D Gisele says PM Browne should not be competing with local farmers

D. Gisele

REAL NEWS: D. Gisele Isaac, the Chair of the United Progressive Party (UPP), is condemning Prime Minister Gaston Browne’s blatant competition with local farmers and branding his new venture an enrichment scheme.

Over the last weekend, Browne used social media to promote his brand, advertising that locally grown produce and meats from “Farmer Browne” are coming soon.

After criticism from Isaac on Tuesday’s Eye on the Issues program, as well as heavy pushback from residents, Browne again took to Facebook in an attempt to defend his venture.

Browne claims that he has invested the proceeds of an ECAB loan, along with personal savings, into his farm and says his primary focus will be the production of coconuts and avocados in order to reduce the quantity of imports.

Browne says he “felt compelled to lead from the front, to contribute to our food security and food sovereignty, to reduce our food import bill and to encourage more investments in this sector.”

He claims, further, that the “general crops that are produced will be shared” with his constituents and public institutions.

However, Isaac accuses the Prime Minister of being selfish, and of wanting to take bread out of the mouths of the poor while enriching his family and friends.

Browne says his Administration has done well by farmers by providing fertilizers, building dams, cleaning lands, and cutting roads to private farms.   He adds that a policy was recently introduced to establish wells and place solar lamps on these farms.

Further, he states that farmers have also benefitted from duty-free and other tax exemptions on all agricultural inputs, including vehicles to be used in their business.

But the farmers’ daily complaints do not support the Prime Minister’s claims, Isaac said on Tuesday.

A veteran farmer, meanwhile, says that those services, including tax exemptions and free fertilizer, were already in place under the UPP Administration.

In the meantime, Browne says that over 2,000 persons were allocated lands for farming, but many of these farms have been abandoned.

Therefore, he says that persons who are hoarding those lots should “start to produce, or turn them over to other [capable] and [committed] individuals who would like to enter the farming space.”

The UPP Chair says that Browne’s claim of wanting to reduce the  food-import bill is only a ruse.  Rather, she says, the Prime Minister and his Cabinet are fulfilling their promise of creative enrichment.

Going further, Isaac is calling for residents to boycott Browne’s farm and produce.

Browne claims that he is taking a risk by going into farming, saying this venture and his home in Jolly Harbour are the only two projects he has undertaken since assuming the office of prime minister.

However, other lifelong farmers point out that his success is guaranteed.  Given the technical support and profitable markets that are automatically available to Browne, they say he is “already too big to fail.”

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  1. Woman, you are a complete idiot. When you have to import much of your agricultural products how can you be talking about competition. Skeritt in Dominican is a farmer, some of his products from his farm might just be ending up in Antigua. It is all about food security.

    • She is not an idiot she is right in a lot of what she is saying. I think the farm should be boycotted without a doubt. The man acts like he is struggling and needs a loan to build his farm and that it is a high risk investment. That is a load of hot garbage. He is guaranteed success in what he is doing. Just like him and maybe a couple dozen families on the island… somehow anything they touch turns to gold and the laws don’t apply to them. I’m talking about a lot of major families on the island…. they do as they please and lead very privileged lives… and it is not only white people…. I will not be supporting his farm. Others should take the same stance.

  2. Hon. Gaston Browne does whatever He wants with His own money. D.Gisel Isaac is very JEALOUS of our Prime Minister. D.Gisel Isaac destoyed the UPP.

    • How do you go from a poor guy to a rich politician with no stops in between?

      Antiguans are some of the dumbest people on the planet

      • You certainly fit the role of Willie Lynch syndrome.” ITS HIS MONEY” Hatred and zealously is killing people like you. Give the PM some credit for understanding how to save his money and getting rich. You are the uneducated fool and will continue to wallow in stupidity and ignorance.

        • Like I said, Antiguans are some of the dumbest people I’ve ever encountered.

