D Gisele Makes Good On Threat To Sue PM


Former Executive Secretary of the Board of Education D Gisele Isaac has started the process of legal action against Prime Minister Browne.

Browne confirmed on his radio programme that the lawyers for Isaac wrote to him asking for an apology regarding an adjective he used to describe her.

Isaac is represented by Justin Simon QC but the prime minister says he will not apologize.

“I know it’s within my right, it’s fair comment,” he told Pointe FM.

He said he will continue calling Isaac the name because she is receiving two cheques including one for being the research officer for Opposition Leader Jamal Pringle. According to Browne Isaac is also receiving a pension for serving two terms as Speaker of the House of Assembly.

Browne says if any suit against him is successful he will in turn sue members of the UPP on Crusader and Observer Radio who call him all kinds of names.

“And I have enough money to sue them,” he said.

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  1. She gets 1 check for being a research officer for Pringle.The other check is a pension for being the Speaker of the House for two terms.Did she make that pension Law.Was it created by her.All Members of Parliament and the Senate who serves two consecutive terms plus one gets a nice pension.So that pension Law covers all who are qualified not just Gisele.”I have enough money to sue them” he said. Me a go sue eeeeeee. Like I have said many times.Death unloads all of us of all earthly goods,to include all of the monies accumulated.So rich man,poor man,beggar man,thief,death unloads them of all their burdens.

    • @ TUNA
      Please take the WAX from your ear in order to hear properly. Prime Minister said that it was NOT Illegal for Gisel to receive the money . He was addressing the Hypocrisy within the UPP. You should listen carefully before making outrageous comments. Shows how shallow you are. You must make sense in your comments.

      • @zimba
        Check the last paragraph of the PM’s statement of May 25. “It is the policy of the government that an individual cannot receive two monthly cheques from the government “ Does this not mean the payments are illegal? Some ALP supporters are either dunce or hypocrites. I think both.

        • @ Make Sense

          The Prime said that it is a policy of His Government. It is NOT A Law.Therefore cannot be illegal. You must read and understand. I will recommend stop drinking the UPP BLUE KOOLAID .I believe it damaged your BRAIN.

          • @zimba
            My brain is just fine. I don’t know about yours. What is the difference between policy and law in an organization? He did not say his government, he said the government. You can’t have a policy that cannot be legally enforced.

      • @ZIMBA:Are you that same ZIMBA.The one who went crying on radio about Chet Greene.He made promises to you and did not keep them.I am so sorry I did not pass your litmus test.I tried very hard to clean my ears and could not find any wax and or scumbags in them.i think you need to go back to Primary School and engaged in English Comprehension.You could go a long way if you did go back.I think you do not have one ounce of understanding of the English Language.Do you know.What are scum bags.They come in all sizes and shapes.

        • @ TUNA
          Just to let you know that You cannot challenge me.You DO NOT have the CAPACITY. So continue to write your GARBAGE on ANR. Be guided accordingly. DUMB BRAT.

  2. You bragging about you having enough money to sue radio stations and citizens of this country while people in your constituency living from hand to mouth and in some cases some people ceases to exist financially.

    People wake up and pay attention.

    • @FACTS
      Are you suggesting that the Prime Minister should take His Personal Funds and distribute in His Constituency ? How STUPID to make such comment . The Prime Minister is doing alot for His Constituency.

      Better Living Conditions
      Providing Jobs

      This is a Prime Minister who cares for His People. So stop your BIG FAT stupid chat. FACTS and TUNA cut from the same cloth. Just chat NONSENSE.

      • LOL.

        I live overseas. Whenever I come to Antigua and see the condition of the whole island I certainly don’t see better living conditions.

        Zimba, you should listen more and talk less. That is why God gave you 2 ears and one mouth. Maybe you should keep it shut some more

        • @Just Saying
          I would advise you to stay overseas and stay out of Antigua business because you’re ILL INFORMED. Stay where you are…We spaek truth to Power

    • @ Make Sense

      I wish you would live UP to your name .Let me EDUCATE you at NO charge.Policy means it is documented but not PASS in Parliament ,therefore cannot be LEGAL. Only when a policy is passed in Parliament it becomes LEGAL. Hope this register in your THICK BRAIN.

      • @zimba
        If it is not illegal, why is the PM bringing it up? Is it because he likes throwing his weight around and bullying the people of Antigua? You should tell him to respect the office he was lucky to be afforded by the people. You should stop calling people thick brained, as most of you ALP supporters have no brains and lack the ability to reason. Blind loyalty.

