Cuba’s Ambassador to Antigua and Barbuda condemns US hostility


Cuba’s Ambassador to Antigua and Barbuda Maria Esther Fiffe has condemned US hostility shown by the tightening of the blockade and the rise in coercive economic measures against her country.

Invited to the Antigua and Barbuda Today morning programme, on the national channel ATS-TV, the head of the Cuban State mission in the twin islands rejected the tightening of the blockade especially in the financial sector, the discrediting campaign against medical cooperation and the persecution and intimidation to companies that send fuel supplies.

The Cuban diplomat explained to the Antigua television audience that between 2019 and early 2020 there were around 90 interventionist policies imposed by the Trump administration, which impact on Cuba’s economic and social development.

Amid the scourge of the Covid-19 pandemic, the US blockade limits the efforts of the Cuban government and people in accessing medical supplies and hinders international cooperation in health matters, by requiring other countries to dispense with healthcare collaboration, the diplomat noted.

Despite the tightening of the US blockade, Ambassador Fiffe ratified the solidarity and conviction of the Cuban authorities and people to join forces to achieve common goals and defend health as a human right.

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  1. When Obama was president, tensions eased between the US and Cuba. Now that Biden is heading back to the White House, I think we will see a continuation of that trend.

  2. The Cuban ambassador is speaking the Truth. Cuba is one of our bet and closest friends. Red and Blue back them in truth friendship and solidarity. Old man Trump has been kicked out by his own people, so now we all look forward to a renewed and better relationship, as was started by President Obama. The US People have spoken.

    • When was the last time Cuba had an open election? Where there were several candidates on the ballot. Whereby persons could go to the polls and vote their choices.That would never happen in a One Party State.If given the opportunity Antigua and Barbuda could become like Cuba.One Labor Party Red Kool-Aid Party Socialist State. However,we the people of Antigua and Barbuda would never allowed that to happen.

  3. Would highly recommend Cuba not attack the US Embassy, that was reopened under President Obama, using electronic warfare if they don’t desire economic and other sanctions. It’s a two way street.

    • If you really believe the “electronic warfare” bs, then count your lucky stars that Jim Jones didn’t get near your mind back then.

  4. Isn’t it, Ambassador, that Cubans in the US voted against their own interest? It is obvious that Joe Biden will follow President Obama’s policies re Cuba. You should have been talking to the Cubans in Florida about giving up their foolish policy of resisting the Castro era decisions to eradicate much of the economic injustices occurring in Cuba, an action that saw them moving out en masse to Florida and waging their hate war against the Castro regime from there.
    Those days are long past. The fact that they continued to support Donald Trump even after all his racist diatribe and insults concerning Latinos, and that they voted for him against their own interest, is mind boggling. One can only assume that the same racist tendencies they followed in Cuba still appeal to them enough to continue resisting the Obama advancements. They expected that Obama would have mounted an attack on Cuba and reinstall them as they were in pre-Castro times.
    Mercifully, the new wave of Cubans in Florida, especially Miami, are more in touch with the reality of the times and will soon supplant the planter class resistance of the 60s.

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