CXC Exams Back On For Today


The Ministry of Education, Science &Technology wishes to advise the general public that CSEC and CAPE Examinations scheduled for this afternoon that were postponed are now back on schedule.

CSEC Caribbean History and Economics and Biology Units One (CAPE) will be administered at the time outlined on timetables.

As for CSEC Caribbean History that was scheduled for this morning, the Ministry of Education will hold discussions with CXC on when that examination will be administered.

School buses will be available to transport the students to and from the examination centers.
Persons can also call Mr. Arif Jonas of the Transport Board at 464 4036 for more information.


  1. Ridiculous! This is so typical of this government; unable to make a decision and stand by it. And for those who do not receive the word in time, do they just lose out? The decision to even hold examinations this year in the midst of COVID was questionable to begin with, and now this. It’s as if government wants our youth to fail!

  2. Now…here is where common sense is seriously lacking in our education officials. COMPLETE STUPIDITY AND DARN RIGHT NO CONCERN FOR OUR STUDENTS !
    You called off the exams for today because of the should have been tropical storm. Now that the worse has passed you are now calling the students back out in the afternoon to do exams.

    Come on: Mr. Educational officials and CXC registrar….you need to use your heads wisely. Communicate with the CXC headquarters in Barbados and let them know what had transpired here today. You cannot be so heartless to put our students through this double whammy: Covid-19 stress and the exam saga. This is ridiculous. However you try to rationalize your decisions… is not in the interest of our students.
    For once, put our children first. You cannot continue to act in this dictatorial manner.
    Parents need to speak out on your behalf of your children !

    • Under what authority did Baldwin Spencer receive parliamentary approval to purchase those “new” engines? I guess it’s the same shitty authority both had.

  3. Ignorance is really bliss. In the face of a potential storm, we should convene a meeting to decide whether to have children potentially expose themselves to serious personal harm and danger. Truly, too many educated jackasses out there! It WAS the correct decision to have students remain at home as advised by the meteorologists concerning the seriousness of the Tropical Storm. It WAS the correct decision to have the students write the exams once the unpredictable weather improved, for their own good. As with any exam of this caliber, to protect the INTEGRITY of said exams, it is important that they be held at the same time for everyone. The person(s) allowed to write this exam at a later date could have a sizeable advantage especially given the level of IT widely available in today’s world. You want to blame somebody? Blame CXC for failing to have in place a workable alternative to handle such circumstances like unavoidable natural disasters. CSECand CAPE exams are written by students from Belize and Jamaica in Central America and the Greater Antilles respectively all the way down to the southernmost Lesser Antilles, Trinidad and South American, Guyana. Storms and hurricanes do not occur simultaneously within the geographical area outlined. How then could CXC be so inflexible in resolving issues where one or more section(s) on of this great divide is unable to write an exam on the prescribed day. Is the answer simply to say, ‘Sorry, try again next year”????. And to think that we are so short sighted, ignorant I think, to blame the Government for trying to give the siudents the best options available under the circumstances. Stop thinking that all Antiguans are as stupid as you are and superficial in your analyses of serious problems!!!


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