  3. This Isaac lady needs to grow up and get some thick skin. Everybody knows that in politics everybody makes verbal attacks against the other – in some ways, that is the fun of it!

    The general public knows that if a politician says something bad about another politician, it doesn’t mean that that we will believe it or even ascribe it any credibility. She shouldn’t worry so much.

    I understand the Isaac lady wants to protect her reputation, but she should battle it in the public forum and not in the courts. We all know Isaac and PM love Antigua and are trying to do their best for the country, so everybody just needs to chill and relax…

    Long Live Our Antigua Nation!

  4. Hon.Gaston Browne You are correct . She can never win you in Court. I believe that Hon.Gaston Browne should start a LAWSUIT against D.Gisel Isaac ,SERPENT, Knight, and All the other Radio Hosts including OBSERVER RADIO and CRUSADER RADIO for calling the Prime Minister All sorts of names.Let the Lawsuit begin. Prime Minister should also Sue Charlesworth and Damani Tabor for calling Him names.

    • Sue people for calling you names? Is that the law? Then here is one for you… I am calling you and STUPID IDIOT. Now sue me

  5. I have never heard a Lawsuit against Someone for calling names . D.Gisel Isaac just want to be relevant. D.Gisel Isaac is NOT tired of on the COURT circuit. She should get a life. Tired.of seen this Lady in the news in a NEGATIVE manner.

    • Did you not see your PM say he would sue people for calling him names? Are you illiterate?

  6. What is going on in ANTIGUA ???? Lawsuit for calling names !!!! Gaston Browne has been called so many names and He never sued anyone. D.Gisel Isaac is GREEDY. Two paycheques and so many People in Antigua out of a job.COME ON.


    Why didn’t you finish your sentence ? Hope you agree that the Prime Minister is a man of PRICIPLE. Antigua is on the right track. We have a Prime Minister who cares about the People.

  8. Dis woman nah tyad in court . Gisel arlways in court. Tyad ah this woman now. Gwan look after you family. Arlways in court . Tyad AH U Now. CHA MAN.

    • And the funny thing is, when we had the vote for the CCJ they came on the air and attacked the court of being bias and always taking side with the government. But now they win their cases the court are fine to go to

  9. @ Isaac needs to chill and Relax !!!!!
    Totally in agreement with you. Gisel Isaac is in Politics for too long to have such a thin skin. I heard Gisel called our Prime Minister all sorts of names but our Prime Minister just take it like a man. When our Prime Minister fireback blows They cannot take it. They like to play ball but cannot take a FALL. It is too hard for Them. All I can say that Gisel Isaac is upset because the Prime Minister exposed Her activities. This LAWSUIT will be the BIGGEST JOKE.

    I would like to see the Prime Minister sue a few HOSTS in the MEDIA. Let Us wait and see where this lawsuit by Gisel landed.

  10. I am A voting Member of the UPP but the NEGATIVE PUBLICITY that the UPP has been exposed too over the past months by Mrs. Gisel Isaac is very bad. Why does Mrs. Isaac has to reply to everything the Prime Minister mentioned about Her on Pointe FM on Saturdays. Every Saturday I listened to the Prime Minister and The Prime Minister is very entertaining. He knows how to make news. Just check the newspapers on Sundays most of the HEADLINES are what the Prime Minister mentioned on Saturday on Pointe Fm. The Prime Minister knows the Media and Mrs. Isaac is now feeding into the Prime Minister NARRATIVES. I also believe that it is time for Mrs. Isaac to stop making NEGATIVE headlines in the MEDIA. This is not good for the UPP . Hope someone in the UPP will have enough BALLS to challenge Mrs. Isaac. Election is close and We do not need this kind of PUBLICITY.

    • @VOTE

      TOTALLY in agreement with you. Gisel is shedding NEGATIVE energy within the UPP. I was speaking to a UPP member and She told me that She is FED UP with Gisel Isaac always in the news and in COURTS. Not good for the UPP. Gisel never run for election but shedding negative energy ALL over the UPP.

  11. FINALLY Someone in the UPP has spoken. I hope that You ( VOTE) will find your way on the UPP Executive. We need more People like you to speak out and NOT buy everything from the UPP OLD HEADS. Where is Richard Lewis ? Have not heard from Richard for a Long time. I also hope that UPP present proper CANDIDATES for 2023 and NOT what was presented in 2018. Please find a REPUTABLE Candidate for my Constituency St. Pauls. We do not want Mr. Athill ( a.k.a Diftwood ) . This Guy would never beat Mr. Chet Greene. Word to the Wise.

