Crash victims seriously injured


The Traffic Department is investigating a serious vehicular accident that took place on the Friars Hill Road and reportedly has sent three people to the hospital.

While details about the collision are still sketchy, reports indicate that it occurred at approximately 1 a.m. Wednesday, on the approach to Cross Street.

The accident involved a white Honda FIT that reportedly was being driven by a female.  Reports say there were also two female passengers in the vehicle.

Further reports indicate that the three women were traveling from north to south when the driver lost control and crashed head-on into a nearby fence, shattering that structure and badly damaging the front portion of the car.

As a result of the impact, the three occupants reportedly were thrown from the vehicle and were rushed to the Sir Lester Bird Medical Centre with serious injuries. Their condition, at this time, is being as serious.

Parts of the car were strewn about the scene and the engine apparently had dismounted from its base.

The Police continue to warn motorists about speeding and imploring them to pay attention to the road regulations.  Only last week, Traffic Department Head Rodney Ellis said that – in addition to the suspension of licenses – more serious penalties are being considered as deterrents to speeding.

(Photo credit Sadique Armstrong)



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  1. The saying: ‘Speed thrills but it kills’, is a very real expression.
    I pray these young ladies overcome their trauma, but one of them will most likely be facing the court.
    I implore our drivers on the road to employ defensive driving skills. I was a taxi driver for thirty two years with one accident to my record from a driver who tried to overtake me whilst I had indicated that I was making a right turn. That was enough trauma for me. Even though none of us suffered any injury I was shook up enough.
    I began to be super aware of what went on around me whilst I was driving.
    I join in the appeal for all drivers to be keenly aware of the traffic surrounding them when on the road and to please, please, please stop speeding.

  2. Ok an then they want person to feel sorry for them wen they drive dangerously an injurying them self right?
    Smh everyday police are saying stop speeding stop doing this stop doing that,yet still drivers do as they please all I can say is it pays a heavy price to learn.

  3. It doesn’t necessarily mean she was driving dangerously. Maybe she fell asleep or something ran across the road and frightened her. Whatever the case may be, let us all pray for them that they will fully recover. Pray for one another, the Bible says. The effectual fervent prayer of the righteous availeth much.

  4. I hope they all fully recover, but please give yourselves the best chance of avoiding the same plight as these three.

    All three thrown from vehicle, so none wearing a seatbelt.

  5. Because they are females O.J is conjuring up some senseless excuses for the accident. Once the engine was dislodged from the vehicle that would only be as a result of speeding.
    Passengers of vehicles who observe the drivers speeding should either ask the drivers to slow down or ask to be let out of the vehicles. As one of the comments indicated, “speeding trills but it also kills, maims or disfigures.
    I hope they fully recover and would have learn their lesson.

  6. Please have much stricter protocols in place, awareness.can only be bought about by a persistent wear your seat belt campaign!! Seat belts are present in the vehicle for a good reason!! These ladies would not have been thrown from their vehicle suffering serious injuries had they been wearing their seat belts. Also there should be much more awareness about securing infants and children in vehicles, with use of child car seats and strapping them into the vehicles for their safely!! Don’t take any chances folks clunk click every trip for you and your loved ones!

    • Ahhhh not all the time seatbelts save you. Depending on the impact of the accident. Look at the impact of the accident. Did you stop to think if the driver had had on her seatbelt would she be alive? Seatbelt is good but not all the time. I can talk from experience. I was in an accident where a guy did a glock and hit me in full speed. I didnt have on my seatbelt. I escaped with no injury not even a scratch. Father God was with me. What if I was strapped down based on the kind of impact. I would have gotten damaged. So i say not all the time seatbelts save you okay.

  7. Now that’s a lesson learned the hard way. I glad you bang up yourself bad along with your friend dem. Hope they tun round and sue your ass.

    The good news is, she don’t have a car to drive and hope they raise her insurance five times what she a pay now. With any luck she have brain damage and can’t drive car legally.

    • @ Smh. Sue the driver for what. I hate when yall talk like yall have shit in your brain. The two friends had to be aware of the speeding. Is either we tell you as a friend to slow down. If you dont then kindly ask the driver to let you out. Simple. Speeding and glocking miles kills. So dont chat rubbish. They were aware of the speeding. They enjoyed it enough not to tell her friend to slow down. Simple.

  8. For this same reason I don’t go to late night parities or drive Late on the road. Because these idiots don’t care about their own lives muchless the lives of others. Who nah hear will feel.

  9. @SMH
    You get a good piece a knuckle Dey mon
    Or they bad play you in the pyramid?
    Something mek you bitter nf
    But you can get an accident now and die now… while they can survive at the mercy of God

    Careful GF

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