Curfew to remain, SOE to be extended


Despite record low cases of COVID-19 being reported in the last week, officials say the curfew and the state of emergency are not likely to end.

Information Minister Melford Nicholas says this is the consensus of health officials.

He also gave an update on the use of SPUTNIK V in Antigua and Barbuda.

Listen to Nicholas from the post Cabinet briefing this morning:

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    • @Good news regarding covid 19 treatment, unfortunately, this entire pandemic response is not about treating covid 19 and savings lives; it’s about vaccinating the entire globe with experimental “vaccine” in order to usher one phase of the Great Reset. They studies on the use of ivermectin in treating covid infections and it’s efficacy as a prophylactic against the virus has been known since November of last year. There’s a deliberate keep this information hidden.

      • Agreed. Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine are safe and effective in the treatment and prevention of covid-19 and other flu like illnesses. So, why are they hell bent on getting everyone ‘vaccinated’? The ‘vaccine’ isn’t especially safe, it’s expensive and on top of that, it’s experimental with unknown future consequences.

        It REALLY is all about the money for big pharma. It’s about control for the politicians and it’s about gynecide for the eugenically minded globalists.

  1. & Min Nicholas clarified on TV this morning different clear protocols for ‘tourists’ and ‘Antiguans’:
    Fully vaccinated ‘tourists’ can enter without a pcr neg test & go stay in a certified property & enjoy the island immediately

    Fully vaccinated Antiguans must arrive with negative pcr taken within 5-days of arrival, then choose to a) stay home in quarantine for 14-days or b) pay to have pcr test on arrival at airport , then home to wait for msjmc test result that will apparently be delivered within 48-hrs… If negative, free to enjoy our island.

    Partially vaccinated or not vaccinated ‘tourists’ must arrive with a neg pcr result taken within 5-days of arrival then free to go to certified property & enjoy the island.

    Partially vaccinated or not vaccinated Antiguans, arrive with neg pcr test taken within 5-days of arrival, 14-days quarantine with option to pay for pcr tests within that time and if neg, possible early release.

    Minister says ‘data shows the problems have not come from tourists’.

    Minister also says as an island we are normalizing , clearly the differentiated airport protocols, state of emergency & curfew are part of that normalization.

  2. Why the SOE is still in effect and being extended. If that isn’t abuse of power nothing else is. We the people need to get up off our rears and march through St.Johns.That SOE must be stopped now.We are the only ones who could stop it now.For Gaston Browne and his band of Merry men.Would be keeping this dark cloud over us into perpetuity. If we allowed him to do so.

      • @Hacker: You need to shut your cake hole. The SOE does not prevent and or protects anyone from getting Covid-19.Washing your nasty self,wearing of masks, physically distancing yourself from other humans.Are some of the ways to protect against getting Covid-19.Not the State of Emergency.Those bozos are abusing their powers as Representatives.

    • Yes… Time has come for civil disobedience. Defy, ignore and resist dictatorial from this traitorous regime. STAND UP ANTIGUA!

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