Cuban Medical Brigade Strengthens Emergency Services at Sir Lester Bird Medical Center in Antigua and Barbuda


moh-Cuban Medical Brigade Strengthens Emergency Services at Sir Lester Bird Medical Center in Antigua and Barbuda


In a significant development aimed at enhancing healthcare services, the Cuban Medical Brigade has arrived in Antigua and Barbuda, focusing on bolstering capacity at the Sir Lester Bird Medical Center (SLBMC), particularly within the Emergency Room (ER). Comprised of skilled doctors and nurses, this brigade represents a pivotal step in elevating the nation’s healthcare infrastructure.


Led by Health Minister Sir Molwyn Joseph and Cuban Ambassador H.E. Sergio Manuel Martinez Gonzalez, the reception at the V C Bird International Airport celebrated not only assistance but also a profound endeavor in capacity building. Minister Joseph emphasized, “The arrival of the Cuban Medical Brigade marks a transformative moment for the SLBMC. With their expertise, we aim to bolster emergency services, ensuring swift and efficient care for our citizens.”


Ambassador Gonzalez echoed this sentiment, highlighting Cuba’s dedication to supporting Antigua and Barbuda in healthcare capacity building. “Our collaboration extends beyond immediate assistance; it’s about empowering local healthcare professionals and institutions,” stated the Ambassador.


Ten healthcare professionals arrived on Saturday, with an additional four members expected to arrive on Thursday of this week, further reinforcing healthcare efforts in Antigua and Barbuda.


In conjunction with the Cuban Medical Brigade, the government of Antigua and Barbuda plans to recruit specialist nurses and doctors from various sources to further augment healthcare services until local physicians, currently in training, assume their roles. Additionally, the government continues to extend invitations to aspiring students to pursue careers in nursing, offering nursing scholarships to facilitate education and bolster the healthcare workforce.


The Ministry of Health and the SLBMC expressed profound gratitude to the Cuban government and people for their unwavering support. Beyond immediate aid, Cuba’s contribution extends to long-term capacity building, shaping a brighter future for healthcare in Antigua and Barbuda.


This concerted effort underscores the significance of international cooperation in addressing healthcare challenges and nurturing local talent. With the combined efforts of the Cuban Medical Brigade, specialist recruits, and aspiring healthcare professionals, Antigua and Barbuda strides closer towards a robust and resilient healthcare system.


This development comes on the heels of the successful expansion of the waiting area of the emergency room and the complete refurbishment of the emergency theater. Sir Molwyn vows to continue the process of upgrading the staff complement of both the hospital and community clinics, as well as ensuring a full complement of doctors, nurses, and other health professionals to meet the demand level of health services by the public.




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  1. The Chinese Brigade are there.The Cuban Brigade are there.The African Brigade came and vanished into thin air. Which Brigades are coming next? One day,we would all awake and the official languages of Antigua would be both Mandarin and Spanish.English,what the hell English,would be at COOKS DUMP.

  2. So far it seems to be old wine placed in new bottles at the ER dept at SLBMC…. The Asthmatic Bay in the ER needs expanding. It is too congested also needs an increase in the bed stock. We do hope that the new Cuban brigade will add value to the ER

  3. Why dnt you Gaston jus replace ALL THE USELESS ANTIGUANS DR who jus go by textbook

    How many patients have gone online to research issues and then come back and tell these DR”S how to treat their alignment but ah dem ah the DR

    They are so caught up in their DR tittle but can’t diagnose nothing correctly

    • @jus let… , you are indeed an idiot. Drs not knowing the language are prone to as much error as Drs not knowing medicine.
      Anyway, at least you realise that some local drs got substandard training so you are only half an idiot..

  4. How do you please Antiguans? We complain about all the bad service at the hospital, long wait to see doctors, quality of service, etc.

    The Minister is now giving a lot of attention to the matter and we still have a problem with that – so maybe that’s why those in authority pay us no mind. If you do – we cuss, if you don’t – we still cuss.

    Welcome medical team and we hope your service will impact us positively.

  5. Any Neurologist, Cardiologist, Neurosurgeon Specialists for Stroke Patients trained in brain or heart surgery?

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