AG says CCTV cameras in St. John’s working, police officers to be put on electric bicycles


Attorney General Steady Cutie Benjamin says the country’s new crime plan may require residents to lower their mask before entering a business place.

Speaking in Parliament today Benjamin announced a number of ways the government hopes to stop a recent spate of gun crimes.

Watch the full video of Benjamin.

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  1. For example, if big America can have their Police Officers 🚔 👮‍♀️ patrol on foot, then why we can’t have it here in Antigua. During the day time, have the police officers walk 🚶 up and down, through the streets of St. John’s city 🌃. They all need the exercise to because lot of them are unfit and out of shape like the AG himself. More foot work police 👮‍♀️ patrol needed in St. John’s during the day.

    • No Althea, they need to buy them electric suv to move around saint John’s, our police officers must be carefully nurtured. If they are exposed to the sun’s heat they will fall ill, if they be on foot it will be too tiring walking up and down on these dangerous streets where people walk inna store broad daylight and try to pull off robbery. Our police officers are too precious and delicate to just put out there. People we need to care more for all our fluffy officers.

  2. Comedy Central!
    20, yes TWENTY electric bicycles that can be cycled or ‘driven’ up & down the hill of St John’s apparently…
    Presumably the bicycles have reinforced frames?
    & cycling officers will be issued trainers, long shorts, polo shirts and necessary knapsack for essential crime fighting items?
    Presumably the police maintenance unit will ensure said bicycles are roadworthy at all times so the patrolling has no excuse to stop?

    The VIGOROUS patrolling of Heritage Quay, town & HOTSPOTS is awaited with baited breath… Maybe we can buy tickets and gather, socially distanced, to observe this spectacle….

    Then we must move to the beaches to observe UNDERCOVER cops in swim shorts & bikinis ready to lock up poor people enjoying a bottle of water & a pattie pon de beach with their immediate family & no mask!

    Then we must prepare to ‘drop our mask very briefly’ to enter a business place….and remember to put it up again or the DUTY/TAX FREE private security system will ensure we are ticketed

    Then we must behave without error or the POSSIBLY ‘fully finctioning’ public CCTV will capture us & tickets will be meted out

    Then we must believe in pigs flying because ” IF people are found committing a crime” in that moment, police are encouraged to use fire power if appropriate…. So what you and polis say is ‘appropriate’ might differ, wear your flak jacket to town!

    This was the most incredible ‘story-time’ with Uncle Cutie
    and our Parliament is broadcast worldwide.

    Striking similarities to various incidents over past few years in Eastern countries.

  3. All of a sudden the AG have a voice. He had nothing to say or was silenced by world dictator traitor tyrant liar Gaston Browne and still silent about Mehul Choksi and Nigel Christian’s murder.

    Crime has risen since the dictators in septic tank gang have taken over our nation.

    As we have seen with Haiti what happens when a govt doesn’t listen or represent its people, I wouldn’t be surprised if the same was to happen here.

  4. Comrade Cutie, you & your team need to stop being reactive and be proactive…… Don’t wait until something happens and then you deal with it. If so the criminal will always be ahead in the game. Take time out & put yrself in the criminal shoe. Get a team that will represent a cross section of our society and find out what each one would do if they impersonate a perpetrator…. From there, you can perhaps put measures in place according to the answers…. Remember criminals are no different than us. Their mode of operation is they look, then plan then they attack. On the hand the law needs to deal with those severely who are caught with unlicensed weapons…..

  5. To Cute Cutie Benjamin is a quiet a talker lately .
    Been very silent with supposedly kidnapping in the country on his watch but why blame him alone . The same was with Minister of foreign Affairs and Police Commissioner only the MOUSTACHE stood tall .
    I always enjoy the headlines THE CABINET DECIDED when we know no one in the cabinet has the guts to block anything .

  6. Rats will always take care their of rats to get at the cheese and when the little rats bring home the cheese the older rats are pleased and the little rats get a nibble if they are well behaved.

  7. There should be lights at ALL the bus stops with emergency response buttons and courtesy phones to call police. Also, women should walk with pepper spray to protect themselves from attacks. And you need to have police presence in every crevice and corner of Antigua. Do the police have guns?

  8. Another thing they should also do in Antigua is print out some WANTED posters of ALL di criminals dem and put dem up everywhere. Dem alos need cameras in the stoplights and everywhere like how they do in america.

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