  3. What the HELL IS wrong with D.GISEL isaac ? She finally surfaced. I saw the UPP SHALLOW cabinet. Whst a JOKE.

  4. What does this “hag wid lipstick” do for a living other than WATER DOWN HERSELF? Doesn’t she get PAID to help Pringle as his chief Research Officer?

  5. It’s absurd that this clown PM is busy trying to make money for himself instead of robbing the country

    • Looks like ANR is editing comments again.

      It should say he should be RUNNING the country instead of trying to personally enrich himself and his friends and family.

      But yes, it is also clear that he is robbing the country blind by giving away the wealth, resources and best land in the country to foreigners for his own personal gain.

  6. It’s about food security and reducing the amount of produce imports. That dollar need to stay in Antigua. Since me a little child we have to wait on Dominica Fig Boat and we are still doing it. Why does our grand kids have to do the same? I am not going to call you and idiot, but you are obviously applying politics and not economics. I am sure the PM’s venture will employ between 10 to 20 person. I am talking about creating jobs! But sine you are using politics, I am going to do it too, by saying that that’s more than the amount of jobs the UPP created when if office. GISEL, how many jobs have you created lately?

    -Food security
    -Reduce imports
    -Create jobs
    -Set example for others to follow
    -Don’t have to steel

  7. Hon.Gaston Browne has His money and He spent it however. Why you UPP Lazy A**** S Don’t leave Hon.Gaston Browne alone? UPP Criticize all the time. FOLLS.

  8. D.Gisel Isaac should spend Her time developing Jamale Pringle . She is paid a monthly salary and does noyhing for Jamale. That is where She should place HER negative energy. HAG with LIPSTICK.

  9. You people are as NASTY as they come.Could that be one of the reasons. Many of you are as poor as dirt.While Gaston Browne is enriching himself and securing his and his family futures.You people are broke and hungry.Many of you do not know where the next “cent” is coming from.However you would curse others,assassinate their characters. For your Moses,World Boss,Teflon Dan,Tap Dawg.The only thing left for Gaston to do separate the Red Sea.However,many of you would still be poor,broke and downtrodden. So going after Gisele Isaac.What would be resolved by that.Come after me.I do not support any Political Party inna Antigua.I support many in Antigua.So I do not need anything from Politicians.

    • You can’t be serious.. You appears to shut your ears with all those Diatribes and Hatred from the blind followers of the UPP. He you go calling people, poor and hungry. Stop your dribble and nonsensical comments cause even you don’t believe what you wrote. Fool’s ah write and talk but it’s not fool’s are reading.

    • MUD-MAN, you’re talking nonsense. You speak about people being “broke” while the PM is “enriching himself.” It’s one of the weird things I’ve noted about black people: we do not like to see when a black person gets rich. We take it as an offence to us as individuals because we think that somehow another black man’s wealth means that he has robbed other black people. It is ethical badmindedness. We grudge other black people because they dare to rise up from poverty and do well. It is a trait that has been foisted upon up from slavery. We need to shake it off. Black people can do well, in spite of the challenges that have been created for us. We all need to applaud the PM for his ability to use his personal resources and grow them over time.

      You support what D. Gisele Isaac is saying because it fits your narrative. The fact is that if PM Browne has the resources and decides to go into farming, what is inherently wrong with that? What if he is able to create employment in this venture? Is that a bad thing? What if he contributes to food security? Is that a bad thing? Notably, the crops he indicates an interest in are ones that no one else in Antigua is really producing in a holistic manner. So how is he “taking bread outta other people mouth”?

      You are a man of the mud. You should know better. Brother man, grow up!

      • Agreed 💯👍. Most Black folks is filled with hatred, envy and zealously. Unfortunately, we are program to believe that we all must stay poor. Most of us are walking with our eyes wide shut.

      • @Wshing Basin: I do not envy anyone of their riches.I have my own US$$$$$$.A lot of it.I also give too many persons and organizations here and in Antigua.I speak for me,myself and I.

