Cruise tourists not behind spread of COVID-19 in Antigua, tourism minister says

Passengers disembark Heritage Quay/Pointe FM photos

Tourism Minister Charles Fernandez is denying claims he says was made by the opposition that cruise ship passengers are fueling the spread of COVID-19 here.

He addressed the “misinformation” during the Budget Debate on Thursday.

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  1. Max Cannot Run Any Business Fernandez. If the spread is not caused by Cruise Tourists. What do you attribute the spread to,Hotels Tourism? Do not tell me you are going to blame the people living in Antigua for the spreads of Covid-19.That Virus came into Antigua in 2020 by Visitors from Foreign.To this day it is brought into Antigua by Visitors.

      • WADAD1:Successful Businessman for years,you say. In which world was he a successful Businessman? Our tax paying dollars bailed his family business out by this Administration purchasing Deluxe Cinema Building in St.Johns.

    • The whole world got covid. How was Antigua never going to get it. When the country was closed down to tourist you had it.🤔

      • The very first cases of Covid 19 were brought into Antigua by visitors from England,in 2020.The Country was never closed. The Planes and Cruise Ships stopped coming.

  2. That picture above does not tell the true story. Many,many,Tourists, do not wear their masks in Antigua. I have seen them walking around taking pictures mask less.Why the Police do not tell them to wear their masks. However,they would want to tell black people to wear their masks.One Country,one set of rules for all,no exceptions.

  3. Of course not. Is it spread, then, by the unvaccinated even if they are tested negative? Enquiring minds would like to know.

    • @Enquiring Minds
      The vaccinated are spreading covid infections because the VACCINATED are shedding spike proteins that are manufactured by the mRNA ingredients. The injection IS PERPETUATING the pandemic. The first report on the spread of COVID-19 in vaccinated people is based on an outbreak of 469 cases in Barnstable County, Massachusetts, where 74 percent of cases occurred among vaccinated people.

  4. Meanwhile unjabbed Antiguan nationals cannot travel back home even with a negative test. Few if any other governments in the word have done so to their own nationals. The government have caved to the hoteliers’ apartheid tendencies while they sell off Antigua by the square yard to foreign ‘investors’ to fill their own pockets. Pure slave mentality.

    • “Apartheid tendencies” is the most apt description of most hoteliers and the tourism association vanguard.

  5. When you reply to someone’s post, it is not longer enough to just say “this is misinformation” or that’s a lie. In this time of rampent official disinformation because today we have moved well beyond the time when such statements have any meaning at all. A resonsible reply should contain at least an argument stating why you think something is false. A description of the counter-argument citing the study that anyone can check would be helpful. A link to a study would be even better…. and don’t bother to quote a factcheck site because they are merly OPINIONS as shown from a court case described below:

    Facebook Just Admitted in Court That its ‘Fact-Checks’ Are Just Third Party ‘Opinions’

    Facebook (aka “Meta”) has admitted in court that the “fact-checks” used by the site to blacklist non-corporate media content are actually opinion-based labels which do not conduct any real fact-checking of information posted to the site. The evidence was revealed during the court proceeding for a defamation case filed by John Stossel.

    Stossel’s work on climate change was labeled by Facebook as “false and misleading.” In response to Stossel’s suit, Facebook wrote that the company cannot be sued for defamation in relation to the fact-checking. Defamation is defined as “making false and harmful assertions.”

    Under this definition, Facebook argued that the fact-checking and associated labels on the posts across their sites “constitute protected opinion.”

    In the United States legal system, opinions are not subject to defamation claims. Libel law protects opinions, which is the basis of Facebook’s defensive claim. The definition of “opinion” is “a view or judgement formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge.”

    By their own lawyers’ arguments, Facebook’s fact-checks are little more than the politically biased opinions held by Facebook employees and/or third-party companies hired to undertake the fake fact-checking process on all posts.

    • Exactly. This new habit of calling opposing views ‘disinformation’ is plain silly. It is proof positive that the person (or (persons) so saying is merely parroting political propaganda points without supporting facts or evidence.

      • @Commenting from the distance.
        My comment wasn’t about posts being 100% accurate.
        The post was about reply’s should contain at least an argument stating why you think something is false. A description of the counter-argument citing the study that anyone can check would be helpful. A link to a study would be even better…

  6. Look how long it took this minister to come up with this utter tripe (why?) when he well and know this is the ultimate in MISINFORMATION …

    • We Antiguans deserve better than these ‘mind-altering’ neanderthals running our country – WE NEED A CLEAN SWEEP NOW!

  7. “They have AIDS. But it’s not HIV-induced AIDS,” said Zelenko.
    “HIV damages your killer T cells and weakens your immune system. So, that syndrome is called AIDS. But there are other things that damage your immune system.”

    “By taking a shot that damages your natural killer T cells, damages your tumor suppressor genes, what’s happening is your innate immune system is getting shot,” he continued.

    Dr. Zelenko then explained that this “vaccine-acquired immunodeficiency syndrome” is the reason that he and many other doctors have seen a massive surge in debilitating illnesses like cancer, autoimmune diseases and other “opportunistic infections” and conditions like heart attacks, strokes and miscarriages in people who took the COVID vaccine”

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