    • @ZIMBA

      Richard Lewis is NOT supporting Harold Lovell so He waiting for Harold to fall flat on His FACE. Richard will be the Leader of UPP after the Eelection 2023 because Upp will LOOSE all the seats and Harold will definitely RESIGN and Richard will take over the UPP for 2028. Long time.

  12. @ IN THE NEWS

    First Person to be SUED by the Prime Minister will be KNIGHT from Observer Radio ( SNAKE PIT ) . Listen to Knight at nights. There is no adjective that Knight has never used. I have all His tapes and I know that the Prime Minister will file a LAWSUIT shortly.

  13. I have two questions for the PM.
    1. Is Lionel (Max) Hurst receiving a salary as Chief of Staff and a pension as former Ambassador?

    2. Does Jerald Watt receive a salary as Speaker of the House while his law firm receives jobs from the government?

  14. While a lot of Antiguans don’t have enough to eat and are suffering because of the lockdown, the PM is bragging about his wealth.
    Politicians are always criticized and called names. Why do you think you are different? If you can’t take the heat resign. Giselle is not an elected politician.
    Maybe you should apologize to the good lady and donate some of the you have accumulated to a charity to help Antiguans.

  15. Wow!!! What the prime minister said, reminds me on our president, “Trump”!!
    I was considering moving out of United States to Antigua! I guess there is no difference between the leaders of these two country!!

  16. @WHAT
    You are the BIGGEST FOOL on ANR.Prime Minister accumulated His wealth from hard work NOT Politics like Harold and the others. So please know what you are talking about. Stop your STUPID narrativrs.

    • TRUE ANTIGUAN: Please know that of which you spaek.Gaston Browne,got crown lands in the Parks at English Harbor for peppercorn price.Those lands he acquired at Paynters Estate to build the houses on.How did he get those lands.The man has been in Political Office for about 20 years.Most of his accrued wealth happened as a Member of Parliament in the Lester Bird Administration to now.Where did he work hard as you are saying.He used the system to his benefit.And nothing is wrong with that in my opinion.However to say he worked hard is an over statement.

    • @ True Antiguan

      I guess he was working hard over the past twenty years for himself and getting his rewards from the government. You know how he got his wealth?Maybe he should disclose this to us. Politicians only become wealthy after they enter politics. You may call it creative enrichment but I call it stealing.

  17. Think about it folks.Is he really being sued for using an adjective to describe her.Or he is being sued for issuing her personal information on his Facebook page.Like her Medical Benefits Number,Social Security Number and her Bank Account Numbers.He is trying to change the narrative.That man is so lie.That if lie saw him coming it would run and hide.

  18. @TUNA
    Gisel mentioned in the Newspaper that She is suing for calling Her GREEDY . The Prime Minister cannot sued for His Facebook page. Anyone can post on the Prime Minister Page. So what the Hell are you talking about . Also just for your knowledge an ADJECTIVE describes Someone . Think before you type ( TUNA)

    • Ms Patrick,

      Isn’t that what Tuna said? The adjective describes her (Giselle). He did not say anything wrong.

  19. Tired of this man bragging about his wealth. When you die, like we all have to, maybe they will entomb you in your mansion in Jolly Harbour with all your millions. Most people leave this earth with only a coffin.

  20. @ A real A
    You are just FULL of Jealousy . Why don’t you try to accumulate wealth like the Prime Minister. Instead you just write CRAP on ANR. Jealousy gets you NOWHERE.

    • @In The Know
      Are you GB? Has to be as how else would you glorify creative enrichment? I am a serious Christian and therefore would not enrich myself with the country’s assets as I believe that I will have to account for thievery on judgement day. When I go to the Wesleyan Holiness Church on Bishop Gate Street, I don’t sit at the back but right up front as my conscience is clear. It is too late for you to go back to school, but you can start believing that there is a place call hell.
      Do you have any cognitive ability to determine what is CRAP?

    • @ In The Know
      You should read “Steve Jobs last words”. He was a multi billionaire. Google it.

      • @A real A
        I must confess to you I am also a member …When I started it was called PILGRIM HOLINESS CHURCH . Hon. Gaston Browne is also a Member. Sorry to address you in that manner. I ask forgiveness.


  22. @ TUNA
    I do not depend on anyone . I create my own wealth. I run a MAJOR company in Antigua. I am here to protect the Prime Minister. Tuna you should appreciate the Prime Minister because He is a wonderful Person. I believe Tuna and Zimba can be Friends. Let Us have some more Friendly conversations between Us going forward. Have a wonderful night Tuna.

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