        • @The Mud … if I was you I would stay quiet…now you start sounding like Giselle … what the hell does us $$ have to do with this discussion…. are you trying to suckup to the upp ….lewis is already there… oh well its normal for pig in lipstick to play in the mud …man!!!

  10. NON NATIONALS will never support / VOTE UPP. UPP hate NON NATIONALS. We shall vote ABLP next election.

    • All are you ass should sent back to way you come from. Coming to Antigua and telling Antiguans who their government should be.

      • Unfortunately, you don’t know your story. Cussing People that looks like you and they should back where they come from. Shows that you needed to be educated on your history.

        • People from Dominion Republic don’t even consider themselves black. Look how they treat Haitians who they consider black. They are even building a fence to keep them out. What are they doing in a predominantly Black Country? Making money to sent home and voting for labour to allow them to stay in power.
          One of my Guyanese friends told me that non nationals can determine who wins in some constituencies.
          Indigenous Antiguans want their country back and resent being held as political hostages.

    • @GABRIELLA: My guess you are from Santo Domingo.Do you remember Rafael Trujillo? It amazes me that you could come into Antigua and express yourself freely.When under that man Trujillo. You and your people damn mouths were locked.Not a damn drum was heard.

        • You came into Antigua and speaking freely.Me barn inna Antigua.A dey me navel tring buried.Your foreign arse calling me names.Go your arse back from whence you came.I do not support any political party inna Antigua.I do not even know Gisele Isaac.She is a barn Antiguan and Barbudan,A National.She has all of the rights to speak freely.As you who bang water come dey.Just keep St.Johns and its environs clean.Because I have heard a leading ABLP politician say.Are you a keep the place dutty.I have that on a recording.

  11. Now I see why Charles Tabor was defending UPP so robustly .I saw a copy of UPP SHALLOW CABINET. Charles Tabor is shallowing AG. Charles Tabor I hope you know this is only a dream. Would never happen. UPP DONE / FINISHED.

      • Pxxxhole,why you migrated to the babylonia and think others dont have the right to migrate to their place of choice?self centered idiot

  12. Great idea PM Browne! Sustainable living is everything. However, calling Ms. Isaac a Pig in lipstick is disgusting and disrespectful. We can all disagree with her Opinion without the body shaming. Imagine someone calling your mother, wife, sister, aunt, and daughter a “Hag in lipstick”

    • Errrrrmmmm…. Where did you get the idea that calling D. Gisele a “pig/hog” has anything to do with her physical appearance? If you understood the genesis of that name tag for the woman, then you will surely not make that statement.

      The reason why she is referred to as such has nothing to do with physical appearance; it has everything to do with her attitude, and particularly the way she behaved while in the gallery during a sitting of the Parliament.

      Do you know that she flipped the bird at the Prime Minister and Speaker during a Budget debate? The Speaker subsequently admonished her and referred to as a “hog with lipstick.” That’s where the moniker comes from.

      So please, understand context before speaking.

  13. What is wrong with this woman anyway? She should get her own painted, manicured nails in some dirt and soil herself. Get to work lady.

  14. This government look about himself first 19yrs we still waiting on water in Burks so poor farmers can be more productive and reach on d map but I guess not

    • Why didn’t you ask Brother B Baptiste, Chaku Wakka, Baldwin, Willmouth Daniel, Trevor Walker, Charlesworth Samuel, and Joanne Massiah for water in Burkes during the ten years they were in government? They were all in charge of ministries that involved lands, public utilities, and development during their tenure. They sold the land there and didn’t put any developmental process in place. Now, you’re talking about “this government and 19 years”? For your information, this government has not even been in power for seven of those nineteen years.

      Go harass the people primarily responsible for your misery and leave good people alone.

      • As Gerry Watts always says, government is continuous. You say UPP is incompetent, so why don’t you show your government is better in assisting the poor people of Antigua? How quickly is Gaston Browne’s farm getting water and electricity and other people are being told crap.

