Crash victim identified as 22-year-old Amaya Yearwood of Potters


The woman who died following a car crash on Friars Hill road has been identified as 22-year-old Amaya Yearwood of Potter’s Village.

Yearwood reportedly lost control of her vehicle and ran off the road near Police Training School around 8 pm on Saturday night.

Facebook user Latoya Philip said she ran to offer assistance after hearing the collision from her house.

Philip said she kept Yearwood calm following the crash and didn’t expect her to die.

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  1. Another sad victim of this rediculous curfew. Too many accidents occurring minutes to 8pm and 11pm(when curfew was 11pm).

    • My condolences to the family. However, people who meet in collisions caused by speed (I’m not saying that’s the case here but just going off your comment) are victims of their own poor planning and decision- making. We know there’s a curfew in place, plan accordingly. Speed induced collisions have been happening prior to curfews being introduced having the same deadly consequences. Speeding kills. Period. It matters not what the circumstances around it are.

    • Condolences to here friends and family. Why must we say dumb things like this the law is a curfew so if your out and about leave time so you left caught outside of it and how we know this is the cause of this accident. How and why are we quick to pass judgement and bring things to lead into politics or I would say poly-tricks

  2. Condolences to her family. This is utterly heartbreaking 💔😢😞😔

    I’m so sorry for your loss family. What a painful news to have gotten.

  3. I hope she was wearing a seatbelt. Does not seem like a wreck to die in if you are kept in your seat by wearing a seat belt. Very sad. Rip.

  4. There are no street lights on the road in the business area on Friars Hill Road. Drivers have to depend on the lighting from private businesses.

    The lanes going to the Police School are too narrow and THE LIGHTING IS PISS POOR TO NONE AT ALL.
    There is no decent shoulder. There is absolutely no room for error there.

    It is a wonder there are no more night accidents on our roads from the poor to no street lighting and the pothole roads.

    What will it take to light our streets and roads properly?

  5. That bend in the road is a killer. I have begged and pleaded for the widening of the west side of the bend and all they did was to mark the same narrowness. Silly.

    How many more must die!

    Speeding is one thing but even moderate driving suddenly forces and focuses attention at this sliver of the road.

    It is incongruent with commonsense and remains a death trap. It belittles our thinking to leave it like that. Is it that the area on the west of the bend is private property and cannot be bought by government to save lives? I drive there day and night and that bend demands all of my undivided attention.

    Widen the blinking west part the of the bend now or just close the entire flipping road or leave it open to bicycles. Not even the cows walk there now… in their attempt to save lives…theirs and ours.

    Even if you negotiate the “death bend” you then have to try to recover to deal with the passage ahead.

    How many more must die!

  6. on these roads ppl dont even have to be speeding for an accident to happen. i was coming from jonas road 3 evenings ago, it was about 7pm heading home, after i passed the round about i noticed no speed bumb, as i continued a cow appeared out of no where and when i swung away my back started to slide and because i am a critical thinker i just held the steering wheel in one direction and the vehicle turned the other way and just placed it self on the side, stopped by the bushes. had i been speeding i would have flipped.

    a guy that helped to pull me out said a donkey did the same thing to him

  7. That particular bend is very dangerous. It pulls you left off the road, it’s even worse when it’s wet and I’m taking average speed.
    That bend need to be address. How many more shall die before?

  8. Condolences to the Family and Friends of the young Lady. Looking at the pictures I did see of her. She was a very beautiful young lady,R.I.P.

  9. Amaya was beautiful outside and in. When you met her you couldn’t help but smile, because she was just always smiling. I’m still in shock. My condolences to the family and friends. I cannot begin to imagine the grief. I pray that God will strengthen you all in this very difficult time.

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