Curfew to move from 8pm to 5am, all bars and gyms to close


HURST REPORTS ON CABINET of Wednesday August 25 2021


The Cabinet was focused upon Covid-19 and the impact on the hospital and emergency centers, schools and other public spaces.


  1. The Acting Chief Medical Officer provided information regarding the number of new cases today and yesterday numbered 58, taking the number of Active Cases to 222 patients suffering from Covid-19—one hundred and one male, and 121 females that range from 5 months to age 82 years. Of the 58 cases, 5 are fully vaccinated and 22 are not vaccinated, 31 pending investigation. Cluster investigations are taking place at the Royalton Hotel, The St. John’s Fire Station, Police Headquarters and one person tested positive at the Prison. There are 14 cases of infants as old as 11 years; 12 cases of 12 years to 17 years. 1333 recovered cases. Presently 27 cases are hospitalized and 6 beds occupied at the Infectious Diseases Centre (IDC). The Covid ward has a total of 16 beds, 10 are now occupied. The IDC has 17 beds and 13 are occupied. The SLBMJMC Covid Ward has 39 beds and 72% of them are occupied in the Covid ward. 3 of the 12 to 17 years old were tested positive during the last two days. One child presently in the Emergency Room.


  1. In order to combat increases in the number of infected people several changes has been brought about beginning on Friday night, 27th of August lasting for two weeks.



a). Curfew hours increase from 8pm to 5am.

b). Gyms are closed effective Friday evening.

c). Restaurants take out only.

d). Summer camps close

e). Churches 25 members only excluding the technical team and the clergy.

f). Wakes and receptions are also limited to 25 individuals.

g). Informal gatherings limited to 10 people.



  1. There will be Police presence at the Public Market especially on the weekends to ensure Covid-19 protocols are maintained. The test match to be played will not allow for spectators. All local sporting games are cancelled.


  1. Sir Lester Bird Funeral takes place on Thursday 26th August which is a Public Holiday. There will be strict control including attendance of only fully vaccinated individuals and adhering to the Covid-19 protocols. At the cemetery, only the Official Party and the family will be allowed in.



  1. The hotels have announced that they are accepting only vaccinated tourists from the 1st of October, 2021. The Cabinet decided that the PCR test for those arriving to Antigua effective 1st October, 2021 can be no more than 4 rather than 7 days old.


  1. Official from The Ministry of Education and the Teachers Union were invited to appear before Cabinet. Following intense discussions there was an agreement by the Cabinet to suspend the opening of Schools by one week until September the 13th to allow consultations between the Ministry, the Parents and to allow the union to consult with its membership. 62% of all teachers are fully vaccinated and the numbers are heading for 80%. There are almost 8000 students 12 years and older and the object is to have all of these students vaccinated before face to face school resumes.


The Union informed that there is a large number of teachers measuring as much as 65% who are opposed to testing. The object is to ensure that 100% of Teachers are vaccinated, so that there can be no transmission of Covid-19 to any student. In some private schools 100% vaccinated teachers has been achieved. The law provides that a safe working environment is to be pursued by the employer in this case the Schools is to be safe, for Teachers, Students and ancillary staff.

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  1. Living in a loop.. Sad shit. We just gonna pretend that vaccinated people can’t transmit the virus

    • It’s about the number of people using up hospital beds and dying.

      Always has been. Always will be. How do you not understand this by now?

      No one cares if vaccinated people feel a tiny bit unwell from catching covid.

      When the hospital beds fill up with Antivaxxers, it means that people that have heart attacks or other emergency problems will die.

      • You sir obviously have not been paying attention to regional and international news but I won’t get into an unnecessary debate with you, just know that the so-called “ANTIVAXXERS” aren’t the ones contaminating places and spreading this depopulation poison, YOU, THE VAXTERS ARE! Read, digest, overstand then make concious decisions instead of blindly following the narrative created , pushed and enforced by the 1%.

      • I want you to explain why the cases jump everytime there is a new vaccine on island. I also want to find out how one company here with all vaccinated staff shut down from covid. Yes if people want get vaccinated fine…its your choice. Why do people keep attacking the choice of people who don’t want to take the vaccine but adhere to the protocols? Why not test people when they take their vaccine to have a better idea of the status of the nation? Why only now this The Cabinet decided that the PCR test for those arriving to Antigua effective 1st October, 2021 can be no more than 4 rather than 7 days old? Every other country has been 72hours from day one and Antigua has always been 7 days. Why not push the government to handle our ports entry better? Why not boost campaign and monitor people better when they enter or stores… a lot of stores have drop their guards…before all of them use to have someone monitor the entrance to make sure people wash their hands, now its mostly up to the customer to wash their hands…so many have let their guards down. Why why why?? More questions than answers

      • Keep drinking the Kool Aid. The evidence from highly vaccinated countries such as Israel and the UK is that vaccinated who are primarily responsible for spreading the infection. Moreover these ‘leaky’ vaccines are increasing ineffective after a few months, not very effective against new variants they encourage and carry serious longer term heath risks. Worst of all Doctors have been testing for, but not treating Covid, even where persons have tested positive. Covid is preventable and can be beaten by protocols based on Ivermectin, zinc and vitamin D and C, particularly in the early stages. Check out the work of Professor Peter McCullough and Prof Robert Malone and America’s Frontline Doctors and the UK B.I.R.D group.

