Cutie’s warning to Freedom Fighter’s ahead of today’s protest: ‘They have another thing coming’



(PRESS RELEASE) Commissioner of Police Atlee Rodney has denied the people of Antigua and Barbuda the right to exercise their right to march to let the government know how they feel about a number of issues including government’s determination to force people into taking the covid19 vaccine.

On July 20, 2021 the Freedom Fighters for Antigua and Barbuda [FFFA&BA] wrote to the Commissioner seeking permission to March, on Sunday August 8, 2021, as required under the law.

However, only today August 6, 2021 a response was obtained from the Police Commissioner and only after a member of the organization called the Commissioner’s
office demanding a response. The response dated August 5, 2021 came 17 days after the request was made and a mere 2 days before the planned event.

It is apparent that his late response was a calculated and deliberate act by the Police Commissioner since he knew that his decision can be appealed to the Minister responsible for the Police and even reviewed by the High Court of Justice.

The denial for the permit at this late hour made it all but impossible to peruse the appeal process since the March was scheduled for August 8, 2021.

The AFFA&B calls on the people of Antigua and Barbuda to let us gather Sunday March 8, 2021 at 3:00pm at the bust of the Father of the Nation.

No police permission is needed to gather.


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  1. What do they have coming? They have nothing coming. The permission for a match was denied. As they did twice before when they picketed the Prime Minister’s office, they will be picketing at Sir VC Bird’s bust. You do not need permission for a picket. Once they are peaceful, follow protocols and do not get in the way of the police (who will be out in their numbers) nothing can happen or to use the Attorney General’s words nothing can be coming.

    • Mr. Tabor, as an attorney, do you accept that the COVID-19 Emergency Regulations put an upper limit on the number of persons that can be gathered in a single place? If you accept this, do you then accept that if that number is exceeded then the police can direct that gathering be broken up? Do you further accept that if they fail to follow the instructions of the police that action can be taken against them?

      Also, a question for you. As an upstanding citizen, do you believe the actions of this group in wanting to hold a march during a pandemic, with the ease of transmission of COVID-19, a responsible thing to do? I know you support their right to protest, but do you think that under the circumstances that it is a RESPONSIBLE course of action?

      • WASH AN’ BASIN I must concede that you have asked some very pertinent and relevant questions. I know the government spoke to the numbers attending churches, weddings and funerals etc, and the recent fete that was held at the Stanford Cricket Ground they limit the number to 300. I do not know of any number that has been prescribed for a picket. It will be interesting to see if going forward the government will place a number on such an activity.

        • Aren’t we under a State of Emergency?
          So what law is higher under a State of Emergency?
          Always giving incorrect legal advice.

          • FROM THE SIDELINE you are always showing your ignorance. What does a State of Emergency has to do with anything.? You are better off keeping your mouth shut and your fingers by your side.

          • And state of emergency rules and regulations does not apply to tourist, breakfast fete and the recent parties that were authorized like that for DJ Jymes?
            You and those you follow are a set of demons and wet r u hands and wait cus what’s yours is certainly coming.

      • Shit talkers should loose their tongues!
        For the first time in human and world history we can spread a disease/virus we don’t have to those who were FULLY vaccinated against it. What the fuck you talking bout pandemic. Why y’all keep acting as if the people don’t know what’s going on? Why can’t people live free, even outside of y’all so-called pandemic which is a world fraud, the police, attorneys and politicians have been doing the works of the colonialists. Slavery wasn’t; it IS!

    • I hope you will give pro-bono service to the so-called picketers now that they are being charged for having broken the law. Go and make your arguments in court and see what the judge thinks of them. Bush Lawyer

  2. You’re free to make a Choice, but that means accepting the consequences if your actions…. Screaming and marching at governments, others for protecting their people does not make you a decent person…but makes you an Asshole…..

  3. Antigua is already a lawless society with all this cohesion going on. People don’t need permission to stand for their INALIENABLE RITES.

