Dab Rigs- What Is It And Its Essential Parts


These days smoking is the hobby of most of the young generation people. With the advancement in technology, the invention of various pieces of equipment was there for the people to smoke that provides convenience to users. A dab rig is one of the most popular devices to smoke multiple substances like natural oils or extracts.


The process of consuming the products through this equipment is called dabbing. In this process, no combustion occurs, so there is no smoke inhalation. Although, there is no direct inhalation through delta 8 flower procedure, they prove to be a better option for people than direct smoking.


What Are Dab Rigs? 


Dab rigs are also called the oil rigs and the dab bongs by some people. These glass devices are somewhat similar to the bongs, but they are comparatively more minor in size. The difference between the two is not only in size, but even the method used in the heating and the transformation of the product is a bit different.


The central part on which the working of the dab rig depends is the nail. People call these parts the nail as this is the part that resembles the carpenter nail. The nail rests on either the glass joint or on the rig.


The start of the process takes place using the hand torch that will help heat the nail. The nail will reach the highest temperature between 350 to 400 degrees with time. When the temperature reaches the best level, the product will be dabbed on the heated nails; this will generate a flash that will transform the product into the vapor that the person ultimately consumes.


History Of The Dab Rigs


To use the dab rids perfectly, a person should also know the history of the pieces of equipment. As per the experiment between 2005 and 2009, the person came up with a prototype of the glass bowl.


Suddenly he got an idea of the dab rigs; this increases the person’s efficiency doing the work. The use of dab rig spread in different parts of the world like California, Colorado, Washington DC, and Canada.


In starting when the instruments were invented, they were fundamental. With time, the equipment we style so that the person can use it in the best possible way with efficiency. A person can go for the dab rigs available in the market at a cheap rate and are better in look.


Different Parts Of The Dab Rig


Are you planning to do the dabbing for the first time? If yes, using the dab rig will be the best option. Dab rigs are mainly the instruments used for the dabbing that is somewhat similar to the water pipes.


They are mostly made using glass and are available in the market in different shapes, sizes, and colors. The selection of dab will depend on the preference of the people and the budget that they have formed.


It even has a mouthpiece attached that the person uses for the process of inhalation. Various instruments are required in the procedure. Now we will discuss in detail the different available options:


  • Nails


Nails are the part on the dab rig that a person heats to make the concentrate easy for vaporization. It is one of the essential parts of the rig; this is why it is called the rig rather than the average water pipe. The heating of the instrument is done with the help of a hot torch.


A person should always be careful during the procedure and avoid touching the nail during the heating procedure as it will be hot.


  • Dabber


Another name like the dab tool is also called dabber. People use an instrument to pick up the wax and then place it in the nail. Again, various options can be used as an alternative, but this one is the best.


  • Torch


The torch is the part that blows the fire with the butane to get the nail hot this will help melt the concentrate and allow the person to inhale correctly. Buying these torches is easy for people as they are available online and offline stores. Even the burning of the torch is easy.


The person can use the torch to heat the nail till the time it glows red. Then the person can drop the wax in the dab tool.


  • Carb caps


These are the lids used to cover the nail to ensure proper flow. Again, these are not the essential option, but they will help a person complete the procedure in a better way.


  • Cotton swabs


As we all know, a person should clean the instrument after using it safely in the future. Therefore, the person should wash the dab rig after using the cleaning alcohol.


  • Storage cases


These are available in online and offline stores to store the dab rigs in the cases to keep them safe. Not only this, even the person can keep the other equipment safe at these places. As the rigs are known to be fragile, keeping them safe is a must. These cases will increase the instrument’s life.


These are the various materials that a person will use during the procedure. The person has the freedom to select the dab rig equipment from the mode provided by them at a reasonable rate. If the person gets the quality of the equipment, then the person’s experience will be good at smoking.


Advantage Of The Dab Rig


If the person is using this procedure for smoking, then it will prove to be a beneficial option. There are various benefits that these procedures provide to the users:


  • If the person smokes through the dab rig, then the effect on the lungs will be less than direct smoking.
  • This is a one-time investment that will be cost-effective in the long run.
  • Even the floor that it provides to the users is best. The efficiency of the method is more than the casual smoking.


These are the various benefits that smoking through the dab rig provides to the people. If a person loves to smoke during parties, they should opt for this option.


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