaston Browne.
    I left Antigua over 40 years ago.I have listened to this program with Daren Ward.He does not push back enough as a Host of an interactive program.Gaston Browne would text into his program.Then he would change his narrative.Instead of growing some backbones and push back.
    I listened to Knight last night.In my opinion,he did not say anything wrong.The News Department needs to go out there and seek,dig and find the News.They are relying too much. On what those in the various positions (Ministers) are telling them.They do not do any justice to their journalistic teachings.In my words.They are a lazy bunch.Keep up that good work Knight at Nights in the Snake Pit.I am listening.

  9. The problem most people have with observer news department is that they is Gaston or any member of the ALP pass gas, they report it at nauseum, no question ask. To think these are the same people who wanted to shut them down a few months ago.

  10. The problem most people have with observer news department, is that if Gaston or any member of the ALP pass gas thy report it at nauseum no question ask. To think these are the same people who wanted to close them down a few months ago.

    • Kudos to DARREN for standing up to the bully. How dare him think he can bullyrag his coworkers and think its ok.

  11. The problem with most UPPites is that they see Observer as their radio station. They expect all the hosts to toe the line and stick to the party narative. Anyone who strays from the path is castigated and beaten with many stripes.

    Mr Knight seems to be of the opinion that everyone should join him in clearing a path for the UPP. Unfortunately, many of us remember the 10 years of UPP, and all the ignorance they did to turn people away from the UPP.

    After watching them condone ignorance for 10 years, they now expect us to follow them like sheep? Please. Unfortunately, Antigua needs a 2nd party. Tired of the same old crap from both ALP and UPP.

  12. Is this the same person who on Fridays whenever the Kittisian puffing up their chest and acting like they better then antigua just laugh and never push back? Just asking!

    • I thought I was the only person who realised that about him. What you need to do is run their WINFM facebook live to see their cynical body tone when they are discussing antigua and all that Mathew ward does is to fall for their crap as if SKB is the best country.

  13. The problem with observer is that OMG no longer dig for news. Their reports are he say she say.
    Nothing new is ever reported on OMG anymore, They break interviews up for sound bites lasting two to three days.

    Darren does his job, Knight does his job even though it fails in comparison to what was.

    By the way what is the orientation of Knight and Darren? Off side question, keep out of happy people’s quarrels, that’s old people advice, eh.

    • Whatever Darren gets from Knight he deserves. For too long he is playing double game. He prertends to be in the middle and not partisan. But it is clear he supports his boss Serpent and the UPP from long time.
      And when Monday come he cannot wait to attack Max and bombard him with questions. And all his questions are about what the opposition may say or have said. Not one quetion is from him personally. Or he says, callers say. But on Friday when he has the UPP in his show he swallows everything they say hook line and sinker. e.g. Lovell should be ask to account for the interest incurred on the HMB debt. But no he ask Lovell complete different things.

      • SIDELINES: Doesn’t Darren has the right to support any Political Party of his choice.You are a supporter of Gaston Browne and his ABLP.So if he supports Serpent and the UPP.What turns on that?What is wrong with that?You have rights and exercise them.He has the same rights to choose.In my opinion,Max Hurst should not be invited to that establishment. If I had any financial investments in that Media Group.Not one of those damn Labor Party Politicians would be invited into that Station.I remembered most of them wanted the Station off the air.Now their bloated,hellium balloons bodies are on that Station more than the employees of NEWSCO.

        • If they wanted the station off air they would have done so, cause the Derricks left many unpaid bills to the government. Over two million in ABST and not to mention Social Security and Medical Benefits. They could have palce a lien on all the equipment and not allowed the name to remain in operation. But thanks to Gaston Browne who always has a soft heart for the opposition. He allowed this to happen.

          • SIDELINES:

  14. I thought I was the only person who realised that about him. What you need to do is run their WINFM facebook live to see their cynical body tone when they are discussing antigua and all that Mathew ward does is to fall for their crap as if SKB is the best country.

    • Darren never stands up for Antigua. I guess it will make him seem to be supporting Labour Party government. So Barbados Mia Motley is great. Andrew Holness is great, St. Kitts Timothy Harris is great, but Antigua Gaston Brown is nothing

      • @ From The Sideline
        I am suggesting that you should shut up until after you put up a comment on the corrupt malfeasance behavior in public office by Pm Browne and Asot Michael that they themselves accused each other of while addressing the House of Parliament.
        P.s. I know your next move will be – Move on to the next article. See you there

  15. Mr Knight is the best thing on OMG. He’s always straight to the point. Darren is an Ass Kisser for Gaston & the ALP, no more(ABLP) Barbuda na want them no more. Keep up the good work Mr K, your listeners are proud of you & can’t wait for night to come, Mon-Thu nights. Keep it up boss. Great job K.

    • The bottom of the barrel with a long tongue and a dirty mouth full of venom, bitterness, envy and badmind.

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