Crowds descend on vaccination centres


People have been sharing their experiences during the public rollout of the CCOVID vaccine today.

Some persons have complained of crowding.

One person who contacted Antigua News Room (ANR) wrote: “This is the ridiculousness myself & others can’t stand due to MOH making ONLY 4 locations to be a vaccination centre to accommodate 35 thousand ppl? (since there is 35k vaccines).

“Why not put some vacvines in thr community clinics? Why do we have to be traveling here there & everywhere just to get a vaccine? This is utter NONE SENSE! This will cause others not to take the vaccine due to the crowding.” 

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  1. Why are those people standing so closely.Even though you are in line to get the vaccine.You need to practice that social 6 ft.distance.Come on people.Those in authority need to organize it properly.

  2. Yes, why is there no social distancing (6 ft.)? They do it in other countries at their places of vaccine. WHY not Antigua? And who are those white people in line? Are we vaccinating tourists, too? Just askin’.

    • Are you stupid? There are people of every race that are Antiguans and Barbudans born and naturalized citizens…. So racist

    • And they didn’t have to show ID.

      So now there’s less vaccines for citizens.

      • And where is ur proof of what u just said or is it ur job to post flase information bout ebrything cause u so anti government damn jackass

  3. Conrad the Red: There are white people barn inna Antigua and Barbuda.So dem are as much Antiguan Nationals as you.Dem pay all applicable taxes as you do.So dem hab all rights to go get them vaccines as you do.Hope you understood my dialect.What is that deep,dark hatred in Antigua for white people.

    The organizers need to set it up.That you do not have persons showing up willy-nilly.It should be by appointments only.They should bring an ID for their safety and security to get the vaccines.They must have persons outside to patrol the line for distancing. Plus the whole thing would move faster.

    • @wanna bee you obviously are a house negro and fail to realize our ancestors were forced/kidnapped by these whites coming here and suffered unimaginable treatment as slaves such as having children taken away from parents splitting families feeding some babies to dogs and alligators raping and castrating our men and women and all manner of inhumane suffering and still to this day are receiving that treatment… I don’t see no descendants of slaves own any water front property only slave masters descendants all around Antigua have them and large lands where we have to live in ghettos and suffer amongst one another and to name these descendants of slave masters : should,halls,nunes,fullers,derricks,moody stuarts,westcotts, camacho’s and so on and so forth wake up you blind black people

  4. How many times are people going to go to the vaccination sites and not being able to get vaccinated because of overcrowding? After a couple of times they just may give up. Can’t it be set up for people to ho in alphabetically based on surnames?

    • You do know that only 20, 000 person will be vaccniated? So if they go by alphbetical order only persons with last names begining with A B and maybe C will get vaccinated. Unless they have enough to cover the entire population alphbetical order don’t make any sense.

  5. Yachties get antiguan jobs to clean the yachts etc yachties get antiguan vaccines yachties get antiguan women yachties don’t care about black antiguans or black people in general!

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