Curfew to be extended


With Antigua and Barbuda still being impacted by the global coronavirus pandemic, the current curfew, which expires at the end of this month, is likely to be extended until the end of the year.

Health Minister, Molwyn Joseph, has indicated that he will be making the recommendation to extend the duration of the curfew to his Cabinet colleagues when they convene their weekly meeting today.

Joseph also said that he intends to petition the Cabinet to reduce the time of operations for bars from 11 pm to 8 pm.

The curfew now in place begins at 11:00pm and ends at 5:00am.  This move, he explained, is to help reduce the local spread of the COVID-19 virus.

“Based on comments made by the Chief Health Inspector, I am going to initiate discussions this week on whether or not we should look at the bars in particular because we cannot take chances.

“I don’t think it is fair or just to have a situation where people can’t forego a few months of frolic and fun for their own health and put the burden on the healthcare system. I just can’t rationalise that,” he stated.

The latest dashboard indicates no new confirmed cases of the coronavirus in Antigua and Barbuda up to Sunday night, however, with active cases still at eleven, it has increased the economic consequences to the country as Antigua and Barbuda has been designated a ‘Level- 3 high risk’ area by the US CDC and the state of New York.

Upon querying the country’s ‘high risk’ classification, Ambassador Sir Ronald Sanders was informed that the designation applies to countries with more than ten active COVID-19 cases per one hundred thousand population.

People arriving in the US from these countries must spend two weeks in quarantine.

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  1. The Health Minister, Molwyn Joseph has said “The curfew is likely to be extended until the end of the year.”
    These people think they are geniuses who are smarter then the combined intelligence of 100,000 of Antigua’s citizens.

    It reminds me of what Tesla, the inventor of AC current that flows inside every building in the world, had to say about smart people .

    Today’s scientists have substituted mathematics for experiments and they wander off through equations after equation and eventually build a structure which has no relation to reality. – Nikola Tesla

  2. Why should the Curfew should be extended? Why should the State of Emergency be extended? To keep your balls and chains on the necks and legs of the people.You all like to talk about slavery and reparations. We the people are still enslaved by our own BLACK POLITICAL MASSA.That State of Emergency is being used as an abuse of power by this Administration. We as a people need to get up and stand for something.We need to become disruptive in order to stop this bull dung from happening.

  3. What stupidness i reading there about the reason is to stop the spread of the virus… if i am allowed to roam freely from 5am everywhere etc to 11pm.. what impac would 11pm curfew have on the spread. Is it more active at nights between 11pm and 4:59am?

  4. Meanwhile bars must close by 8pm and the syrian restaurants will be open until 11, this is so unjust. As a bar owner and a grassroot Antiguan at that I feel as if this is a slap in my face. Chupez . I just want to know if it’s only Syrians and Chinese to make money in this place, why can’t I make a living in the country of my birth?

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