  4. “Correspondence course AG”

    Where was this useless bloated AG when the Spanish and Jamaican criminals were attacking the police? The ALP has already turned this country into a lawless country with the importation of foreign criminals.

    • It’s like the Cap fits you perfectly. A real A …hole and a classic example of an ignoramous. Have you been vaccinated? Do you think at this time of a Pandemic people should be gathering to protest in the name of individual rights when people are been killed by this Virus? Asked some of these misleaders if and when they were vaccinated? Please protest without Masks, don’t practice social distancing and sanitized your hands
      Then you will know the consequences of your foolishness. Me Grandma teaches me not to be “follow fashion”, she is so smart to trained me to think and comprehend Fu me self. I don’t follow Nayseyers spouting falsehoods and ignorance.

  5. What the people need is the coming of the 4th person in the nigel Christian’s murder and the person who was really behind it. The person who gave the orders.

  6. For Cutie to make a statement like that means he has completely misread the people and the times that are upon us.
    We have had 2 inadequate police commissioners one after the other. One could not arrest his mentor and the other is content to anything-you-say to his retirement. The administration needs to read history. These are their best of times. The writer also says it was the worst of times.

  7. WASH AN’ BASIN I must concede that you have asked some very pertinent and relevant questions. I know the government spoke to the numbers attending churches, weddings and funerals etc, and the recent fete that was held at the Stanford Cricket Ground they limit the number to 300. I do not know of any number that has been prescribed for a picket. It will be interesting to see if going forward the government will place a number on such an activity.

  8. You Charlatans would be singing a different tune if the UPPITES was in power. A bunch of hypocrites and pathological liers. You can fooled your blind followers with your dirty political games. Most of you are vaccinated but is misleading them with your nonsense. You don’t damn whether they get sick or die, whilst you and family members are protected. Just gained power. You guys are bunch sick F… “Good Fu Nothing.” Fool me once you never ever fool me again with your deceitfulness.

    • You can vote for labour as everybody knows that most labour supporters didn’t learn much in school and therefore incapable of making sound decisions.

  9. Is the Commissioner of Police ignorant of the Public Order Act or he just blindly follows the dictates of the government? I heard the Commissioner of Police on ABS news tonight outlining the process of the application for permission to march and avenue of appeal. He said that the application for a march was denied and the applicants did not appeal the decision. The Commissioner of Police responded to the applicants on Friday and the march was slated for Sunday. Under the law the Commissioner of Police was required to respond 7 clear days before the date of the march so that the applicant could utilize the appeal process in the case of a denial. In the instant case there was no time give to facilitate an appeal, yet the Commissioner of Police asserted that the applicant did not appeal. The Commissioner of Police need to familiarize himself with the Public Order Act.

  10. What? The so called “AG” allowed to speak once again? Oh yes dictator traitor tyrant liar HT Gaston Browne run go St. Lucia so he have his honey do list from Gaston.

    This govt has never represented us. They were voted in to do our will but have done nothing but their will. They, the govt didn’t listen to we the people. We the people won’t listen to you the govt either.

    Enough is enough and we the people will prevail. We will do whatever is necessary to take our country back. We are done with govt getting rich off of our blood sweat and tears.

  11. While everyone nail their mask to their political party colours, no one seem to think it is obscene that this Saturday program become the Government official medium with its’ people. You are all paying for ABS and would only tune in every Saturday to a radio station owned by a political representative to hear from your representatives. The nation of A&B have always tolerate corruption of their public officials. This is not only morally corrupt but it seems the administration is allowed to only govern for the administration supporters and not the nation.

    Come on my people. Be a citizen before a party supporter. Country before party. Wake you ASS up.

  12. I didn’t know Cutie could speak. I always thought that his head was buried so deep in Gaston’s behind that his tongue could not see the light of day. I guess you were elected to threaten Antiguans who voted for you. We are still waiting to hear from you on the Nigel Christian murder, the Choksi abduction and the forging of Gaston’s signature. I guess you only know how to brutalize the people who put you in office.

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