Cruise passenger says she was sexually assaulted while on tour in Antigua


The Police are investigating a case of serious indecency involving a passenger on a cruise ship.

According to reports, a female visitor has made a complaint to the police, stating that she was sexually assaulted by a male during a local cruise excursion.

The alleged incident took place on May 10 at Dieppe Bay, Antigua, at around 3 p.m.

The officers have visited the ship to interview the victim, who had returned to the vessel to report the incident.

It is uncertain whether any progress will be made in the investigation, as the woman declined to undergo a medical examination and the cruise ship has already left.

Nonetheless, the police have stated that they are conducting inquiries.

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    • You sound so dunce… can tell you are one thats always seeing the negative in things… so if someone is a visitor here on a cruise 🛳 ship she must go searching for the nearest police station? And for your information anyone call the cops about sexual assault they come to the scene and most times take them to the hospital to get checked or to do a rape kit

      • Why are you so angry and defensive? You were pushed to make an intervention on behalf of… and you messed it up. Anyway, you just told us who to blame.

    • Im wondering the same thing. My daughter got gang raped and all now they cant question the other boy

      • How awful, praying for peace of mind for you and your daughter 🙏, and also that all those cowardly rapists are eventually caught and locked up for life!

  1. Incidences such as this can have a negative impact on our tourism product. Cruise operators tend to issue caution to passengers after these mishaps. This undoubtedly will drive fear into the hearts and minds of visitors.

  2. The country is going through some crazy stuff lately. So many rape cases, sexual assault, scammers, youth fighting, robberies and so forth.

    This is shameful and a disgrace to the country as a whole.

    The leaders of the Antigua, including the Prime Minister hasn’t come forward to address the country in this matter. Why?

    We need a leadership that cares.

    Praying for that to happen soon 🙏

  3. Sounds like, bullshit to me.
    Y not get the medical exams?
    She came ,, she saw ,, she wanted to conquer a native,,, and did.
    How ,, now ,, to explain the salty taste to her lesbian lover?
    White Women have cried rape before.
    Keep in mind,,,this is my perspective,,,not factual,,,,at all.

  4. Chet I see your plans are coming through. On the podium at Labour day you dressed like you are the PM. You are now upstaging Gaston Brown every time you speak. Good leadership showing at the soup kitchen again on the news. Plans are on track Sir .

  5. Please stop protecting well known rapist in your community, everybody knows who predators are and we’re still pointing on the victim. Of course the fact that a visitor’s situation is addressed and a local’s one is not is unfair and to be condamned as well, but this matter goes deep in how antiguan society is driven (by tourists money and by personal ego), lets not get lost in other matters, theres an innocent involved that went through a tragedy asking for help! Where is your Godliness when this takes place? To point your finger at her (maybe cause she’s rich or white?!), to speak of other matters?!? STOP PROTECTING PERPETRATORS! Stop supporting a culture where its cool to take advantage of a lady!

    • Of she was r@ped why did she refuse to be taken to a doctor so a r@pe kit could be used. How can the man be arrested if she not cooperating with law enforcement this story just screams another “KAREN” but is so it goes these so called “victims” will always be right even though half the time they lying. Smh.

  6. Forgive my ignorance, but the reporter claimed that the alleged victim was on an excursion. It is assumed that she was in a group with other tourists. Correct?

    Therefore, when and how did the assault took place and did any of the other tourists witnessed the assault, or did she strayed away away from the group?

    Furthermore, I am confused what being alleged: serious indecency or sexual assault, as the two are not one of the same thing.

    Antigua’s police services is broken, police officers are inept with solving crime and bringing criminals to court and the penal system is equally dysfunctional.

    The penal system is by far too soft with handing down punishments to violaters which signals to others that they could engage in criminal activities and the outcome will be at best no case to answer or at worse a light sentence.

    Antigua is rapidly heading in the direction of becoming the replacement of Papa Doc in the Caribbean. The law makers are at best sleeping and at worse incompetent.

    Imagine, Chester Hughes left his gun in his car and went for a sleep! Has the police found the culprit, have they found the gun? Of course not.
    Are the police like to solve this case? Of course not.

  7. Typical “KAREN” behavior. She really quick to cry sexual assault but refuse to see doctor to back up she claim and typical Antigua people behavior quick to cuss and blame the police and politician without knowing all the details first. Just another day in Antigua and just another click bait story smh.

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