Critically ill COVID-19 patient was fully vaccinated with Johnson & Johnson vaccine (VIDEO)


Seventeen of those hospitalised are unvaccinated, the other person was fully vaccinated with the Johnson and Johnson vaccine, which Joseph said was not approved in Antigua & Barbuda at the time the person entered the country.

That person however is critically ill.

Only three people from Barbuda have added to the active covid-19 cases, bringing their total infection numbers to 11 since the virus was identified here.

Meanwhile, persons who have taken the Cuban vaccine but have tested positive for covid have been placed in a grey area, since that vaccine is not yet been approved by Antigua and Barbuda.

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  1. I just have to ask the question, and I really do not mean to be insensitive, but there has been talk of false papers for vaccinations. Can it be investigated if that patient was presenting with secure papers?

    • It has already been established that you can be fully vaccinated and still get the virus. You can also get very ill. Numbers out of Massachusetts shows that over 106 fully vaccinated persons have died from the virus. Getting vaccinated helps but it is not 100 percent.

      • Getting vaccinated helps nothing because the vaccines has nothing to do with a virus. The Virus was created to facilitate the vaccines. You’ll wake up. The vaccines are dangerous and has taken the lives of thousands across the globe. Just check on the ABS obits – quite strange the way young and middle aged are dropping like flies. 😥

  2. So many variables to this, was the person sick before being vaccinated, and if so did they consult with their doctor in vaccine choices ? Did they get COVID had minor symptoms and this then triggered their underlying illness? These type of headlines need not be printed without full investigation and follow up information to the public. It’s creates doubt and hysteria, we need proper journalism!

    • Good questions Tierra. You ask a patient how long they’ve been sick, you’re told 8 days ago. You then ask have you been vaccinated, you’re told 5 days ago. I’d conclude this patient knows someone who’s really sick with covid and got scared like hell the reason for taking the vaccination. Should that person be counted as getting sick as a result of the vaccination? I think not. In the final analysis, medicine is not always 100% exact. There’s always the 1% that medical journals can’t explain. So someone can get covid having been vaccinated. As someone on the frontline of covid care it is an overwhelming fact that folks who have taken the vaccine recover much faster and requiring less hospitalization. In the intensive care units of my hospital 9 out of 10 patients on life support are the unvaccinated. I worry for Antigua and Barbuda, you have not seen anything yet. All hands must be on deck. Covid is not a religious or political game.

  3. You all humour me! Why when they said ppl die from COVID-19 NO questions are asked???

    But no the Almighty vaccine could not possible be the cause😏

  4. Listen to you fools this on here this should be investigated that should be investigated.
    No no it can’t be , it’s impossible they’re vaccinated !
    You guys are so well programed to repeat the bullshit.

  5. If anyone got the doses of the Vaccines. They could still contract the Covid-19 Virus. They could also be hospitalized or not. It also depends on the person’s physical health.

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