Customs and Excise Division closes headquarters as safety precaution


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  1. Best they close the damn country. It’s doing so on its own just at an incredibly higher risk than if we voluntarily shut down.

    • Why should the country close when
      1. It would drastically affect a person’s livelihood
      2. Closing will only curve the transmission and not rid of it
      3. The country reopens persons will resort to the stupid & dunce behavior of not adhering to the health protocols

      We need to understand that Covid-19 is not the only enemy we are fighting… We, as individuals also have become our own enemy…. We are shooting ourselves in the feet by partying etc and ignoring the protocols… If we tap a yard & adhere to the protocols, life in Antigua would not be that hard

  2. Every individual business and government agency will shutdown one by one because the government refuses to close the borders and institute a lockdown.

    Even though medical professionals are asking for one and there are no more available hospital beds.

    But the PM and his family got their Moderna vaccine. So I guess he’s not worried about the rest of you all.


    • Botched pandemic? Have any of our leaders lived though a real pandemic to see? Have any of us lived though a pandemic to really understand what is required of us as citizens? We all flaunt the little rules and regulations that are in place. You call for a shutdown, yet you will bawl murder when you can’t go to the beach, when you have to line up to get groceries, and money from the banks/ATMs.

      Government won’t impose a lockdown? How about YOU as an individual impose a lockdown on yourself and see how long you can last. Lockdown you say but you will gladly stay at home and expect your salary right? Put your money where your mouth is. Our leaders won’t lead you say? How about YOU lead by example.

      I have heard it said that the people who want a lockdown, are the people who are employed and “don’t expect” their salaries to be affected, BUT the more I hear the statement and ask questions, I realize that it’s true. The bank employees bitched that they didn’t feel safe and the 8-12 initial restrictions were OK or even too much, but they still got paid for a 40+ hour week while we stood outside in the sun and rain in hopes of getting OUR OWN MONIES that pay them.

      Think about it and be careful what you wish for. I hope you will be honest and post here when you see that lockdowns DO NOT WORK. Think COVID will go away by the time we open?

  3. Every other business which closed to santatize because someone in their establishment has Covid. Close for days so how come Customs closing for half of a day.SMDH.

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