Customs Brokers Interviewed In Fraud Probe -PM


Prime Minister Gaston Browne has given an update on the ongoing $3 million dollar fraud investigation at Customs.

He told Observer Radio this morning that Customs Brokers have been interviewed.

“I know that some progress was made in that at least one known broker was interviewed on several occasions  and I understand that the broker was making arrangements to repay the proceeds. I am not saying that there was any agreement or that the matter wouldn’t have ended up in court,” Browne said.

“In fact that individual broker too was sued by a customer who was actually defrauded,” the prime minister said.

He said the customer paid the full amount of duties and taxes but the broker did not had it over to the state.

“So a significant amount of progress was made and I have no doubt that at least that particular broker who was involved in that transaction would have been brought to justice.”
“There are several individuals who are in custody presently being interviewed and I remain very hopeful that we will be able to uncover the extend of the conspiracy,” he said.




  1. Dig deep. Some (not all) of these brokers need to be broken. Name names so we know who to avoid dealing with. The people want to know. Thank you.

  2. Shouldn’t this release have come from the police rather than the Prime Minister? How is it that it took so long for this development? Did the public have to scream outrage before something was done? I hope Scotland yard is coming with handwriting experts to investigate accurately the alleged forged signatures! If we’re doing it, let’s do it right without fear, favour or political interference!

  3. Here we go again: In any ordinary country the leader of that nation should not be involved in what should be an investigation by the police services. Charges laid and the process carried through the courts. Why should Antigua & Barbuda be any different ?
    You misleaders will have much to answer for. Let the police do their work.
    It is time the officers of the law stand up and follow the constitution and not bow to the dictates of your misleaders.
    Why cannot these people even appear to do what resemble some sort of transparency and democracy ?
    Wake up, Antiguans. Your day of reckoning is soon to come.
    Stop beings fools and use your capital senses since it is quite apparent that you lack common senses.
    Mr. prime minister, please keep your hand out of the police work. Mr police commissioner: do what you know the constitution regulates for you to do and not deviate.
    I am warning this nation once again: God does not sleep. Every one of us will give account for our stewardship of this life.
    Every thought, word and act we have in this life are recorded. Make no mistake about that.
    Judgement is coming.
    You politrickians, businessmen, calypsonains, taxi/bus drivers, trade union misleaders, misleaders of religion, … i am talking to all of you. Consider your ways. They are corrupt and wicked !
    Make that change now. You have life; so there is still hope.

  4. SOCRATES the question I would ask the Prime Minister is interviewed by whom because when the story broke the police said that they were only investigating the shooting of Cornel Benjamin and not the alleged fraud at Customs? Apparently the Comptroller of customs mounted his own investigation into the fraud when he had no authority to do so based on the seriousness of the crime. The Comptroller of Customs under the Customs Control and Management Act is only empowered to investigate minor infractions of Customs procedures. It is for the Police to investigate crimes, such as the Customs fraud, and the Commissioner of Police either wittingly or unwittingly dropped the ball.

  5. The police should be handling this issue. The PM must stay out of it and not try to influence the police, especially when his is allegedly one of the forged signatures. But then again this is Antigua. Why doesn’t the PM want the culprits charge and only want them to repay the $3million plus? Weren’t the opposition members charged for $600,000 donated buses? Some connected persons are being protected. The PM appears to know a lot about the customer paying the full duty.

  6. Well you all asking for scotland yard and FBI of course you going to hear about progress. They might uncover the pharmaceutical operations.

  7. In my opinion,this is a Police matter.Why is Gaston Browne giving ball by ball commentary.Is he a part of the Force?I am fully aware he knows all things.Is he now running the Police Force from the top to the bottom.If this is not an unlawful interference.Into an alleged fraudulent matter at Customs.Then nothing else is.This matter reeks of stench from the very beginning.Gaston Browne and Mad Max were both singing the same tune.Entitled:Pay back the money.We do not want to press charges.ARE THEY THE LAWS OF THE LAND.WHAT SO EVER THEY SAY,GOES.Keep them both away from the investigation into the death of the Customs Office,Nigel Christian.They would surely screw that up.


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