Curfew To Be Lifted In Full In Two Weeks

Prime Minister Gaston Browne

The island-wide curfew in place since March 31st is coming to an end, Prime Minister Gaston Browne has announced.

He said the curfew put in place to curtail the spread of COVID-19 is likely to be lifted by May 15, 2020.

“We are trying to allow now for the reopening of the domestic economy and I am hoping that by the 15th of this month when we end the curfew, we should be able to open the domestic economy with the exception of the bars, nightclubs, fetes and so on. Those clearly cannot operate at this time they are too high risk,” the said.

Browne said this by no means indicates that COVID-19 has disappeared as the disease can be asymptomatic.

“As we move towards opening up the tourism sector in particular, we could also have an importation of a COVID case. Even the boats that bring food items here, there could be a transfer of COVID from one of those individuals. so we have to be so vigilant and continue to exercise practice responsibility,” he said.

The prime minister has said the ministry of education is working on protocols for the reopening of school and the ministry tourism on protocols to begin welcoming visitors again.

The government has been gradually relaxing curfew restrictions since April.

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  1. Because they are restarting tourism. Sandals has their reopening date of May 16th.

    And yet we still have no idea how widespread Coronavirus is because they are purposefully not testing enough people.

    So tourists will bring more disease.

    • @It’s about money
      It is the same situation all over the world. “…they are purposefully not testing enough people” because there is not enough resources to do so. There are may things that need to be done strategically and this is one of them. If you have the symptoms then that’s where the process starts by first going to visit your primary doctor.

    • But if the tourist does not come what will happen to us all. Tourism is all of us business .Many persons are out of work out of work right now . Some places that remains open persons are working 3 days a week . Now all we have to do is pray and continue doing what we all been doing to contain the spread of this virus. Things will get worse if even a little bit of normalsy does not come into play. Maybe some persons have a million dollors to live off i dont. We need to stop talking about money as if its a bad thing . If we dont have we cant buy food or pay bills and take care of ourselves so what to be got to be.

    • I fully agree that this is a Cocky DANGEROUS, and extremely FOOLISH move! This is WAY too premature to open airports and bring in foreigners to our island…..This is like playing with Fire before the fire has had a chance to go out! The Antigua hospital is not ready for an onslaught of COVID patients, and the Government is not even testing anyone, so this is an ignorant decision and FATAL to many to come! Nuff said

  2. Hopefully they will at least keep the masks in public requirement.

    But I suspect they won’t because who wants to go on vacation and wear a mask around.

    They are putting tourism $$$ over people’s lives.

    No wonder they are ramping up hospital beds because they know many more people are going to catch this disease when they recklessly and greedily open the borders too soon.

    • You guys might be right . We that work in tourism need to go back work help feed our family’s ‘our selves our bills etc. Without work we got no one to help us. Yes if they have to open tourism I rather go to work than being home wondering where the next meal coming from .others can talk about it’s all about money seem that your all money is long.

      • Some of them work for the government so them get pay month end so they can talk them shit about government only care about money. Who feels it knows it.


    • He spoke about (things being considered):
      Guests being tested at port of embarkation and if positive they cannot take the plane
      The continued wearing of masks
      Social distancing
      In room dining
      Staff living on the property and tested before they go back into the community

      • @ Info- sounds like the ideal situation. Countries are not testing anyone before going on a plane. They may do a temperature check for fever, but some Covid positive patients don’t have that particular symptom. Most airlines are now requiring passengers to wear mask inflight. We all have to do our part to be responsible citizens. We have to do what is necessary to make sure that we remain healthy and safe.

  3. Even if he open up the country still let the people them still wear mask and do social distance also people who coming to Antigua should wear mask vacation are vacation not it better to be safe than sorry the Prime minister is just to dam stupid and greedy for money

    • Actually the PM can keep paying himself for as long as he wants (or to the next election at least) and let the less fortunate in society suffer. Leaders have done that throughout history and many are living a gilded palaces even today while large sections of their populations suffer from hunger and inequity. I see that he has chosen not to go that route.

