Customs officers charged with possession of camouflage clothing


Eugene Francis of Yorks and Laurel Jonas of Gunthorpes have been charged with possession of camouflage clothing.

The employees of the Customs department at the V.C Bird International Airport were charged on Wednesday.

It is alleged that on May 18, the duo had in their possession seven camouflage pants, one camouflage vest, one camouflage T-shirt, one camouflage jacket and one camouflage Tam resembling the uniform the Antigua and Barbuda Defence Force (ABDF).

According to reports,  the camouflage items were allegedly found at Francis’ home in Yorks last week when they went to the property to investigate another matter involving a missing barrel which contained illegal drugs.



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  1. If every kid in the US was charged with wearing camo gear they would all be in jail
    hell I wore camo shorts all over the island for a month

  2. still no sightings of the barrel of drugs that grew a pair of legs and jump way like a Cuban frog

  3. Investigate them some more and u would be surprise to see what else is uncovered. Check and see if they have a mortgage for the house down in works is years now shady practices exist amongst them.
    Charge them for theft also cause the confiscated items should have been the property of the government and should have been destroyed after confiscation. While you’re at it do a drug test also even though I know that would be going to the extreme.
    Plenty of us in our department been waiting on this bell to ring long time. We know it was a matter of when not if. Always bragging about your big silver jeep and how you don’t have to touch your salary. Well I hope they charge the both of them for the missing drugs also.
    Ask people within the department to give an account of how much seizures we would make on a regular basis when this individual was on study leave as oppose to how much coming in now that their presence is around.
    The police is a joke. This Bonnie and Clyde duo needs to be fired and investigated thoroughly cause them dutty extremely dutty. Plenty of us at head office just rejoicing cause it’s evident that what we knew all along is not being kept a secret anymore.

    • You sound very bitter, begrudging, misinformed and misguided. That’s what happens when you’re on the outside looking in, you can say whatever you want and feel like you’re championing a cause. Now what is this smear campaign profiting you? A lot of you at head office doing nonsense that you KNOW isn’t right as well but I don’t hear you saying anything about that???? Keep it up, every dog has its day. Put your phone down and go read a book.

  4. Customs Officer I would not want to work in a place with u. It seems as if u have a personal problem with your two co workers and u sound very bad minded and jealous so here ia not the audience for your jealous game leave the young people alone ambition is for free stop watching their accomplishments and focus on yours

    • I agree with you 150%. This Customs Officer person sounds like a bitter jaded person who is envious of their coworkers an what they have.

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