Customs Boss Calls For Additional Security For Officers


Comptroller of Customs Raju Boddu has called for additional security for Customs Officers.

He did so during a meeting with Prime Minister Gaston Browne and Commissioner of Police Atlee Rodney.

“We wanted to let the prime minister know that this latest incident has impacted us greatly and we wanted to request additional security for our officers, especially those working in
critical and sensitive areas,” Boddu reported.

The meeting was held as police continue to probe the murder of Nigel Christian on July 10, 2020.


Pointe Fm reported that In addition to increased security, Boddu said the department has already implemented measures to provide psychological support and counseling for officers who have been traumatized by their colleague’s death.

Since the incident officers have reportedly expressed fear for their safety.



  1. Dear Mr Buddu, what did you mean when you said that Nigel Christian was your eyes and ears? Please explain, because I might think that being your eyes and ears may have marked him for danger.

    • @?
      In local talk “He carry news to the Indian”…

      Who will be the new news carrier?

      This is why some people get promoted and some honest hard working people suck salt. (Not referring to the deceased necessarily)

  2. Why don’t they recieve a permit to carry a weapon and also get trained by the police to handle such a weapon!!

    • I totally I agree with you on this. Actually its only in this side of the world that Custom Officers are not armed. Its about time the are armed and trained to use it also.

  3. Taal. You need to sort out your crooked fkn operatives then find out why this man was killed. He was not selected at random. Maybe with him out the way things will pass through a little easier ?

  4. The State must find these killers and bring them to justice. Nothing less than the death penalty will do. Just this morning the state of Indiana executed a killer. He won’t kill anybody ever again.

  5. Citizens of Antigua and Barbuda do not let your guard down continue the hype on trying to pressure the police to pursue this case intensely and let they seek outside help for justice. If we dont, they will just sweep this grievous crime under the carpet, do not get distracted on something else focus and strike the officials hard on this one.

  6. When will we realised that it is the whole state of Antigua is under threat. We import most our food and other goods and if our customs officers life are in danger, how will they effective do their job?

  7. PM Browne told the nation that $3M was missing from the port and someone forged his signature on the cheque. Has the PM taken any action to cleaR his name from this crime? This is money that is badly needed to run the country. One man shot, one dead. Why offer a reward. Get to the bottom of the problem, clear your name.

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