      Covid 19 has infected several millions all across the globe and possibly many times more than reported since the under 50’s and health generally have very few symptoms. Only when there is reliable, affordable and widely available antibody test will the true numbers be extrapolated. The DNA PCR test will not be available on a global scale due to the cost and complexity of the test.

      This virus is therefore here to stay like the flu and H1N1 viruses and there will be flareups and outbreaks periodically until there is widescale immunity. There are still flu outbreaks annually which kills tens of thousands. Locking yourself in until the virus is no more is only wishful thinking since it might years, decades or longer.

    • A hospital need to be open in the country side. All three hospital are near each other what sense does it makes

    • That’s so true ..
      What the purpose of opening up the country when the numbers haven’t been dropped ?? Y’all seem to forget that we are only adding to the numbers of infected persons.
      Some of y’all keep saying oh y’all need the money and where the next meal is coming from . Most of y’all got damn kids …What you rather do ?? Go out hunting to work for a lil change and catch this virus and die???? Cause listen y’all think this is a joke when u feel your lungs fighting to push air through and your chest tightening up you’ll know the severity of this virus. Am sure that these people who are considering lifting the curfew band WILL STILL BE HOME UNDER THEIR OWN CURFEW . Why y’all hurrying to get back out there so y’all can get this virus and DIE. Anyways
      Better for the nation less STUPID. ILLITERATE UNEDUCATED PEOPLE to deal with ..

  4. all I can say is get ready for the second wave. and when it hits all those businesses that have been able to open now will have to close and for longer. The only reason the virus is here in the first place is because the PM refused to shut the borders until it was too late.
    All those people hurting from unemployment, the billion dollar corporations who have for many years made huge profits from the island should be providing everyone with a living wage, instead they are pushing to restart so they can make dollars

  5. A country that’s not doing testing is going to open its doors. This Epidemic has proven to all Antiguans and Barbuda how BRUCK this country really is. Every Caribbean Island have their beaches close and then door shut but not Anu we have to be leaders at the wrong time. I can’t with this Adm and Authorities. They don’t even have a peak yet but claiming flatten curve lol

  6. I am wondering from what statistics data the PM has made his decision since we haven’t been testing in Antigua yet? Good decisions are make from testing/survey and then the results are use to make good decisions. Yes, the country is broke and need economic movement to survive. On what cost, it is the life of the people?
    I thought when the CIP was introduced it was for emergency, infrastructure development and upkeep, filled in some areas of revenue shortfall, the rest goes into reserve. COVID-19 hit Antigua and Barbuda and the country financial reserve is dry/empty.
    Doesn’t the experts in Antigua and Barbuda health care know that the world will be hit by another pandemic every 99-100 years according to history? I believe everyone who study medicine/healthcare were told about the past history of the world pandemic.
    Praying for the people especially in the hotel industries God watch over and protect them. It’s not about the money it’s about life first. Don’t drop our guard in protecting ourselves while working in the hotels or traveling in the public places. Mask up and sanitized always.

    • YES Wadadli….. Couldn’t agree more with you how dangerous this is to think that the Government can base a decision to open the border and let tourists in WITHOUT having test kits available for the public. There is NOTHING in place to show that the curve has flattened because no one is being tested! Tell me where we can get a COVID test and we should all go for it BEFORE they open the curfew,
      LET ALONE the border, and irresponsibly let on new cases…..Dis to me equals ignorance and selfishness on behalf of our Prime Ministry as he puts money over safety of the Antiguan people!!! Antigua will be the COVID hotspot of the Caribbean! What he want is to put out de people and dem to work first in front of dying so he don’t have fo’ gi no money up from he precious CIP selling of Passports….he wan’ kep ALL de money for he’self! LAWD Jack!

