Criminal Assizes Suspended Indefinitely


Upon the recent coronavirus outbreak, the Criminal Assize Court has advised all jurors to not report to court today (Monday 16) until further notice.

Court officials made the decision to postpone over the weekend shortly after the announcement of Antigua’s first confirmed case of the coronavirus.

Court sources say it is a precautionary measure as there are concerns that a continuation of criminal cases that normally attract as much as 60 persons per case could raise alarm among the jurors.


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    Darn right ‘…Jus Saying.’ Darn right indeed!

    ‘…Justice delayed, is justice denied.’

    This ‘Notification’ can be best described as ‘…Most Silly.

    Are Jurors the only persons that attend Court?

    Hell no!

    There are;

    (i) ‘…Accused persons;

    (ii) …Witnesses;

    (iii) …Lawyers;

    (iv) …Sureties;

    (v) …Police Court Orderlies; and

    (v) …Public gallery members.

    (vi) …Court reporters (Media workers);

    Attended the ‘Criminal Assizes’ today to give moral support to a ‘high-profile friend.
    Ironically, he is just awaiting a ‘..No Case Submission Decision’ from last November 2019.

    Attorney Dane Hamilton QC and his client were present, but no ‘…darn Judge showed up to make the delivery.

    Apart from the dreaded ‘Coro V’ that had so many darn people worried, there might be good reasons for the absence of His Lordship Justice Stanley John.

    For instance, the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court (ECSC) had given His Lordship John a ‘Short Bar Stint’ from ‘…October 1, 2019 to December 31, 2019; and another ridiculous ‘Short Bar Stint’ from February 12 to February 29, 2020.’

    What the hell can a Judge achieve in these two smitty’ Short Bar Stints?

    One Guess.

    Hardly enough time for a Judge to ‘smit’ and sanitize his hands.

    No darn time to give ‘…Judicial Decisions.’

    The delays shall not now be blamed on ‘Coro V.’ No Sah.


    The ‘ECSC’ Web page has posted another ‘Smitty Bar Stint.

    Justice Stanley John has been given another ‘Smitty Bar Stint’ in Antigua and Barbuda.

    This Stint runs from ‘…March 15, 2020 to April 9, 2020.’

    Previous Stint ‘February 12, 2019 to February 29, 2020.

    This might be a little bit more time for His Lordship to deliver the long overdue’ Decision’ in the ‘…November 2019 No Case Submission.’

    But now ‘Çoro V’ has forced indefinite suspension of the Criminal Assizes.

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