Dalai Lama apologizes after video asking child to ‘suck’ his tongue sparks outcry

CNN — 

The Dalai Lama has apologized after a video emerged showing the spiritual leader kissing a child on the lips and then asking him to “suck my tongue” at an event in northern India.

In a statement Monday, the office for the Dalai Lama said he “wishes to apologize to the boy and his family, as well as his many friends across the world, for the hurt his words may have caused,” adding he “regrets” the incident.

“His Holiness often teases people he meets in an innocent and playful way, even in public and before cameras,” the statement said.

His apology comes after a video of the exchange, which took place during an event in the hillside city of Dharamshala in February, went viral on social media with many users criticizing the Dalai Lama’s actions.

In the video, the young boy can be seen approaching the Nobel Peace Prize winner before asking, “Can I hug you?”

The 87-year-old spiritual leader then invites the boy on stage and points to his cheek and says, “first here,” prompting the boy to give him a hug and a kiss.

The Dalai Lama then points to his lips, and says: “then I think finally here also.” He then pulls the boy’s chin and kisses him on the mouth.

“And suck my tongue,” he says after a few seconds, poking his tongue out.

The identity of the boy is not known. He was at an event with the M3M Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Indian real estate company M3M Group, based in Dharamshala, where the Dalai Lama lives in permanent exile. CNN has reached out to the M3M Foundation for comment.

In response to the incident, prominent Delhi-based child rights group, Haq: Center for Child Rights, told CNN in a statement it condemns “all form of child abuse.”

It added: “Some news refers to Tibetan culture about showing tongue, but this video is certainly not about any cultural expression and even if it is, such cultural expressions are not acceptable.”

The current Dalai Lama, Tenzin Gyatso, is the best-known living Buddhist figure in the world.

The principal spiritual leader of the “Yellow Hat” school of Tibetan Buddhism, the Dalai Lama is revered by millions as the reincarnation of his 13 predecessors.

The spiritual leader has been based in India since 1959, following an unsuccessful Tibetan uprising against Chinese occupation forces. He later established a government-in-exile in the northern Indian city of Dharamshala, leading thousands of Tibetans who followed him there.

February’s incident isn’t the first time the octogenarian has sparked controversy in recent years.

He apologized after a 2019 interview with the BBC, during which he said if a female Dalai Lama should succeed him, she “should be more attractive.”

The previous year, he suggested Europe should be kept for Europeans, when speaking about the rising level of African refugees entering the continent.

“The whole Europe (will) eventually become Muslim country? Impossible. Or African country? Also impossible,” he said, adding that it’s better to “keep Europe for Europeans.”

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  1. Wow wow wow wow this Man should have been sent to Prison a long long time ago where he could get his tongue sucked his behind well forked will hot iron He should be investigated what happened behind the curtain

  2. What is going on in this world?
    Is the Dali lama losing his mind?
    He apologizes and that’s it?
    If that was the pope who did that
    all the catholic bashers would have come out of the wood work.

  3. And in the article he’s referred to as “His Holiness.”

    “When people show you who they are, believe them.”
    — Maya Angelou

  4. The Dalai Lama is one of the most a-sexual persons in the world, known to make all kinds of jokes to make others feel comfortable. I for one who follows him and reads about his quirky conversations with Arch-bishop Tutu of South Africa do not believe he meant anything sexual. His efforts to make people comfortable in his presence can make him do strange things, as even this childish mistake.

    • Seems like you would suck the tongue if you were there. Just give me a damn break bout childish mistake. There’s a when and how for everything. Time and place… at his age he should be well aware of that.

  5. We should not be surprised by these things. Over the years, it’s the so called “clergy” that has been the greatest violators of kids. We have come a long way but obviously there is still much work to be done.

  6. Do you really know him — or do you just believe that you know him? Does believing makes something true?

    Have you met or spend time with him?
    How do you follow him, by reading?

  7. I did see the video on another medium.I was so upset. It is one of the dirtiest things. I have ever seen happen to a child. He should have been arrested.I for one don’t give one damn his title.

  8. It pissesme off when people keep making excuses for these pedophiles. They relocate the christian priests when they are caught. And they continue compromising the young boys, in the name of all that is holy. People in intimate relationships don’t even ask that to be done, but he can ask a little boy. Not even a legal age female. Parents must stop entrusting their children to these Lucifers. Jail his ass. Put him in a place where he can be with the big boys.

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