  15. If I remember correctly Robert Hall the Agriculture minister was a farmer as well during his term in ofice and thereafter.
    The UPP just do not know how to conduct themselves as opposition. They think it is about opposing everything the Labour Governement does. I will not mention how many of them during their time in office use to have companies that got government contracts, especially in heavy equipment and garbage removal.

    • Sideline, you like to mention Robert Hall. His family owned a plantation going back generations. He didn’t use government lands for his farming business. Drive round south and you will see on your left just before Ebeneza all the lands with cows and goats that the Halls have owned for generations. Robert Hall was a Farmer before politics and he remained one after politics until his death.
      Do you know what is the duty of the opposition? To oppose the wrong doings of the government, whether real or proven otherwise. You seem to think you know how an opposition should behave. Writing crap as usual.
      You are writing that the present government ministers are doing the same things as the previous government in setting up companies to get government contracts. It is like saying that if you thief and is not charged and I do the same and get charged, I could use as my defence that you thief too.
      No government minister or his family should have no government contracts while in office as who determines a fair price for their services? This is just another way of transferring government’s assets to them. There should e a law against this. Do you think parliament will pass one when this is one method used by politicians to get rich?

        • @ JACKIE
          I have been following your narratives on this medium. I must say that it appears that you have a DISLIKE for ANYONE especially Hon.Gaston Browne and ABLP for UPLIFTiNG Themselves and gaining FINANCIALLY FREEDOM.Jackie
          I believe you like Slavery. You are totally against PROGRESS. Shame on uou.

          • Eric carden
            I hate corrupt government officials who steal their countries assets to enrich themselves. If Gaston falls in this category, so goes my dislike. I like people who acquire their wealth by honest means. We need a law that prevents government officials from setting up companies to do business with the government. Why is it that these politicians can only gain financial freedom when they enter government?
            What slavery are you talking about? Do you mean slavery of the mind that a lot of you labour supporters cannot shake off.

          • Do we all have to like and or love Gaston Browne?My last name is the same as Gaston.Does it means that I have to like him?

      • There you guys go again with your nonsensical comments filled with hatred, envy and zealously. Robert Hall was of different pigmentation it okay. However, the black man cannot get rich or aquire wealth caused he is a thief. It’s so sad that in these times we have this slave mentality. Willie Lynch Syndrome is still alive and well.

        • Robert Hall was the best Agriculture Minister in Antigua.That Estate where he lived was own by him before he entered Politics,Many of you would not know this.The Hall family also owned the Estate known as New Division.It has one of Antigua’s finest Beaches there.New Division is south of Seaforth Estate.So to compare Hall with Gaston is lunacy.In regards to land ownerships and agriculture.He also owned some of the best breeds of Cattles in Antigua.

          • When one goes into politics he needs to declare any conflict of interest and distance himself/herself from the interest. The PM has done so. He has declared and distance himself. Robert Hall did not distance himself from his farm. By the way many in the Agriculture department have conflicts of interest. They have farms while at the same time are extension officers.

  16. Some people and theird must live and some must die. Farming is encouraged but not for me so. Trying for years to get a piece of land to do farming and life stock from Agriculture or Chapa and it’s none availablsand people come from the region and get and me born a Holberton Hospital in Antigua. People who have millions and billions can get fu run race with others.

  17. D.Gisel Isaac DISLIKE Hon. Gaston Browne. It is beyond me why this Lady is the GODMOTHER of His Son. I never heard Her uttered anything positive of our Prime Minister . Cannot wrap my head around this !!!!!

