Curfew breakers told Chief Magistrate they were headed home


Seven of the people who were arrested for breaking curfew last Friday appeared before Chief Magistrate Joanne Walsh in the St. John’s Magistrate court on Monday.


A number of motorists were pulled over during a stop and search operation that was conducted on American Road beginning 11:05 pm on Friday.


Corey Richards, Ibrahim Alkhoury and Jason Browne were fined $500 dollars after pleading guilty to their charges.


Richards said he was out getting food, Alkhoury was dropping off workers from his restaurant, which closed at 10:45 pm and Browne was returning from a visit from a relative.


Stacey Chambers said she got stuck in the police operation while heading home and was fined $300.


Amis Pennyfeather and Erol Henry were both fined $200. Pennyfeather said he was dropping off medication and Henry was taking someone to get food.


Brian Phillip, a technician, said he was out doing urgent work.


Phillip said his business place applied for a pass to enable him to conduct work during curfew hours but the request has not yet been fulfilled.


His explanation was deemed acceptable by the Magistrate and consequently, he was reprimanded and discharged.


Nine other defendants who were arrested during the operation are scheduled to appear in court tomorrow.

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  1. They don’t fine tourists and they can’t jail all of us. It’s time we stand up against the current regime.

    • Dunce talking!! Jail should be open for persons who advocate such ignorance….. The law needs to be respected!!

  2. Their feet are on our necks.How much longer are they going to allow us to breathe.The so called State of Emergency should not go one minute after midnight on December 31,2020.Enough is enough of this damn Curfew and Emergency.They have outlived there usefulness.

  3. Brothers and Sisters that’s a serious control we allow them to have over us . LET THE DAM PEOPLE THEM GO RIDICULOUS !!!

    • That’s right, once the police get used to enforcing the law, who knows where it will stop. Next thing you know they’ll be ticketing people for speeding, dangerous driving, drunk driving, littering, where will it end?

  4. People need to realize t is more of us than more of them, why do men want the authority to control man forever? these act is no different from human trafficking, rape, bullying, slavery they all in the same (controlling bracket.) A hypocritical system that say they detest these things. Its not because i want to go out partying but i find this curfew should come to an end by now its call freedom. The curfew have nothing to do with covid its control. If it is to try reduce crimes we have seen alot of criminal activities more than we have ever seen and they are happening early not 11:00 pm or after. Go and catch the criminals that murder the officer, the accused rapist, robbers and fraudsters, passport scammers , the special dispensation providers who allow a law to be broken which is a huge criminal offence to the people of this land. Lock them up to, time for the puppets to burst their strings from the puppet masters!

  5. its strange that people breaking curfew at 11.05, yet thieves are on the rise after curfew, person sleeping in they house at 2.00AMand after and is getting rob and houses are getting break in or thieves trying to breaking. when you call the police its a no show. curfew or no curfew we still not safe. there are more attempted robbery and robbery during curfew.

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