      Secondly, this pandemic is bringing out the obvious corruption of our government as it is showing that the CIP FUNDS does not “trickle” down to de people of Antigua. It seems it go STRAIGHT to the pockets of politicians who won’t share out Government Checks for allowance of Emergency funds for those in need….They have not set up Food Banks for the poor, or any relief that I know of. The CIP selling foreigners Antiguan Passports is now coming transparent that dem funds go directly to the greed of the politicians for their Gucci shoes, Linen Suits and fancy new imported shiny cars…..Cos you can’t tell me that de money gone into roads or emergency funding for the Antiguan families dat needs.

      Best thing is to learn what this COVID virus is BEFORE opening our border and letting in new strains of the virus before killing off our people a dozen at a time, cos this COVID has no respect, no mercy, no racial discrimination, and no brakes!

      Have you heard of the new strain of the COVID virus now is killing children young! Read the news, Gaston Brown, and DON’T lift the curfew or open hotels or open airports before knowing what you are doing with the lives of our families.

      LAWD…..Nuff said!

  7. Yall rather be out of work or dead? After you die I hope yall have someone to pay your Bill’s and take care of your children if they dont die because you came home from work and spread the disease to them

  8. Well we can’t blame administration if people willing to put their lives and that if their families at risk. Just like how we are skeptical about traveling so are these tourist. Same speed these hotels open same speed they’ll be close again.

    We are already approaching our normal slow season and there’s no carnival to attract local tourist; secondly nobody want to go through all these protocols and testing just to go on vacation and then when u return to your own country risk the change of being quarantined for 21 days.

    Please note the more relaxed a country is the less likely to attract vacationers; especially when we haven’t done much local testing.
    First thing they’ll think is that we could all be walking around with this virus and nobody knows.

    In Antigua we are so complacent and satisfied with mediocre that we keep missing the mark to flourish. Handouts from political parties and because my family has been affiliated with a particular party all them life should never be a reason to cast our votes one way or another.

    Development plans; land preservation, expanding into other industries and empowering people to establish small business should be out demands when choosing a govt. Out biggest problem in Antigua is not that we don’t make the money; it’s because we have so many foreigners/expats owning business. The money made in Antigua does not stay in Antigua; it is sent back to their land of birth to develop there and fill up their coffers.

    Antiguans we are to blame for the sorry state we are in because we vote, stop blaming the govt because when them a give aryu pittance, none refuse and say we are worth more!!!

  9. Even if the Curfew is lifted in 2 weeks time.Please continue to use common sense and good judgments.Lifting of the Curfew does not mean the Virus is gone.Keep on practicing the good things you have been doing.I come to Antigua every year.This year would be the exception.Me a go tap inna me house.Good luck Antigua and Barbuda

  10. The hotels will not be reopened any time soon. The cruise ships will not return in the near future as being on a cruise ship is the last place anyone would want to be. The airlines are not flying and may not be up and flying for a while. So how are tourists going to get to Antigua? People in the tourist source countries are right now traumatized. A lot are laid off and struggling to pay their bills. The last thing anyone would be thinking about is a vacation especially if travelling could make them sick.
    Antigua and the rest of the Caribbean that depend heavily on tourism, are in for a painful period. All the tourist destinations in the world will also see significant drops in tourist.
    We will have to help each other and share until things get back to normal.

  11. Personally I see no reason why the country should not be open in full now. Every situation must be viewed in context.
    1 Antigua is not USA, Italy, nor Spain.

    2 A high percentage of persons are not practicing social distancing or wearing the prescribed masks. A bandanna, make shift cloth masks, T-shirts, etc are not recommended.

    3 The curfew situation is a joke. The curfew is done when most persons are likely to be at home and during sleep time. Persons a free to roam during the most productive hours of the day.

    4 COVID19 is not time sensitive. So the partial lock down is a waste of time.

    We need to get rid of the fear, and and see our situation as it is and move on.

    The Ports however should remain closed on the inward bound, allowing persons desirous of departing to do so once their is a country that will accept them.

  12. Bad things will happen to good people. Especially in a culture where a bad leader is celebrated

  13. Even TRUMPer says that 3000 people in the US will die DAILY between now and June 1. This is far from over.

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