  18. @ MUD MAN
    I believe that you are hanging your.mouth where the soup is pouring. You do not know Antigua Politics . You are just a BIG MOUTH trying to gain NOTORIETY. Why not come to Antigua and assist your UPP with your $$$$$. You’re a typical sideline NOISE MAKER

  19. All you people writing that people jealous of Gaston Browne. I have a question for you? Is it ok for him to use government’s lands for his farming business while he is prime minister? Whether he is leasing it or not. And for him to be getting all the help from government agencies to develop the lands that other farmers can’t get. Do you hypocrites see nothing wrong with this?
    Why doesn’t he use his own money to buy private lands and then nobody will question how he spends his money.
    You people who support him are showing that Antigua has a lot of simple minded people. Remember that people all over the world read these postings and not just simply minded Antiguans.

  20. @ZEE

    Why don’t get up off your ASS and invest like the WORLD BOSS ..Hon.Faston Browne and stop CRITICIZING. All you UPP are a BUNCH of NOISE MAKERS.

    • @ TH
      I am considering getting off my ass and get into politics so I can rob the people of their assets. I can assure you that after five years I will have enough money to invest.

      • @ JACKIE and ZEE
        Must be the BLUE KOOLAID administered by UPP that have Jackie STUPID.Hon GASTON BROWNE was a MILLIONAIRE before politics and He is teaching Antiguans how to save and be Financially
        INDEPENDENT. I invite you Jackie to listen to POINTE FM on Saturdays…BROWNE AND BROWNE show from 4pm to7pm to be educated by the WORLD BOSS Hon.Gaston Browne . Jackie you are a very SHALLOW Person.

  21. @ ZEE

    The above reply applies to you also. Forgot to mention your name in the body of the reply. Hope you read it.

    • I just happen to listen to the Browne and Browne show but Gaston doesn’t say anything of substance. All he talks about is Harold Lovell and UPP candidates. His show is a waste of time. The same fools call in every week. There is one Washie who calls in every week. It seems to be in love with him.

  22. Poor Jacqui she said she hates corrupt governments. Yet it looks like she loves the UPP government who was the most corrupt government ever. And the proof is there to see. So many scandals during their time in office. The left over one billion dollars in Special Warrants that they never brought to Parliament. Every deal was a steal. to name a few the fencing scandal, throwing Williams under the bus. The scandals with the busses, the scandals with the sidewalks in St. John’s costing the tax payers oover nine hunderd million. The road at the stadium costing tax payers a whapping ten million dollars per mile. the bathroom at JASCO constructed for six hundred thousand. I mean we can go on and on. But Jacque seems to have forgotten about these things. But she talks about Gaston Browne’s corruption without any proof of it. Having mentioned Robert Hall being a Farmer and a Minister of Agriculture was a clear proof of a conflict of interest, but for her that was fine. Not to mention many heavy equipment companies owned by UPP candidates that took contracts from government. And even lately we found out that Pringle seems to have a sweetheart deal with Solid Waste to collect dead dogs at $500 per dog, and had earned a whapping million dollars in a few years. Not even the minister of Health was aware of that contract. The UPP has no moral authority to speak about corruption and especially not their Chairwoman who was involved in a court case for that very matter. And yes legal technicallities caused her to win her case, but the fact remained that she had about three government jobs. Getting paid for all three simultanously. So while she was in Parliament as Speaker of the House, her check at the BOE was not deducted with time spent at the Parliament. And they want to talk about corruption. Give me an aspirin.

    • Because the PM may set up companies to deal with the government and involve his family as directors, do not mean that there is no conflict of interests. A law needs to be passed to ban all elected politicians from having business dealings whether directly or indirectly. No family member should be allowed to do business with the government, whether directly or through a corporation.. In North America, elected politicians have to put all their business assets in a blind trust. Let us see how many individuals would want to be politicians when they can’t have businesses that rip off the government. Not holding my breath for this law.
      Your post shows how corrupt Antiguan politicians are.

      • I do not remember Donal Trump placing his businesses in a blind trust. His business were run by his sons and the government did many dealings with the Trump companies. Even that in Scotland. I guess you didn’t know that. And many US congressmen/women have shares i n businesses that do get government contracts. Why you think that the USA is so much better then us.

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