Curaçao Making Waves in Its Pursuit of Being as Eco-Friendly as Possible


Like many nations, Curaçao has set itself some quite ambitious sustainable development goals. With the goal predominantly being to achieve the feats by 2030, the list includes ridding the country of poverty, encouraging good health, improving education, and achieving economic growth.

On top of these, the goal is to establish fish reproduction zones to replenish the ecosystem and have at least 50 percent of Curaçao’s national energy needs be met by local renewable energy resources. It isn’t just the effort of the government, either.

Private companies have been adopting many eco-friendly practices and plans to help propel Curaçao while also backing industries that offer more environmentally friendly alternatives.

Backing an energy-saving digital industry

Entertainment industries are often hefty consumers of energy and unfriendly materials to the environment. It’s all required to help catch the eye and create products that people want to buy into even though they don’t need to. As such, any arms of entertainment that pivot to more eco-friendly ways should be promoted.

One of the easiest hubs of entertainment that can be pointed to as an oversized producer of pollution is Las Vegas. The fact that you can see it lit up each night from space speaks volumes to its environmental impact. However, it also ranks as one of America’s most polluted cities, coming in 13th for ozone pollution and poor air quality.

With big flashing lights, often a hotel on the grounds, and other major attractions like roller coasters and indoor zoos, the biggest casino destination on the planet will inevitably have a hefty carbon footprint. However, there is another line of casino gaming that’s much more eco-friendly and is being aided by Curaçao.

In fact, Curaçao has established itself as a global leader in online casino licensing and regulation. The country has established a respected governing body for the digital entertainment industry, which is why people now seek out the best casinos online licensed by Curaçao. Perhaps the only exception would be the live casino games, but even they make the process more efficient by live streaming the tables from dedicated studios to thousands of players.

Becoming more sustainable across Curaçao

A more sustainable Curaçao couldn’t be achieved without the efforts of all stakeholders in the country. One of the biggest businesses is Sandals. Over at Sandals Royal Curaçao, every angle of sustainability is seemingly being tackled. They’ve got an extensive recycling program, community outreach, and conservation methods that save on electricity, food, and water.

Curaçao has also brought in Green Phenix to assist it in achieving much broader national goals, like producing zero plastic waste. The initial aim is to reduce plastic waste that’s out in the environment already by collecting it up and Upcycling 9,000 kg of the anticipated 36,000 kg that’s out there. Another 54 businesses will also play a part in this project.

Curaçao has natural beauty and diverse wildlife by the bucket load, so it’s very important that the country goes all-in on efforts to preserve what it has. The efforts detailed above are great steps in the right direction and may actually help to lead by example in the region.

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