Crazy Time in South Africa: where to play and how to improve a strategy to win


Have you ever tried to spin the money wheel in the Crazy Time game show? The machine combines a high-quality visual component, good technical parameters, and performance indicators.

Therefore, read on if you want to know some special tips for developing effective gambling strategies. Below, we’ve also got a few trusted online casinos for South African visitors.

Basic rules of Crazy Time

The mechanism of uses one large wheel with 54 segments. They will either show the numbers 1, 2, 5,10, and special symbols to indicate bonus rounds.

In addition to spinning the money wheel, the host will also spin a small two-reel wheel. It will bring additional multipliers to a specific sector.

Every 13 seconds, the host will spin the wheel, so be sure to place your money on the desired outcome. If you guess correctly, the game will automatically award-winning payouts with a multiplier corresponding to the segment.

Crazy Time bonus rounds

In addition to using standard number segments, the money wheel also features 4 bonus rounds:

  1. Coin Flip,
  2. Pachinko,
  3. Cash Hunt,
  4. Crazy Time.

In total, bonus games occupy 9 segments on the reel. So if you bet on one of these bonus games, and it actually appears on the reel after a spin, a separate extra round will start. Its concept will depend on the bonus idea. 

Coin Flip

This bonus is presented in 4 segments and will offer a maximum payout of x5000.

The bonus round aim to randomly determine whether the player will be dealt a blue or red color. Different multipliers will be indicated under each color. The system “flips a coin”, selects a color, and multiplies your winnings by this indicator.


It occupies 2 segments on the reel, and the maximum coefficient is x10,000.

The idea of Pachinko is based on an ancient game originally from Japan. The main screen will show a puck and a maze. The host takes the puck and throws it into the maze of stakes, and sectors with various multipliers are waiting below. Players will receive the multiplier on which the puck randomly falls.

Cash Hunt

The bonus is presented in two segments and can bring a maximum win of x10,000.

The player will see a separate field of dozens of multipliers. Choose which part of the field you want to shoot at and start a real hunt for multipliers.

Crazy Time

The most desirable bonus game. It is presented only on one segment and can bring up to x25,000 from the bet.

The main task of the player is to select the color of the arrow at the top: green, blue, or yellow. Afterward, the presenter spins the drum to determine which multiplier you will get.

How to calculate winnings in Crazy Time

Each element on the money wheel has its payout ratio. And you can see the following trend: the smaller the symbol on the field, the more expensive it is. Below is a convenient and clear table of all possible coefficients for calculation.


Segment Coefficient
1 x1
2 x2
5 x5
10 x10
Coin Flip x5 000
Pachinko  x10 000
Cash Hunt х10 000
Crazy Time х20 000


Top tips for an effective strategy in Crazy Time

1) Play on a low and high segment, for example, 1 (or 2) and 10. This way, you will cover a wide range of options and increase your chances of hitting the jackpot.

2) Combine bets on numbers and bonus games. This will help to insure yourself against constant losses and at the same time increase the chance of getting to the bonus game with high multipliers.

3) Keep an eye on the time. If a bonus game hasn’t been activated for a while, there’s a good chance that it will happen in the next few minutes. So, get on your game face.

Crazy Time in South Africa: where to play

We offer several high-quality platforms for players who want to play Crazy Time in South Africa:

  • Playabets;
  • Gbets;
  • Sportingbet;
  • Yako Casino;
  • 10bet;
  • Betway South Africa.

Choose the casino that you find most comfortable and affordable, register, and start having fun with Crazy Time.


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