  2. Informal gatherings limited to 10 people but formal gatherings are unlimited. Well let’s see if COVID went to school and can count.

    All Bullshit Lying Politicians (ABLP) once again at our disservice.

    Let’s see if police will leggo teargas and rubber bullets during formal gathering at Bird’s funeral when informal gatherers are intermixed with the formals.

    Up to now no one has been brought to justice for the kidnapping abduction and murder execution style of Nigel Christian because he discovered the truth behind the “forged” signatures at the Port. Hammer Pump might have done some dirty work for we all know who.

    The kidnappers abductors and human traffickers (HT) of Mehul Choksi are still walking around freely also. No one is above the law, not even world dictator traitor tyrant liar thief bully HT Gaston Browne and his cesspool gang.

    • Wow sounds like you disagree with Browne byt personally speaking , rather have him thzn the UPP right now …. just look at Lovells record , what a joker.

      • You send illiterate, why don’t you go up to Sir Viv stadium tomorrow and ask Lester, maby the dead will answer you. It’s prople like you that have antigua in the state it is by supporting the nonsense Gaston and his gang continue to do.

  3. Covid is here to stay. Early research reports are suggesting that fully vaccinated persons (Pfizer/Astra Zeneca) may require a booster shot 6 to 8 months after their second shot.

    As more jabs are required, the jab producers make more money.
    Build up your immune systems. Stay away from the flesh eating, cheese, alcohol, smoke caffeine, sodas, sugar. Do the exercises. Get your adequate rest. Most of all….seek the Creator earnestly.

    Serious time….the world over. End time days.


  4. So as a tourist I can still go on cruise trips and travel all around the island and intermix with the local community and as a national I can’t go have a beer with my friends at a local bar. Oh for just two weeks, stupidest declaration yet. Oh and only take out at my favorite restaurant. You can’t make this stuff up, Bull……

  5. If you have the Hotels opened.Cruise Ships and Aircrafts coming into Antigua,daily.How do you intend to stop the Virus? Closing Bars and Gyms is like picking low hanging unripen fruits.Are you people blaming the local population for this uptick in Covid-19 cases?

    • Yes, especially as you have to be fully vax to use a gym or a bar, but no vax requirement to visit APUA, Govt Building, Stores, Church etc.

  6. You sound illiterate, why don’t you go up to Sir Viv stadium tomorrow and ask Lester, maby the dead will answer you. It’s prople like you that have antigua in the state it is by supporting the nonsense Gaston and his gang continue to do.

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  8. They want to have their cake and still eat it , once there is travelling the virus will spread, you can’t close down for the locals have tourist coming in and expect to stop the spread, almost 2 years in this plandemic and the decision made are inconsistent

  9. The sad truth is mostly unvaccinated people will get sick and die from this virus. Most of them don’t even know how to count. What does 29 times more likely to die from the virus if you don’t take the vaccine means?

    • Nonsense. 99.7% of persons who get Covid survive. It is selective in whom it badly affects – with those with serious underlying health conditions and compromised immune systems such as the elderly being particularly affected. The vaxes are proving increasingly ineffective over time too with the vaxxed primarily responsible for spreading the disease. Yet simple, cheap effective treatments are being withheld. Ivermectin and sink works.

        • Concerning Ivermectin and zinc, look carefully at the research studies…they note “in vitro” — outside the body.

          So Clorox works too!! Unless studies are conducted “in vivo”, the “effective treatments” is not valid.

  10. Curfew to control the spread of a contagious can only be effective if the curfew is applied during the waking hours.

    If the curfew is applied when the vast majority is at their homes how will that help?

    Restrictions can assist in management but the application must be across the board with no exceptions and at the most effective time.

  11. It is time for the vaccinated people to stop telling me they feel unwell and put it out there in the public. It is pointless to try and get convince the powers that be that they are making a mistake. Time will tell but in the meantime Antiguans yet to be vaccinated should stay informed. Yes with the “conspiracy theories” that incidentally all appear to be saying the same thing. The last thing I heard the unvaccinated are more at risk when exposed to the vaccinated. Time will tell.

  12. We have travelled to Antigua 2 years in a row missing last year due to CoVid here in Canada. Both of us are seniors and of very good health and double vaxed. Reading that there is a new 2 week Curfew starting today could mean a further extension or stiffer controls in the coming months. Our scheduled arrival is Oct 31 four 3 weeks and have until Sept 31 to cancel without penalty . Right now I hate to say we will likely cancel and stay home here in Ontario Canada for now. Why is there such a low vaccination rate for Antigua ? You would think as a small island and dependent on tourism , everyone needs to be vaccinated. We Love ❤️ Antigua and really want to go , but not likely this year .

    • It is very sad that many Antiguans are suspicious of the vaccine and think Covid is a “plandemic”. I have family and friends in the UK who cannot visit despite being fully vaccinated. People need to be educated.

  13. Once the virus was created it is a plandemic, they create the problem and come about with a solution to bring about an everlasting jab, stating it is new variant out there,” come and get your jab” it is the only way back to normalcy, but still social distance and mask wearing continues

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