Daniel ‘Bakka’ Bailey: “The government did not contribute to my career, here is the truth…”


For Antigua & Barbuda to produce more elite athletes, there needs to be more financial support and programs. The lack of support isn’t unique to me because it extends to the entire sporting community. I’m speaking up now because I want to let local athletes know they aren’t alone. Since I was 18, I’ve had to build maintain an elite level, track & field career on my own, and it was a very challenging experience. Now, I want to do my part and make sure that this does not keep happening to local athletes.


“Bakka would have gotten over $200,000 over the last couple of years…”


“Daniel Bailey was appointed as a sporting ambassador where for several years, he received $4,000 monthly from the Treasury, from the Government of Antigua & Barbuda to assist with his training.”


These statements from a media personality and a government official are misleading. The attached documents are allegedly from the Ministry of Sports although they have no official stamp or signature. They were sent to me by a sports journalist and, they are “the documents” used to spread falsehoods on the radio. In any case, I will use them to prove my point.


The contribution of land and the ambassador stipend were benefits given after my accomplishments. Therefore, the Sports Ambassador stipend did not support my career and can’t represent funding for my training. An ambassador stipend is specifically for representing my country & flag at the world’s elite athletic events. Despite my historic accomplishments, the government advised that they would discontinue the ambassador stipend because I announced my retirement and was not granted the honorary title of knighthood. The monies received was not $4,000 nor was it $3,000 but I’m still waiting on “the documents” and my bank statements to confirm the exact amount.



The attached documents from the Ministry are supposed to show $4,000 to assist with my training. It’s supposed to add up to, “over $200,000, over the last couple of years.” Notice the date and the heading because it shows that I received $3,000 (not $4,000) after my retirement. It was my salary as a Track & Field Athletics Coach II working for the Ministry of Sports.


In 2016, I experienced severe sporting injuries which contributed to my immediate withdrawal from the semifinals at the Summer Olympics and, it prompted me to ask the government for financial support because I could no longer manage the medical bills on my own. They approved the request, and I received approximately $20,000 in total over a few months.


My training costs at a minimum are USD $3,150.00, that’s EC $8,516.37 per month. So if I followed their logic and if these statements were accurate the government helped me for 23 months out of my 16-year career and for good measure, I’ll round it off to two years of support. Again, if those statements were correct, then that would mean that I funded 89.1% of my career, that’s EC$1,635,143.04 and, of course, this does not include the bills to treat my sporting injuries.




I funded my career with my ADIDAS contract and the winnings from competing.




I’m grateful for the contributions I’ve received from my country’s sporting community & the government but, my statement on the radio and in print still stands: “When I say the government did not contribute to my career I was talking about my coaching fees, my accommodation, physiotherapist, my travel and all these stuff.” Now that you see the documents and can do the math, I hope you understand me better & respect what I have to say.


Despite the defamation, it only reminds me how much I love the sport & my country. No matter the ridicule or my career’s challenges, I still want to run and compete in the world’s top track & field competitions, against the world’s fastest male athletes.



I’m the first sprinter to run under 10 seconds on the South American continent and, I’ve done so over seven times. As of June 10, 2013, I am one of 86 sprinters in the world who has broken the 10-second barrier and, if you’re concerned about my age Google Justin Gatlin, Asafa Powell or Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce.


These false accusations show me that I need to have more faith i od and remain focused on my mission. I will concentrate on the guid ce & encouragement from Coach Carl Casey and Coach Glenn Mills. My focus will be on my family, friends, fans, sponsors and helping national athletes to achieve their dreams of competing on an elite level.


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  1. Isn’t this guy a “has been” or more aptly a never been. Why is he getting attention? Trying to regain his morning perhaps!

    • Ur a typical ignorant antiguan, we will never reach anywhere cause we dont recognize our own just a bunch of crabs in a bucket. A “has been?” U ppl make me sick, sigh whatever, i may eventually leave this island but ill wait a bit longer. This country just full of crabs, hating on anyone trying to be better, we dont even believe in ourselves nor ppl tht trying, so ppl please go on bringing down one another i dont expect anything better. Im proud of this man, he had vision and pursued his dream, pursue your dreams and ignore ur haters.

    • In fairness I agree with you. His best time (achieved 11 years ago) is 39th best in the world. A huge achievement, granted, and he deserves the respect for it. Surprised he didn’t get a knighthood for it since he’s really done well for Antigua. However, there are plenty of more relevant competitors ahead from Jamaica, Barbados, Trinidad and the Bahamas. I’ve never even heard of this guy actually and he’s now over the hill for sure. What makes it worse is this article, as usual, boils down to cash money $$$. I suspect because he’s now on the back bench he’s not much cash rolling in. You’ve had your day, brother.
      I don’t know why it makes reference to 2013 sub-10 runners either. It’s 2020 now and there’s 163 people who’ve done a 10 second and under 100m.
      Athletics is one cutthroat career, that’s for sure. The day is done.

    • Typical black ppl. Grudgeful and badminded. Why are u trying to put down a man that u could not do what he have done? Hence why market street look the way it does. Until we change this foolish attitude we will remaining at the bottom of the ladder in our own country.

  2. I rolled my eyes until I read the article. This is a driven man who has achieved a world class status despite the cards being stacked against him. He is not a has been. He is one of the BEST our nation has to offer in ANY area or field!!! He should be supported accordingly.

  3. He claims that he was not supported by government over his 16-year professional life. Hmmm that works out to be 10 years under a UPP government, 4 years under an ABLP government. (He clains that he received 2 years support). Wow! Seems like nobody likes you or is impressed by the accomplishments of which you remind us.
    Young man just be grateful and give thanks to Almighty God for the relatively charmed life you have lived to date.

  4. Kudos to for standing up for integrity. If only the Antigua government had a quarter of your integrity, our country would be in a much better place today.

    Congrats to you and your endeavours.

  5. Leave Daniel alone he made me proud as an Antiguan.He did his thing, hope he can get back to that elite level. He is not old as he pointed to Gatlin and others.

    This issue of funding and YASCO although serious issues in the times we are currently experiencing might get lost. The govt is broke and was broke before the pandemic. I hope after this pandemic subsides we can get back to this issue and it doesnt do the typical 9 day cycle.

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